Sebastian the Cat, Missing 4 Years, Returned Thanks to Microchip

 |  Nov 29th 2008  |   4 Contributions

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Sebastian the cat is back home with his owner, thanks to an implanted microchip. Earlier this week in Racine, Wisconsin, an animal control worker picked up the big black cat after he was reported as a stray. A subsequent scan revealed a microchip which told officers that the cat's name was Sebastian and provided the contact information for his owner in Lake Geneva.

Countryside rescue coordinator Maggie Senzig says the owner was incredulous when she was informed that her cat had been found. Sebastian had gone missing when he was 7-months old. His happy owner picked him up Wednesday afternoon at the shelter.

Senzig emphasizes that micro chips are inexpensive and can be invaluable in helping reuniting lost pets and their owners.

  • Read more info about microchipping here.


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