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lazy Satfurday

August 29th 2009 2:02 pm
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I've just been layin around the house all day so far. It's mucho hott out Mom says, so she's got the cool air machine on right now. Plus...she slept all lates today and I kept tryin to ge ther up at the normal time, but then remembered that on certain days, we all get to sleep late and so I layed on the beddy bed agains and stopped tryin to play with her toesies and stuffs.

Last night was funs too! Mom's furriends came ovfur to watch a movie and I got some pets and some talkins too.

So I plan on being lazy all day today. I already got to nap with Mom too besides in the morning!

I guess if I get bored I'll write agains but I like bein lazy fur sures!


My Claws

August 28th 2009 1:19 pm
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They're gettin sooo long and tuff! And Mom keeps tryin to trim them down, but I won't let her MOL! I just squirm my way out of it. It's funny though, cause when I was just a baby kit in the shelter, the lady there showed Mom how good I was when she trimmed my nails...she akshually laid me on my back and I let her have 'em.. I guess as I became the big tuff boy that I am, I thought that was fur babies.

It just stinks though 'cause I like to sleep with Mom and knead her and even play with her toesies sometimes, but then she says ouchie and I feel bad. Maybe I'll let her today. If she gives me some treats =)



I'm super cute!

August 26th 2009 12:13 pm
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I feel so keeeewl!!! My Angel Kitty furriend Athena thinks I am super cute! She said "delishhious" to be exact MOL! I feel really special right now and warm in my tummy.

We haven't been furriends fur long, but she is a very special angel kitty. She had lost one of her legs akshually, but never let it bother her one bit! And she is super purrty too =) I feel lucky to have an Angel watchin ovfur me =)

Check out her page purlease if you wanna see her =):

You know! Last night Mom gave me the best dinner! I ate sooo much! It was a chicken and tuna thing and fur once, I akshually ate it all! It was something that we nevfur get though-an appetizer it said, but since Mom said it was all natural, she decided to try it. I hope I gets more!!!!

I chased anothfur fly last night too-Mom said she thinks it came in fruum outside when she came home, but it doesn't matter really-as long as I gots to play with it I was happies!




August 25th 2009 8:58 am
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What is a Boobalicious? 'Cause...that is what Mom has been calling me fur the last few days and I gots no clue what it is! She goes, "hey boobalicious!" "Awe, come here my boobalicious" "sweet baby boobalicious" and so on! Furrrst, I'm no sweet baby! Cause I am a whole year old now, and then, still, what's a boobalicious?

I didn't play with the screen last night-I think Mom was testing me and I wanted to be good. Akshually, I was good all night! I stretchied out next to Mom on my blankie and fell asleep just like that and even Kitty came up fur awhile. Then I gave Mom some biscuits on her arm, even though she said ouchie furst 'cause I haven't let her cut my claws again.

That's all fur now I guess. I got these pawsome treats last week that I cannot stop eating (so much Mom had to hide the container MOL!) fruuum my friend Max cat and his mom all the way in a place called Brooooklyn...what's that? does it have anything to do with Boobalicious?



I'm a troublemaker!

August 24th 2009 9:31 am
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That's what Mom is saying today. I can't seem to keep my paws off the window at night. I didn't do it Furriday I don't think, but did it the last two nights and Mom akshually closed the window on me! And then, I still hit the window! And now, I like to attack Mom's legs too when I'm not giving her the cuddles...hey, if they move it's a game right? I did stuffs like this befure, but now I am doin it lots more. We play befure bed and all, but I guess I just want to play again and can't wait. Ah well. I guess she just has to deal with it fur now. Even I was tryin to use Kitty as my play toy this weekend and she got all hissy again, so what's new with that. I guess I am just excitable!


window oooopsies

August 21st 2009 8:42 am
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Ok, so Mom thought I was done tryin to climb the screen in the bedroom window, and akshually, I thought I was too! But last night, and the night befure last, I was tryin to play with it-So I wasn't climbing it really. Well, it woke Mom up a few times and Kitty too. Kitty, of course, just looked at me and rolled her eyes and went back to sittin in frunnnt of her fan.

So that was it fur the other night, but last night I kept doing it! And I knew I was doing a naughty because whenevfur Mom would sit up from the sleepies, I would move. But the minute she would go back to sleepies, I would do it again! Kinda like Mom's little brofurs akshually, but they are only 3, so I guess not big boys like I am. I just need advenshuuure from being a house cat!

But, my advenshuuure ended sure enuff 'cause Mom closed the window. Whatevfur. So, I gave her some cuddles instead.

My furriend Riley caught a spider the other day! I have chased one befure and I akshually have caught a couple flies, which I wrote about in my diary befurre. Nope, they are not as tastey as they look, to me anyways.

I wrote it last night, but my furriend Dusty is now on Catster! Would you please look at his profile and make furrriends with him too? That would be pawesome! Here's his page:

Happy Furrriday!


My furrrriend Dusty Smokes is now on Catster too!!!!

August 20th 2009 9:35 pm
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Hi to my furriends! My furriend Dusty Smokes just joined catster, finally, aftur Mommy showed his Daddy mine and Kitty's diarys. Will you please be his furrriend too? He's way cool and check it out! He even potty trained himself to use the toilet that his Daddy uses! All on his owns! That means he's a tuff boy like me! (and secretly he loves kisses too MOL!)

Indi ana


Happies and Weepies at the same times

August 20th 2009 9:33 am
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Well, I am just soooo happy that my furrriend, beautiful Suzy-Q got adopted. Way to go pretty girl! She, hopefully has found her furrrevfur home.
And her fursibling Skippy still needs a home still so hopefully a nice family will see how lucky getting him would be 'cause their Foster Mommy took good cares raising them.

I have the weepies though too because I won't be able to see Suzy-Q's pics anymores. No more updates unless her new furmily has a Catster page fur her too. It's ok though. I need to be happy fur her. Mom! Why did you have to add them as furriends! Then I wouldn't be weepie and happies all at once.

I think I'll go hang out on my new jungle gym and think about it fur a bit. The jungle gym thing is alright. Mom was thinking about returning it because it's sorta wobbly, but I made pretty designs wif my teeths on it so's I don't think she can returns it now.



Manly Purrrs...

August 19th 2009 3:13 pm
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Now that I am one whole yearz old, I decided I gotta really be tuff. And guess what!?!

Mom said yestfurday that I had manly purrrrs! MOL!
Like, they ares really deeper thank Kitty Pryde's. Imagine! I knew I was a big boy, but now I guess you can really tells.

But, yes-I guess I wasn't tuff because Mom heard the purrrs when I was sittin on her laps gettin a belly n chest rubb. And ears. And ok, under the chin toos. =)

I guess I really am just a little Momma's boy at heart, but I'll pretend to be manly like my purrrs to any vetdoc that comes nears me or anybody who messes with Mom or Kitty or my treats! MOL!



I am a Happy Cat!

August 18th 2009 8:50 am
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I had such a fun Purrrday yestfurday! Thanks fur sharing it with me, all of my Catster furriends.
My Purrrday went pretty good. Mom gave me some treats in the mornings and we played a little. Then, when she came home fruumm worksie, I got a tastey new dinner of a wet food that I kinda liked called turducken-it was also fruumm my Mom's furrriend Meatball, 'cause Meatball's kitties Max and Weird One are bored with it. It was pretty tastey to me, 'specially since wet food isn't my favurrite. I even let Mom brush me yestfurday! And I didn't even try to chew or catch the brush! I figured since I was a whole year old that I should be good and get my brushing, and I did.

I wonder what my furrriend Suzy-Q is doing and if she got adopted. She is still one of the purrrietiest gals I evfur met!

Soooo...fur my purrday!!! I must give thanks!

Thanks to my furrriend Orange Julius Caesar fur the pawsome birthday wishes and his furmily too =)

Thanks to my buddies Riley and Skippy fur the ice cream cone!!! I loves it sooo much!

Thanks to Twix frumm the Kittie's Club fur my birthday Crown and all the yummy cakes and stuffs in the group page =)

Thanks to Fred, Tyson, Tazi Moto, Mai Ming, Mistam Simba and Faithe fur the Crown too!

Thanks to Playful the Empress fur the lovely Watermelon! It was delighful!

And a special thanks to my furrriend Ivan, WLC!!! He gave me a pawsome grill the othfur day and I never got to say thanks. He is the coolest cat evfur!

And can you believe my Angel Kitty Furriend Buddie!!! He was on Catster fur 5 years yestfurday! It was a special day fur lots of kitties!


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