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Whiner & Diner Cat Feeders

Want to elevate your fancy feline feast? Invest in one of these hand-crafted feeders.

 |  Jan 3rd 2013  |   5 Contributions

Now you don’t need to be a chef to elevate your kitty’s meal to the highest level of fine dining. With Whiner & Diner’s raised cat feeders, your feline’s next feast will be elevated -- right off the ground.

The feeders are handmade in the U.S. from reclaimed wooden wine crates, and they’re available in a variety of configurations. Choose from three heights (four to six inches high) and three options for bowls: single, double or triple.

There are six colors and six hand-painted designs. Whiner & Diner can also hand-paint your cat’s name on the feeder.

The feeders are beautiful as well as practical. Skid-proof rubber feet hold the feeder in place, while three coats of protective finish make them easy to wipe clean. 


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