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Remember Your Cat in Your Will

Remember Your Cat in Your Will

Few people want to think about when they're going to die. But if you have a cat, it's really important to have a plan in place for taking care of your cat should you be unable to do so:

  • First, consider the people you know and trust. Are there any cat lovers in that group? If so, ask them if they would be willing and able to give your cat the level of care she's become used to while living with you. If one or more of them agrees to take care of your cat, make the arrangement clear in your will.

  • If you don't have access to a nearby friend or relative who can take care of your cat, you may choose to set up a fund to pay for your cat's care at a sanctuary or no-kill shelter.

  • Again, make arrangements in advance with the sanctuary or shelter of your choice and see what you can do to make this care agreement easier for them, and make this clear in your will.

  • If you have the funds to do so, or if you have a life insurance policy that will pay upon your death, be sure to set aside a portion of that payment to cover the expenses for your cat's supplies and veterinary care for several years. Be sure that the policy will pay into a trust for your cat's care and that the people or sanctuary you've asked to adopt your cat will have access to those funds.

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