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September 23rd 2007 2:38 pm
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What's a cup of coffee or soda?, a magazine or even a couple gallons of gas? Have some water like me (it's good & good for you), skip the magazine and gas for the car and let's go for a simple walk together. If I went missing wouldn't you hope others could sympathize and take a step to show how much their pups mean to them as I to you? Someone is waiting to take a walk with their dog and enjoy the simple pleasures that it provides, the only problem is that space and time separates them and a leash sits still collecting dust, hands are wringing and someone's dog is missing.At anytime that someone could be any one of us. Please think if you have anything to spare in your life whether it's time to spread the info or a donation how great or small...we all remember our first piggy banks. Thank you.

My friend Bandit's mom brought this to my attention:

"I'm sure you were all aware of the missing dog Blue from various
posts on the internet.
I have been talking with Sharon (Sharon from this group, not Sharon
his owner) and we both feel that someone in the area has him and
decided to keep him. He is really a nice boy. We feel if we can get
reward high enough (no questions asked) and get the word out that
they may decide to hand him over, or if he is living in the woods,
we may get more people out looking for him hoping for a quick buck.
His owner is offering a large cash reward although I am not certain
of the actual amount.
Our kennel, Taja, is publicly pledging $100 to the person or group
who brings him home safely, no questions asked.
Sharon and I would like to start a campaign to raise other pledges
for Blue. Even $10 or $20 makes a difference. Your kennel name and
or personal name/group would be listed on my home page with your
pledge amount. You would not have to send any money to anyone unless
Blue is found and returned safely. We would need contact info, (Full
name, phone number, email addy) with your pledge amount. The contact
info won't be posted just your name/kennel and pledge amount. The
contact info is just so we can contact you if he is found.
Please consider how devastated you would be to lose one of your
furry kids and help us bring Blue back to his family. While we
genuinely appreciate all pledges, please only pledge what you will
be capable of donating if he is found 5 minutes after your pledge is
made. We don't want to cause Sharon more headaches with having to
answer where the reward money is if people fail to follow through.
Thanks very much for your support.
You may crosspost this to any groups I may have missed.
Contact me with any questions or pledges at Tajasiberians@


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