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Catster's Memorial Day Challenge: Grow a Cat Beard

Happy Memorial Day! So, um, can you grow a cat beard for us? We think it'd look good on you!

 |  May 27th 2013  |   0 Contributions

You might have seen this new meme floating around the Internet ... and if you haven't, now's your lucky day.

See, we want you to grow a cat beard. We think you'd look good with one. No, seriously, we do. What? You can't grow a beard? Hey, we're talking about cat beards here, not human-hair beards.

Allow us to explain. Rather, allow us to demonstrate:

You know you've always wanted to be half cat. Photo via davitt23

This is a cat beard, and it's the newest meme infiltrating the Internet.

The process is simple: With smart phone in hand, you hold your kitty just so, and then snap a photo. Voila! Cat beard. (A look of shock and amazement adds zest to the photo, like, "Oh my cat -- I just grew a cat beard! Today's the best day ever!")

("Well, that is an improvement on your otherwise drab countenance," said every cat featured in a cat beard photo. "But I dislike being held like this and you're about to get a nostril full of claw.")

"Oh my goodness! I'm a cat!" Photo via cat bearding

This is very meta. Photo by jadeabutcher

It's spooky how right this looks. Photo by ceciliahilton

And guess what? Now you can get in on the fun. While you're out barbecuing and enjoying your three-day weekend, dare to sport a cat beard and then upload the photo to the comments below. If you've got Instagram, guess what! We finally have a Catster Instagram (@CatsterMag) and you should follow us there and tag us in all your #CatBeard and #CatBearding photos.

Photo by _hellocatie

This is one of the best ones. Photo by littlechick91

Happy Memorial Day, Catsters! And Happy Cat Beard too!

Via Laughing Squid

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