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I'm Featured on that Other Coop's Website!!!!!!!!

April 11th 2012 5:40 pm
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Yes, I know, it has been far too long since I've been around. We'll be back soon. Meowm's just had some important things going on outside of Catster.

BUT...we do want to share some FUN NEWS!

I was featured on Anderson Cooper's Website!!!!!! Meowm actually got to go to the taping of his pet show and everything!

Here it is...



Does she really think I'm S-T-U-P-I-D?

March 2nd 2011 10:00 am
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You'd think that after TWO Russian Blues, the Meowther would no longer underestimate the intelligence of my breed. But no. She still thinks I don't know how to S-P-E-L-L. In particular, the word V-E-T.

Yeah, I heard her discussing it yesterday. Appurrently, she's taking me back there on Monday for S-H-O-T-S!

Furs, let's be real here...I **KNOW** all about S-H-O-T-S. I just had some a couple of weeks ago for that lung stuff!

I don't know what these S-H-O-T-S are for. And I just don't understand why she has to torture me by shoivng me in that bag with the zipper and allowing these people to poke and prod at me while they discuss every last little blue fur on my body.

I'm a good kitty. I don't deserve such atrocities. And I just don't know why she keeps dragging me back to that awful place!

I shall post of my traumas on Monday. Til then...send purrs...



Post-Valentine's Day and Thank Mews

February 15th 2011 9:23 am
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Hi, Everyfur!!!

Furst of all, I want to thank everyone for the well wishes while I was sick. Meowmmy was so scared that it was something really horrible, and we appurrciated the comforting thoughts.

HOWEVER...that doesn't eliminate the fact that my chest is still BARE. In the middle of the COLDEST WINTER EVER KNOWN TO CATKIND!

When I find out whose brilliant idea it was to shave me, I'm gonna go all Brooklyn on their butt! The only problem is that I think Meowm had a hand in that decision, and if I go all Brooklyn on HER butt, then she might stop opening cans for me. Or worse yet...she might hide Ro!!!

Now...Valentine's Day!!! I'm not allowed to date, so I just let Meowm be my Valentine. And she got me some cool stuff. I got a Wubba...and a little catnip puppy...and CATNIP BUBBLES. I got a ton of extra treats, too.

Also, we celebrated a year with Ro last night!!! Yes, it was my furst anniversary with my beloved Ro toy! Oh, the when I lost her and cried, and Meowm had to go buy me another one. And all of the times I've carried her into Meowmmy's bed and lost her in the covers...oh, Ro...! Sighhhh...

Purrs, Furs!


I hads a Liddle Health Scare

February 1st 2011 10:28 am
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So I was couging. At furst, Meowmmy thought it was a furball. But she called the vet, and the tech told her to wait it out.

Meowm waited it out for about an hour until I started going into FITS of coughing. Dr. B agreed with Meowmmy -- it was no hairball.

As per USUAL...NO ONE bothered to consult with ME. And so she scooped me up and shoved me in the carrier and the next thing I knew...I was on the scale on that cold silver table at the vet's office!!!!

Meowm said she knew I was pretty sick because I was BEHAVING. Even when Dr. B CHOKED me. Yes, he did. HOw would you like that, furs? Some dude putting this cold medallian thingie on your chest and squeezing the furballs outta you? Not. Nice.

They took pictures of me, and Meowm was crying and pacing. I wasn't sure why. She doesn't cry and pace when she takes pics of me at home.

Oh, and they stuck me with needles, too!!!! FOUR of them!!!

The pictures told The Choker that I have a slightly large heart. And they wanted to check me for Cardiomyopathy.

The Choker did tell Meowm that my heart might be a little big because I'm a big kitty. But Meowm said all along that it's just a little big because there's so much love in it.

I did stop coughing -- I think he choked it out of me. Or maybe it was those needles in my butt...

But she took me back again YESTERDAY...and you are NOT going to BELIEVE what horrors they inflicted upon me...


And then they covered me in GOOP, and took a video of me!

I was just MORTIFIED...and all I wanted to do was CLEAN MYSELF when I got home. It was pretty horrible.

BUT...Meowm said there was some good news. Yesterday, The Choker said that my lungs weren't naerly as congested as they were on Saturday, and that the medicine in those needle thingies worked.

Today, the Cardiologist said that I do NOT have cardiomyopathy. THey're all in agreement that it's a lower respiratory infection. And Meowm has to monitor me for coughing. If that starts again...I have to go back ALL OVer AGAIN and get some kind of tracheal wash. It doesn't sound good.

But I am feeling so much better. And Meowm was right all along. I just have a big heart because there's so much love in it!



I'm on Stuff On My Cat...and I'm not Happy

January 12th 2011 9:54 am
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Sooooo...WHILE I WAS SLEEPING...the Meowmmy did something HORRIBLE. She put STUFF on ME. And then she took a PICTURE of ME. And then she SENT IT to STUFF ON MY CAT!

And they must have thought it was so funny that THEY POSTED IT TODAY!

THIS IS HUMILIATING. She thinks it's a major award. All of my Aunties think it's adorable. But I'm just MORTIFIED.

Look what she did. And then tell me, furs, if this isn't the most embarassing thing EVERRRRRRRR. =com_content&task=view&id=8879&Itemid=1

AND..........THEY SPELLED MY NAME WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No purrs today!


So I was causin' trouble again...

January 9th 2011 10:16 am
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But it wasn't my fault!

My Aunt Lori came to visit. I like it when she stays with us. She loves kitties and has three of her own!

However, last night...Aunt Lori forgot that I like to play in the toilet. And she kinda left the lid up...

You see where this is going, right?

I woke Aunt Lori up, sloshing. Then Meowmmy cuaght me -- blue paws in the blue water. And I had already splashed it all over the floor! MOL!

They were actually laughing about it this morning. Aunt Lori agrees -- Roto Rooter, here I come!



'Twas the Day Before Christmas...

December 24th 2010 9:08 am
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...and I was snuggled on the couch.
I was taking a snooze...

I've been extra good,
Not just now, but all year.
I gave kisses upon request
And I conquered my fears.

See, I was a shy little kitty,
When Meowm brought me home.
Until I figured that humans give chin rubs
So I decided to roam.

Now I'm my sweet little self
When people come here
And I give them kisses
And spread lots of cheer.

I did get into SOME mischief,
Like breaking my litter box.
And I gnawed on the head
of the great Silver Fox

But a cat shall be a cat!
To that I stand true
After all, my fur-riends...REALLY...
WHO can resist a RUSSIAN BLUE?

So tonight, Meowm says,
That Santa Paws will come
With a big stocking of toys
And treats to fill my tum!

But that doesn't explain
That while I was napping
My stocking disappeared
And I could hear Meowm wrapping!

When she came back into the room,
I was quite wide awake
And she smelled all like CATNIP
For Heaven's sake!

I wanted to bite her!
Tear in with my claws...
But for sure if I did...
There would be no Santa Paws!

So now I here I sit...
...and I wait and I wait.
And I'm hoping that Santa
Won't be a moment late!

Today, I wish all my fur-riends
Both far and near



Dear Santa Paws...

December 10th 2010 4:28 pm
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Dear Santa Paws,

This year hasn't been so good for anyfur I know. As Meowm says, "It was just PAWFUL." So furst and furmost, I wish EVERYFUR a happier 2011.

Now, Mr. Paws, PURR-REASE...PURR-REASE...I want TT and BK...and even be a little less picky with our food. We purr-romise to try. Not just cuz it's Christmas. But becuase it makes our Meowms all upset. And Happy Meowms equal Happy Cats. RIGHT? And we've all been furry good this year.

Second, I don't want to hear the following phrases: herpes, sneezing, coughing, icky eyes, pancreatitis, asthma, allergies, attacks, random puking and diarrhea and SURGERY. No shots, except for the ones that we have to get. And NO meds.

Instead, Mister P...I would prefer the word HEALTHY.

Also...pretty purrrrrr-rease with catnip on more NOISE for the World's Coolest Ishtar. Tell them to take their soccer/footbal games and celebrate in that Evil Purris Place that Meowmmy left me alone to visit!

And one more, if you more VET VISITS for Skippy and Riley! We just want them to feel good because they are the sweetest little fur-buds on earth!

I know that's a pretty big list. And Meowm says I should always say what I'm THANKFUL for...and not so much what I WANT.

SO here it goes: I'm thankful for my LYSINE. It keeps that herpes stuff at bay, and it prevents me from having eye surgery.

And...OK...I'll admit it. I'm actually kinda thankful for Dr. B. Even though I hate him because he picks and pokes at me, he does keep my health in check. And he sent me to the wonderful Dr. Welser who saved my eye with a contact lens. Yeah, I guess he's a good guy. He DID tell Meowm, "I LOVE a happy ending..." when I had my well-baby visit.

And I am thankful MOST for my aunties -- Joyce, Julie, Lori, Paula and Teddy. (I put them in alphabetical order because they're all equal in my little furry heart.) They put up with all of my silliness and shyness and sickies. (Aunt Lori acutally cleaned my puke off the bathroom rug!) They lend an ear and a shoulder to Meowm. And they share some laughs and tears along the way.

BTW, my Aunt Teddy is a BOY. I don't know why he's an "auntie," but he is, and I love him. He even came to see me in the shelter with Meowm!

OH...and I am so very most reverently and blessedly thankful for RO!!!!!!! She -- all five of her -- never ceases to amuse, comfort, and entertain. I love her so much that I could just bite her head off, but she's stitched so well that I can't seem to decapitate her.

And...ummm...yeah...I'm thankful for Meowmmy. Even though she takes me to the VET to have my toenails trimmed...and sometimes...she just doesn't know what FOOD I want to eat...(HELLOOOOO! Can't you read my mind, Lady???)...and she LAUGHS at me when I'm creating toilet paper and paper towel art...she DOES make sure I have everything I need and then some. And she never leaves the house in the morning without saying, "Eat your breakfast. Be good today. And...I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!"

Yeah, shut up. I'm a Meommy's Boy and I kinda love her, too. Most of the time.

So purr-rease, Mr. Santa. I'm not trying to convince you that I've been a good boy. I mean...yeah, I know I fell in with a bad crowd...that Carter dude that sometimes comes over...and he's done some bad stuff -- like breaking my litter box! And I know I took my Meowmmy's picture of my Baby Daddy -- ANDERSON COOPER -- and I bit his head off.

But LOOK AT THE CUTE...don't LOOK AT THE MESS! And don't look at that hole in Baby Daddy's head.

So I wish...I WISH...a happy holiday, CHristmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, New Year, Russian Christmas and anything I'm forgetting EVERY FUR! And PURRS that the sick and old and shy kitties in shelters find a FUREVER home this holiday season.

Purrs to EVERY fur...


Thank you, and Meowmmy's Little Helpurr

December 5th 2010 12:38 pm
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Hi, Furs!

First off, I want to thank everyone for sharing in my DDP on Friday! Meowmmy -- who is not just a big, fat LIAR (see my winning entry!) -- is also a big old DING-BAT! She almost missed it!

It did make me feel justified -- Meowmmies shouldn't lie to their kitty-children by telling them that TURKEY is CHICKEN.

Now, today, fur-riends...I got to play Meowmmy's Little Helpurr. She was wrapping presents for my baby cousin (she's human, not a fur!), and I had to inspect everything. I even held the wrapping paper for her! Yep. I stood right on it.

I could swear, though, that I smelled Catnip in that bag. In fact, I KNOW I did!

Again, furs, thank mew all so much for sharing my day!



They're gonna LIE to me...On THANKSGIVING...?????

November 25th 2010 8:17 am
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So Meowm's sitting here with my Aunt T. And I'm sitting RIGHT IN BETWEEN THEM on the couch watching these floating cartoon-character thingies on TV. Meowm said it's a parade???

(I don't even want to begin to ponder what THAT's all about. But I see these things...and I hear lots of music...and these two are LUCKY I'm gracing them with my glorious presence right now...) you know what Meowm and Aunt T are talking about? The fact that I've been snubbing my turkey food, and that I'll only eat chicken.

Now, apparently, THEY're having that turkey stuff today...and Meowm and Aunt T have systematically decided that they should just LIE to me when they give me some of THEIR turkey...and to tell me that it's CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are SO STUPID. If I can tell the differnce with my cat food, don't they think I'll be able to tell the difference with THEIR food????

They're gonna LIE to me on a major HOLIDAY??????? And try to POISON ME with TURKEY on top of that?????????

Dudes, I better -- BETTER -- get extra treats for this. How DARE THEY???

Happy Thanksgiving, my fur-riends,

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