Caboodle: Meet Maru!

 |  Apr 20th 2011  |   4 Contributions

Man, if you don't know who Maru is, get with it! Maru is the Internet's favorite cat! He's a plump Japanese cat (allegedly a "Scottish fold" but those ears don't look very folded to me!) with a penchant for jumping into cardboard boxes. Originally we knew him as "box cat", from his viral YouTube videos. But now we're on a first name basis. Maru is the best, and his person, luckily, keeps buying fancy new cameras and toys for Maru and dispersing his greatness on the Internet for all to see. Maru has so much personality for a cat. He has more personality than most humans. He's amazing and if he were a citizen of the United States and if cats lived past the age of 35 and if he were a human I would vote for him to be our next president.


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