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Not Even Amputation Can Stop Plucky Pretzel the Siamese Kitten

The blind, deformed kitten suffered complications after corrective surgery, but she's going strong.

 |  May 3rd 2013  |   2 Contributions

With twisted back legs and a face that will turn even the most hardened heart into a puddle of pancake syrup, Plucky Pretzel, a deformed Siamese kitten, is an inspiration to thousands of people.

Did we mention Pretzel is also blind? It's no biggie, though -- this special kitty's disabilities don't slow her down one bit. Pretzel's mama Carmen Bernard found her on the side of the road in Jacksonville, FL, and brought her home, where she has charmed Bernard's family and her two dogs, one of whom is also blind.

"Mom said she imagines that having two blind animals in the same house must be comparable to having two tiny ninjas that like to try and trip you and make you break a toe at three in the morning," Bernard writes on Pretzel's Facebook page.

Pretzel rocking out with a tiny guitar.

Pretzel is lucky to have Carmen Bernard.

When Catster last spoke to Bernard at the beginning of March, Pretzel was recovering from her first surgery to repair her twisted rear limbs, as walking was both painful and difficult for the cat. Only a few days post-surgery, Pretzel was rocking an adorable cast. She was already standing on her new leg and seemed to be healing well.

Unfortunately, complications arose. According to Facebook updates, Pretzel suffered loss of blood flow and nerve damage in her limb, and her leg had to be amputated in mid-April. This has been challenging for Pretzel and her family, and her subsequent surgeries have been put on hold.

Pretzel shows off her yoga skills post-amputation.

Pretzel lounges with her fan mail.

"As many of you know, the reason we decided to try to correct the right leg as opposed to just doing the amputation to begin with is that her left knee joint is also abnormal," Bernard writes on Facebook. "As she grows it isn't going to be strong enough to support her body, and needs reconstructing as well. The doctor said this morning that is more important now to get her 'good' leg fixed, but he's not going to do it just yet."

Pretzel inspires thousands of people around the world.

One of Pretzel's kitty friends lounges with a smattering of Pretzel Smiles.

The good news: Plucky Pretzel is already on the mend. She's adjusting to life as a tripod -- and she has excellent role models like Anakin the Two-Legged Miracle Cat to look to for advice. On April 26, Pretzel's more than 18,000 Facebook fans even celebrated National Pretzel Day to show their support for this little kitty rockstar.

Want to offer Pretzel your support and love -- and maybe get some Pretzel smiles in return? Follow her journey on Facebook.

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