That Bumper Has a Tail!

 |  Sep 25th 2008  |   0 Contributions

Winged Cats in China
Over in the UK, a very lucky Scottish cat is recovering after a 30-mile ride spent clinging to the underside of a camper van's bumper. The driver spotted a tail sticking out from the bumper and was sick to think he might have hit the cat. Going to investigate, he found the diesel-soaked cat, nicknamed it "Bumper," and managed to extract it and take it to a vet where it is doing well. No one knows who the owner is, so the vets are caring for it over the next week, and the camper driver will give Bumper a home if no one comes forward to claim the feline hitchhiker. Take care, Bumper: you've only got about six lives left!

  • Read the whole story at BBC News

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