Update on Earless Ernie

 |  Jan 29th 2009  |   12 Contributions

Our Catster buddy Aldo (right) let us know that Earless Ernie has found a new home! Aldo's family was considering adopting Ernie after reading about him on the Cat's Meow, and was looking into how to transport him to Baltimore when they found out he's found a new furrever home! WOO HOO!!!

The Kalamazoo Gazette reported that Ron Dundon and his wife, Dixie Edwards, officially adopted Ernie last Friday and planned to bring him to their Kalamazoo home this week. Ernie's still painfully thin, but we're hoping a few weeks in a loving furrever home (and lots of stinky goodness) will take care of that. Good luck Ernie and a big hug of thanks to Ron and Dixie!!!



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