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Meet Little Bear, a Lion-Hearted, Differently Abled Kitten

His front legs are deformed, but he stumbled into the hands of a loving human.

 |  Oct 25th 2012  |   13 Contributions

A lot of people would just give up when confronted with the challenges that a differently abled kitten named Little Bear faces. And even worse, a lot of people would just dismiss Little Bear's life as worthless -- especially if he were one of hundreds of kitties struggling to find a home.

Little Bear looks out the window.

Fortunately for Little Bear, however, his human mama, Allie O'Sullivan, doesn't believe in giving up on a kitten who is otherwise perfectly healthy, happy, and sweet.

Little Bear was born with front legs different from most cats' front legs, and as a result, Allie has to take special care in keeping him safe. He has to crawl around on his "elbows" rather than his paws, and as such, he can't climb up and down stairs and has no way to protect himself.

But Allie is determined to improve the life of Little Bear. She knitted him little socks to wear over his elbows to prevent them from being rubbed raw as he scoots around on the floor. She is also looking into orthopedics to help the little kitten walk more "normally."

Little Bear with his adorable elbow patches.

If you want to know more about Little Bear, you can check out his Facebook page, which maintains updates on the kitten and provides information on how to contribute to improving the little guy's life.

Little Bear is an otherwise happy, healthy, adorable kitten!

Photos via the Little Bear Facebook page


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