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Happy 15th Birthday To Our Bro, Cocoa!

April 21st 2010 12:00 am
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Today is a purrry special day as we're celebrating our brother, *COCOA'S* 15th Birthday and we couldn't be happier. He is such a pawsome brother and we're lucky that he's part of our family. Mom adopted him from the shelter when he was only 7 weeks of age and now he's 15 and doesn't look a day over 5. Today is also *KASHMERE'S* 1st year since she made her journey into Heaven and she is missed each and everyday, just as Picasso is. We know that they're having a wonderful time in Heaven but it is still painful fur meowmy and daddy to look at their Catster pages as it always brings tears to their eyes. Mom is bringing Cocoa a yummy back when she gets out of work tonight as well as help him to update his diary. As some of you may know, Cocoa was diagnosed with Cardiompopathy 6-1/2 years ago but he wasn't as severe as Picasso. Nevertheless, HCM is heart disease and is to be taken purrry seriously, no matter what the stage of the disease. We are blessed to have Cocoa and each and everyday is a true blessing.

Happy 15th Birthday sweet Cocoa and many more to come. We would also like to send our love to Kashmere on her 1st year Annifursary as well as to Angel Picasso. Not a day goes by when my family isn't thinking of them and missing them, even though I didn't know them. I have heard wonderful things though...



Our Pawrents Are Back From Vacation (FLorida).

April 20th 2010 10:56 am
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Last week, meowmy and daddy drove to Florida (Disney World) and we missed them purrry much. We did have our pawsome auntie Patti watching us and she always does such a great job caring fur us. We got lots of lovies, treats and of course, furtastic company. Mom is purry picky about who watches us and we feel comfy with our auntie as she has been watching us fur many years. Mom brought her back lots of goodies fur auntie Patti and it's from us of course *giggles* We weren't even there and we're bringing things back. Thanks auntie fur taking such good care of us. We really do love her lots and lots.

Mom and dad met up with their furiends (Rich & Theresa) and they went to all of the Adventure Parks which of course took the week since there is so much to do and see. Their last night there (Friday) our pawrents had dinner with dad's nephew, his wife and daughter... They said that it was a really nice relaxing time. Everyday was such a long and tiresome day so unfortunately, mom didn't have time to help us with Catster. Actually, she's so behind on all of her Facebook games as well as Catster but we'll get caught up. We were even a bit behind with some of our furiend's Birthdays and we sincerely apawologize fur that but we did send them belated gifties on their pages. Better late than never as mom always says.

When it was time to leave on Saturday, mom hated to go but at the same time, they knew that they'd be seeing us again. On the way home in North Carolina, meowmy and daddy spent the day and night with auntie Jo Ann (Hooch's mom), unkie Ed and the 12 adorable kitties. Daddy and Karisma seemed to hit it off immediately. Karisma is our Monte's daughter and Cannoli's littermate sister. They were also purry kind to give us lots of pressies, including our pawrents. We received the following: gigantiv
c claw mousie, Whiskers City blue blankie, Whiskers City blue mat with designs of different kitties, Cats catnip toys (2-pack), Purina treat dispenser "so cool", SmartPaw orange catnip stuffer, pawkage of Pawty Mix and aother pawkage of Whisker Lickin's. Mom received the following: "Thank Heaven for Cats" which is a really nice inspirational book along with an "Ocean Blossom" Yankee Candle. We are so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness that auntie, unkie & kitties have shown and purrrry appreciative of their special furiendship. After chatting, eating snacks and having wine (dad & unkie had beer), everyone went out to dinner and they were saying how delicious everything was. After dinner, everyone went back to auntie Jo Ann's and relaxed. Mom & auntie were playing on the catputer until about 3:00 am. Holy kittens... The following morning, unkie made coffee fur everyone and then they went to a diner and had a yummmy breakfast. Right before leaving the diner, unkie surprised our pawrents with 2 scrumptious pastries. Mom was so touched by his thoughtfulness. It was such a wonderful time fur my pawrents, thanks to special furiends like auntie Jo & unkie Ed. By the way, Hooch looks wonderful and as most of you may remember, he was a purrry ill cat this time, last year.

Our pawrents headed back on the road and on their journey back home to us... It was a long drive even from North Carolina but they were ready to come home to us and we were ready to welcome them with open paws. On the way to Florida, mom & dad stayed overnight in Georgia which was a long hike of straight driving from New Jersey. They got stuck in Washington/ Va traffic on the way home... NOT fun! They got home early int he evening on Sunday and spent the remainder of the evening putting things away and paying attention to us. They did go to bed earlier than normal since it was such a long day as well as a purrry busy but fun week.

Tomorrow is Cocoa's 15th Birthday and mom is planning on bringing him home a yummmy something? Unfortunately, she has to work but only fur 5 hours. Tomorrow will also be a sad day fur my pawrents and fur all of us as it's *KASHMERE'S* 1st year Annifursary in Heaven. Mom is crying as she's helping to type my diary. She can't believe that Kashy has been an Angel fur a year now and our little girl is missed just as much as the day she made her journey. Kashmere died from a traveling blood clot and she passed peacefully in mom's arms at approx 11:45 pm on April 21st. We love you Kashmere and will never furget you. The memories that you gave us will live furever in our hearts and one day, we'll all meet again. Love you *wipes tears* I know that mom will be crying at work tomorrow. I was adopted a few weeks later at the same shelter that Kashmere was adopted (In Loving Memory Of Her). This makes me a special little boy.

By the way, when mom & dad came home, they saw all of this white soft fuzzy stuff all over the home and after investigating, they discovered that I decided to decorate by playing with the toilet paper rolls... Boy did I have a lot of fun doing that. A total of 3 rolls shredded into bits and pieces *giggles* Don't worry, the Dyson did a great job cleaning up the mess which I consider a work of art! Guess mom felt a little differently???




Wishing Everyone A Purrry Happy Easter & Spring!

April 4th 2010 10:17 am
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Today is Easter Sunday and actually, it's my FIRST Easter as well. We would like to wish all of our furiends and their families a beautiful Holiday filled with lots of love & blessings... Mom was able to get off today so she and daddy are planning on going to dad's sister's fur Easter dinner. Afterwards, they're coming back home to spend time with us.

The weather is so gorgeous and we have all of the windows open, just enjoying this wonderful afternoon. Meowmy and daddy also got a new Mahogany Bedroom set which they chose on the Sleigh bed style this time. Before, they had a purrry high bed with tall post which the Raggies loved to stretch their paws on. Mom just wanted a total change from what she had before. Dad also got her a beautiful chest with lots of drawers so that means dad got 2 of his drawers back in the bureau *giggles* You see, mom used up 2 drawers filled with just our clothes and booted dad's clothes into another drawer. Of course, daddy didn't mind a bit since he loves us so much and knows that we need to put our clothes away, too. Well, now that mom has the new Chest Of Drawers, our clothes have moved into that.

Sending a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their lovely Easter gifties & rosettes: Catster HQ (Easter Basket) and Moon & Fam (Easter egg).

UPDATE: As soon as our pawrents got back home from having Easter dinner, meowmy went upstairs into the computer room and brought down the AT3 stroller... Yupsters, we went strolling and it was our 1st stroll of the year *does happy dance*



Yippeee... Spring Is Finally Here!

March 28th 2010 11:42 am
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Well... after a long cold winter, spring has finally arrived but before writing about anything else, we would like to wish our brother, Jaspurr a purrry Happy belated 6th Birthday. These past few days (including his B-day), mom was and still is sick with an Upper Respiratory/Sinus infection so she hasn't really been on the computer at all. She did help Jaspurr write his Diary entry but after that, she signed off and went back to bed. The medication is also making her quite tired... Feel better meowmy! We are happy to announce that daddy came home yesterday late afternoon so hopefully, he won't be called away fur awhile. He has no choice in the matter since it is his job. Daddy also got meowmy the new Motorola Droid "Smartphone" from Verizon and she's now trying to get use to all of those pawsome apps. That really is a smart phone *giggles* Daddy didn't want the out out keyboard so he chose to get the HTC Eris Droid "Smartphone" instead. They get their upgrades every 2 years and their last phone was the LG Dare. Our pawrents have everything Verizon and have been devoted customers with that carrier fur years...

Now back to spring... we thought that the nice weather would never arrive after all of the snow we had this past winter. (within a few months, we accumulated about 76 inches total). Mom is excited that her purrty flowers are starting to bloom and the birdies are finally singing again, especially in the morning. Today we had periods of rain, along with some chilly temps, but besides that, we are enjoying the weather. After all, April showers do bring May flowers. Unfortunately, we haven't been on Catser as much as we usually are but don't worry... we'll get back to it. Sometimes, there is just not enough hours in the day fur meowmy but we do know that Catster will always be a special place fur us and we haven't furgotten any of our pawsome furiends. If it wasn't fur Catster, we wouldn't have meet most of you and that means everything.

Well, mom wants to rest so I think I'll say good bye fur now but always know how much we love each of you. We just started fixing our pages with the new changes and still have some other changes to make to the pages but it all takes time, especially when there are a total of 10 kitty pages. I'm sure with those who have a lot of kitties and doggies, you understand.

Happy Spring Everyone!



I'm A Diary Pick Twice In One Week!

March 20th 2010 10:33 am
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Holy kittens... I'm so excited to be celebrating yet another Diary honor today. The last time I was chosen was on March 18th and here I am again, celebrating with all of you. I guess I really do have the luck of the Irish *giggles*

Mom went to the eye doctors yesterday (Ophthalmologist) and he discovered that she has a cornea virus so doc doc put her on special drops fur 2 weeks, so therefore, she is not to wear her present contacts until she has the next exam which is in 2 weeks. When she returns, they will then fit her for the new contacts and a new script fur glasses, Unfortunately, meowmy has severe astigmatism so she can't even have Lasix surgery as an option, as it wouldn't really improve the situation... poor meowmy and her bad peepers! I will add that she does have the most beautiful bright green eyes which everyone compliments but then again, they're not purr-fect!

We are purry happy that the beautiful weather is finally here and that means strolling weather, as well. Mom has even seen her purrty Hyacinths blooming and so many birdies singing. Later on this evening, mom is stopping by auntie Lill's fur dinner (auntie has adopted a Siamese kitty from Utah "retired breeder") and they're planning on having dinner and then the mall fur a few hours. Oh, more good news... daddy should be arriving back home in a few weeks and then they're going planning on a Florida fur a vacation.

First of all, I would like to thank Catster HQ fur choosing my entry today and to the the following kitties fur thinking of me with their lovely rosettes: PorkChop & Fam (egg), Tate & Fam (egg), Karisma & Fam (bunny), Alfie & Fam (blue ribbon), Gimme & Fam (heart), Gleek & Fam (bunny), Angel Sammie & Fam (egg).

Mom has a lot to do around the home, such as vacuum, dust and laundry so we may not be able to get our individual thank you's out right away. Please know how much I appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and fur celebrating my DDP honor and I'd like to catgrats all of the lucky kitties who have also been chosen DDP today.



Hip Hip Hurray... I'm A DDP Today!

March 18th 2010 11:31 pm
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Today was such a busy day fur meowmy as she had to work so this is my first time signing onto Catster. We will also be the first to tell you that there are times when we seem to fall a little behind but do our best to catch up with diaries and thank you's. As you can see, mom has just changed out St. Patty's Day pages to Easter!

Now... back to my DDP honor! I am so excited that Catster has chosen me and I'm grateful fur all of my wonderful furiends who sent their catgrats through rosies, p-mails & comments. Can you believe the busy week that mom had? First of was my Birthday on March 13th, followed by Snowmitts on March 17th and now I'm a DDP. This isn't even to mention that Jaspurr will be celebrating his 6th Birthday on March 17th!

I would now like to send a warm thanks to the following kitties fur their thoughtdul cagtrats rosies: Hondo & Fam (Brussels), Tate & Fam (blue ribbon), Cassidy & Fam (blue ribbon). Margo "RKN" (blue ribbon), Violet & Fam (clover).

I will be sure to send out my individual thank you's either tonight or sometime tomorrow. Mom has an eye appointment tomorrow with the Ophthalmologist (exam, new glasses & contact lens fitting/contacts) and then off to feeding her sister's kitties while auntie is in Utah until Saturday night. I would also like to send a big catgrtas to the kitties who are also celebrating this honor with me, today *does happy dance*

Sending Birthday wishes to my dear furiend, Cassidy and her meowmy, auntie Jo Ann!



Celebrating Snowmitts' 4th Birthday On St. Patty's Day!

March 17th 2010 1:38 am
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Today is not only St. Patty's Day, but it's also our pawsome brother, *SNOWMITTS' * 4th Birthday celebration. He has been such a wonderful brother to all of us... Snowmitts' was the only kitten who was born in the litter and mom remembers bringing him home from the Breeders when it was pouring rain outside and he was all bundled up in the carrier. The rain started shortly after they were on their way home. Mom said that it feels as though it was yesterday and how time flies. Some of you may not know, but Snowmitts is the brother of our Biscotti as well as Mittens. Tiskers (Boogers' family), as they have the same daddy. Unfortunately, meowmy does have to work today but she's planning on bringing a special num num home fur the Birthday boy. I must add that we were certainly brought luck of the Irish when Snowmitts became part of the family!

Well, mom needs to get to bed shortly but she wanted to help Snowmitts with his diary entry before retiring fur the evening... Have a great night everyone and it would mean so much if you would stop by to wish Snowmitts a purrry Happy 4th Birthday. Thanks!

Happy Birthday, Bro and Happy St. Patty's Day to all of our Catster furiends!



Today Is My Purrry FIRST Birthday!

March 13th 2010 9:45 am
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Holy kittens and caboodles... I officially turn the big "1" today and it's so exciting. Mom even bought me a yummmy Strawberry Shortcake, which we'll light the candle and take pictures later on today. I was adopted at the local Animal Shelter (in memory of beloved Angel Kashmere) when I was only 8 weeks of age (on May 13th). I have been such a happy and loved baby with pawsome pawrents, siblings and furiends. Today, I plan on relaxing and enjoying my celebration as well having fun with mom since she's home from work. Thanks to all of you who have been so sweet and thoughtful with making this year wonderful fur me and I'm looking forward to a long and beautiful furiendship here on Catster... Jaspurr & Snowmitts' Birthday's are also this month so meowmy is having her Ragdoll breeder's hubby build us a custom scratching post with sisal rope.

Sending a warm thank you to Catster HQ fur the yummmy 1st Birthday cake on my page as well as to the following kitties fur honoring my special day: my family (emerald), Kibbles & Fam (kings crown), Angel Albie & Fam (cupcake), Margo (chocolate cupcake), Rushy & Fam (chocolate cupcake), Samoa & Fam (pawty hat), PorkChop & Fam (pawty hat), Cassidy & Fam (pawty hat), Chloe & Fam (chocolate cupcake), Ashlye "delicious" & Fam (chocolate cupcake), Nikko & Scooter (lep hat), Jaffa Rafferty & Fam (clover), KiKi & Fam (shrimpie), Angel Wanda & Fam (heart), Angel Ava & Fam (clover) .

UPDATE: 3/15/10: Snowmitts and I received really cute Birthday cards from our dear furiends, PorkChop & family, today. Mom couldn't wait to display those on the dining room server. Thanks Porkie & family fur always being so sweet & thoughtful. Thanks again to all of you who were so kind to think of me on my Birthday *blows kisses*



Snow Snow Snow... Please Go Away!

February 26th 2010 8:59 pm
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Holy kittens... we have been having so much snow (about 76 + inches total this year). All we want now is the Spring to arrive so that mom can open the windows fur us to enjoy the fresh air. Fur the years that we haven't received snow, this surely makes up fur it, plus some. Of course we think that it's beautiful when falling but we have had well over our desired amount.

Mom was off yesterday and today so we were groomed, had our nails clipped and then mom made a delicious Oven Stuffer which she shared with us... What a pawsome meowmy. I do know that she wants to work on my FIRST Birthday page as well as Snowmitts' & Jaspurr's, which they'll be celebrating in March: (Mine 3/13, Snowmitts- 3/17, Jaspurr's- 3/27).

Hopefully, daddy will be coming home in a few weeks, which mom is excited. She has only seen him 3 times since he left in early November. Unfortunatly, his job sometimes calls fur him to travel so there's nothing we can do. He calls us several times daily to make sure that everyone is doing well.

Well, back to work fur mom tomorrow so hopefully the snow will melt some more by the afternoon. Although it may not seem like it right now, the spring will be here and mom will be planting her purrty flowers...



Our Special Furiend (Cousin) Is Now An Angel!

February 12th 2010 3:31 pm
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Today was a purrry sad and difficult day as my mom's sister's kitty, *SNOWFLAKE* made his journey to Rainbow Bridge. He was a purrry sick little boy but yet, still such a fighter... He had an involved surgery last Thursday which he survived with the chances being purrry slim. He suffered from complications to IBD as well as an intestinal obstruction which resulted in the surgeon having to remove a good portion of his intestine. He seemed to be on the road to recovery and just this past Wednesday evening, he began to decline. As the few days passed, his blood pressure dropped dramatically as well as his heart beat. They had him on several medications, including heavy antibiotics as well as blood pressure meds but his body was too sick and weak to fight at this point. My meowmy and auntie went to see Snowflake today and that's when they made the decision to let him fly free. Nothing could be done at this point but he did make his journey peacefully with those who loved him. Snowflake was at the University Of Penn Vet Hospital fur over a week, as well as previous visits so we know that he had the best care pawsible. Unfortunately, when we are to sick to fight there is nothing more that could be done. He was my auntie's special boy and his memory will live on furever in everyone hearts who knew him (on Catster, Facebook and outside of these Networks).

Our siblings, Angel Picasso & Angel Kashmere helped welcome Snowflake as he entered the beautiful and peaceful home of Rainbow Bridge. We miss you buddy but always know that you'll always loved by so many *wipes eyes* Please stop by to send your purrrs & purrayers to Snowflake's meowmy and to also read more about his illness.

Sad Purrrrs!

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