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Country Life Is Hard -- For a Cat! 8 Reasons Mine Prefer City Life

Farm animals are always having babies -- so cats get less attention! See for yourself in the photos.

 |  May 16th 2013  |   6 Contributions

I spent several years living on the family homestead in a small, rural Maine town with my brother, sister-in-law, and an assortment of goats and poultry. It seemed like a good life at the time, but little did I know that when I moved to the city, a whole world would open up for my cats, as well as for me.

From her perch in the sky, Bella checks out the opossum digging in the neighbors' yard.

When my cats look back on the time they spent in the country, they see what they're grateful for now that they live the urban life. Here's a comparison in text and photos.

1. Better cat trees

My little studio carved out of a post-and-beam barn did offer some opportunities for my cats to climb, but the rewards were limited and the perches were uncomfortable.

You mean I climbed all the way up here and there's only 8 inches between my feet and the ceiling? And about that view ... eh, not so great.

Now THIS is more like it! Thanks, Mama.

2. Better television

If you grew up in the country, far from the reaches of cable TV, you'll remember that you had maybe three or four channels available -- and even then, you'd spend as much time moving the antenna to get decent reception as you'd spend watching. I bet you didn't know cats like having more viewing options, too.

Different rural home, same idea. Dahlia's sick of watching the same old shows every day.

Thomas loves having eight different channels to watch. Here, he's even getting a little pervy sneaking a look at the Neighbors In The Bathroom channel!

3. Better smell-o-vision

I always thought the scents I brought in from my treks around the country homestead intrigued my cats, but I guess I was wrong. See for yourself.

Chickens and dog poop again? *sigh*

Ooh, what's this? Other cats? Oh, and chicken tandoori? Hmm, I detect a faint scent of artsy hipsterness, too.

4. More modern conveniences ... like not shivering in the winter

One of the hardest things about life in my country home -- aside from having to truck 50-pound jugs of water up rickety stairs and do my business in an outhouse -- was the fact that it was always cold. But in our new home, the cats can stretch out full-length, even on an arctic Maine winter day.

Thomas's love affair with the heater sometimes left him with singed fur.

Here in our city home, you can be warm no matter where you are. But if you really want to go deluxe, you can curl up in a heated cat bed.

5. Better food

Back in the country, my cats had to live on kibble because, well, I was just too poor to go with the deluxe food I wanted to give them. Now they get the very best, and they don't even have to work for it.

Poor Thomas was forced to supplement his substandard diet with mice.

Here in the city, Thomas gets his super-premium raw food delivered direct to his dish.

6. No competition for cuteness

When you live on a country homestead with non-feline animals who are constantly having babies, people ooh and aah over the other critters while forgetting the inherent cuteness of cats. In their new urban home, my cats always win the "awwww" contest.

For some reason, my brother and sister-in-law thought baby goats are cuter than my cats. The nerve!

Now everybody praises my cats' gorgeous sweetness. Even Siouxsie's angry snuggles are awesomely cute!

7. Better sun puddles

Back in the country, my cats' sunbathing options were sadly limited. The only two windows in my place faced the morning sun, and in the winter I had to put blankets over one of them so we wouldn't freeze to death. Now the kitties get sun puddles all day, any time the skies are clear.

"Sure, this sun puddle is nice enough, I suppose," Siouxsie says, "but it's only available for a couple of hours a day."

"Now, THIS is more like it!" Siouxsie says. "I can sun bathe all day if I want to ... if Dahlia would quit hogging my spot."

8. No attack geese!

Don't fool yourself: Geese are mean! Here in the city, nobody is barred from getting into the house by an aggressive gander guarding his harem!


Do your cats prefer life in the country or life in the city? Or how about suburbia? Let us know in the comments!

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