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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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April 15th 2009 12:12 pm
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WoW! Uncle Ben is letting me outside with him! I know Mom won't be mad cuz she trusts him. She takes me out sometimes, but I like to run and explore and so she doesn't do it too much in case I get lost. I run kinda fast. Things are ok at Uncle's for now. Mom comes home soon. I felt a little sad for my sister Kitty because she kept going to Uncle Ben's door meowin for Mom, but she stopped and now we are cuddling a lot. I heard my grandpa got me a really cool toy! I can't wait. That's all I guess for now. I got a lot of playin to do!


Treats puleeese

April 9th 2009 12:48 pm
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What a day so far. I was hoping that Mom would give me some treats before she went to work today, but I only got to have some of my vitamin gook. I like it though, but I like treats better. Tonight I know I'm gonna get some. I like it when she hides them around our house before she goes to work because, and I think she is catching on, I find them all before she leaves so she puts out more! My sister though doesn't like it so much because I eat so fast that by the time I'm done, I try to steal hers. Hey, I'm just a growing boy is all!

Some of whiskers broke again last night. I don't really know why they keep doing that, but I guess because I like to run and play so much, they just break. Mom asked the doctor but she said it would get better as a grow. Still keeps happening tho.

Tonight is the last night we have with Mommy for a few days cuz she is gonna see her daddy, so I get to stay at my Uncle Ben's house. I am totally gonna make Mom give me lots of treats and cuddles and belly rubs for sure before. I like belly rubs soooo much! So much, that before Mom even comes into the house, I roll on my back so my belly is right there for her to touch. My sister Kitty just looks at me like I'm bein silly, but that's just cuz she wishes she got to the door first to get her head scratched.

Oh! Mom got us a water fountain for our water. I still like to jump and play in the sink, but this one is pretty neat too. Which reminds me that I am waaay thirsty!!! BYE!


Hi! I'm Here

April 8th 2009 5:54 pm
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Oh my goodness! Mommy had to help me make this diary all of my own because I saw my sister Kitty had one so I had to make sure I did too. Mommy just gave us dinner, but I don't really like the wet stuff so much, so just munched a little on my dry food. Maybe if I can convince her, she will give me a treat-the more treats the better! I am so excited because I love to play on the puter, but Mommy usually doesn't let me on the keyboard since I like to lay on it. mmm...well. yah. I have to go play with my sister now-she looks bored and I am planning a sneak attack!!!

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