Post a Comment to Donate 25 Bowls of Food to Shelters

 |  Oct 19th 2010  |   7 Contributions


Got a sec'? Okay, this may take a minute or two. As part of Iams Home for the Holidays campaign, Iams will donate 25 bowls of food to a shelter for every comment left on Your Daily Cute and Pet News and Views between now and October 26th.

Can you think of any easier (and cheaper) way to help dozens of shelter pets?

Drop over to Your Daily Cute and leave a comment. Full instructions are on the post.

Then drop over to Pet News and Views and leave a comment.

Still have time? Hop over to Your Daily Cute's Facebook page, post a photo and mention Iams... more kibble for shelters!

Iam's goal is to find homes for 1.5 million animals and provide 5 million bowls of food between now and the New Year. Even if your home is bursting with animals and you can't adopt, you can still contribute to the campaign's success by commenting for kibble!

I'm hoping my comments will help feed Gus, this outgoing and sweet house panther at Dusty Paws Rescue:



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