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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

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Suprised yestfurday

April 29th 2010 9:19 am
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Yestfurday I gots a happy surprise!!! Mommy came home in tha middle of tha day, and on Wednesdays she usually isn't home till late, and then has ta go right out agains once she gives us our yum yums, but she got home earrrrly!!! She still had ta go out right away aftur, but then she came home again fur a little but befur leaving fur her Wednesday night class. We also gots a visit from tha building manager lady and anothfur visit from her husband and tha othfur guy who works wif him.... we had this stuffs on our wall and Mommy was wooorrrrried fur our healths 'cause a neighbor had somefing called mold in their wall, and Mommy was worried we did too. And she's got allergies and Kitty's been sniffling kinda, so she thought maybe we was being effected, but it turns out there was an olllld random pipe on tha othfur side'a tha wall and that's why the paint got all ick ick.
So tha manager duuude and his assistant came ta fix tha wall, but his wife furgots ta tell Mommy, so Mommy got a suprise and so did we! Just in case you didn't know by now, I likes ta be where all tha action is, which means that when they put plastic on tha flooor by tha wall, I had ta just steps on it, and plus I gots ta protect my Mommy too. But she had ta go and made us go in tha beddie room and she akshully closed tha door so we couldn't see tha dudes anymore!!! But they let us out'a tha room when they were finished, but Mommy wasn't home again. That made me sad akshully, but she came home soon and it was pawsome!!!

Well, anothfur suprise today....she closed us in tha beddie room today befur leaving fur works...'parently they is gonna paint tha wall where they fixed yestfurday!!! I just wanna watch tha guys!!! They bettur let me out when they is done like they did yestfurday...I got Kitty a little upset last night so Mommy doesn't want us ta be locked up all day, even tho we spends tha afternoons when she is working in tha beddie room anyway, but that's our choice and a'course when we don't get ta do it on our own we don't wanna do it!

OMC! Olivffffur and Dewey's Mommy got a hampster named Ernie!!!! I wish we had a pet! I think I would wanna lick him and see if he tastes like chicken or tuna, but I think that's not allowed. hmmph.



April 23rd 2010 10:59 am
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You know, my mommy isn't no expert on cat stuff, since we are her furrrrst kitties she is taking care of, but she knows enuffs I think, 'cause I am purrretty happy. Although I wish I could go outside, but she says it's fur my safety. Well, Mommy was talking to someone the othfur day and was saying how she plays wif us as much as she can ta keep, especially me, us busy...and so I don't chase Kitty too much! And this purrrson said that they didn't know that cats didn't need ta be played wif, and that a furrriend's cat nevfur gets played wif! Unbelievable right!

Oh mans, if I didn't get ta play, I would be one unhappy Indy, I'll tell ya that much!
Kitty likes ta sleep more than play sometimes, and sometimes I is just not interested, but most of tha time I wanna play, even when Mommy doesn't want ta, and especially when Kitty doesn't want ta. It just is cwwwaaazie talk!


Newwww Toy!!!!

April 19th 2010 9:11 am
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OMC!!! Mommy got us a new toy and OMC!!! I already almost chewed it up!!!! We loves tha go cat toys that make Da Bird and one othfur one that has this mousie kinda contrapshion at the end, and that's all Mommy evfur saw at the store....well, she went to this tiny store that sells better cat foods and stuffs and guess what!!! They had the toys we love and they were cheaper than petco PLUS!!! They had ones that we didn't even know they had anymores!!!! We got a butterfly one and a bumble bee one and I love buggggggies sooo much that I love that bee toy! I likes tha butterfly too, but it's kinda pretty so I don't wanna chew it up yet. That bee, Mommy made it fly on tha ceiling, on tha walls, on tha floor it fluttered a bit, and when it was on tha ceiling I made little meowies while I was lookin at it! Mommy said she thinks I was chatterin or somethings like that....I don't know but whatevfur I was doing, it was a'cause a that bugggggie!!!!

Evfurry thing else is purrrty good I guess. I hasn't bothered Kitty so much, but last night was tha first time in a week that I made her hiss at me ovfur night, which was Mommy's fault...she heard a noise and thoughts Kitty was breathing funny, but I guess she just snores a little MOL! So Mommy picked her up ta get some cuddles and Kitty would not have it! Well, since it woke me up too 'cause I was cuddling next to Mommy, I thought I would check on Kitty myself, but she didn't seem ta likes that furry much and hissed at me, so I put my paw on her back ta calms her, but that made it Mommy kicked me outtta tha room!!!! I let her know I wasn't happy by scratchin tha door, so she finally let me back in, so I went right back ta check on Kitty again and she hissed so Mommy kicked me out again!!!!
It made me so sad that I meowed a little ta let Mommy know how I was feeling, but eventually she had ta let the door open 'cause she had ta get ready fur works.

So, this means that Mommy separated us again 'cause Kitty was not happy all morning befur she left fur works and she would rather give her a break.

ppsht! sisfurs


my claws have been cutttted shooort!

April 12th 2010 12:52 pm
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My mommy took me to tha vet doc doc Sat, which makes me not happy in tha furrrst place, but the reason was 'cause they were gonna put somethin on my claws called "soft paws" so I don't accidentally give Kitty scratches ('cause it's always on acccccident I pawromise you!!!) but I was not havin it!!!! So they cut my nails sooooo short instead. They got one soft paw on, but a'course I ripped that thing off'a my claw at home just ta show Mommy that I will not have something fakes on my paw!
But now, when I tried ta climb my cat tree, I slid down a little tha furrrst time 'cause I had no grip, but I got tha hang of it now.

Can you believe my mommy???


it's Wednesday

April 7th 2010 8:49 am
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Today, all Wednesdays, are my least favfurrite days of tha week. It's 'cause Mommy is so busy on Wednesdays with work and then going to her class that pretty much I hardly see her at all. We played fetch with the fuzzy balls and stuff, I tried ta chase Kitty a little, much to her dislike, and then Mommy closed me up in tha beddie room and I think she left fur work! Kitty is in tha living room 'cause I can hear her out there and I bet she is either lauffffing that I am in the room while she's got tha whole living room (akshully they are about the same size tho) or she is sleeping on the tree on her shelf, which is the top one. I only have sat up there a couple'a times when I tried to chase her and she jumped off, so I took her spot, but just to look out and see which direction she ran....In all tha cat books, that means that if she's got tha highest place then she is HC, but I just don't buy it...I gots street smarrrts, not book smarrrts...even Mommy says sometimes you can read all the books in tha world (and she's read like, bunches of cat ones) but they don't always have yr specific sissshuashion in it. But, since I scratched Kitty by accident the othfur day, she gets really mad at me most times I get close, unless Mommy is there with a toy or treat, so Mommy is following the book advice and keeping us separate while she's out. It makes my day BORRRRING!

Other stuffs that's been happening lately is that Mommy is looking ta get an earthquake emergency cat kit fur us, just in case somethin happens and our house gets hurted. Kitty doesn't even pay attenshions, but when somethin is off in tha air, I can feel it and get neeerrvfous! I wonder if Animal Planet is looking fur a cat weatherman!

Oooooh! Mommy and I watched this show the othfur day about a giant cat named Christian! I wanna be just like him! He is so lovable, but also had those wild cat instincts like me and just wanted ta play! Maybe Mommy will take me to tha big lands in Africa ta stretch my legs and play! Tho, unlike Christian's pawrents, I would not wanna be left there ta live like they left him! He was a lot bigger than me, so that's why they did it, but I needs ta sleep by my mommy evfurry night.

I guess that's all fur now. I usually can figure out how ta open tha door when I am in tha living room and Kitty's in tha beddie room, but fur some reason I can't push tha door! Maybe I can convince Kitty to do it! If she furrrgives me. =(




April 4th 2010 8:20 pm
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Wow! Tha earth shooook here again in LA! I had a couple'a shakies in my house, but this one was scarrrry!

Oh, Happy Easter!!!


jingleeees jangleeees

April 1st 2010 9:14 am
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I've been Had! Twicked! Mommy finally gots a collar that I can't take off by myselfs!!! What gives? It is purrrty tho-it's red and gots a reg jingley jangley bell, but I feel it is unnecessary!
Mommy has been tryin ta makes me wear a collar fur my whole lifes...but I always managed ta snap it off or pull it ovfur my head 'cause I am twicky, but she wants Kitty ta has a warning if I is coming up behind her, so she got me this collar. I've been a little calmer since I been wearing it and last night I made sure ta stay in the beddie wif Mommy all night and when she woke up once, I mewed at her ta let me get my beauty sleeps.

Thanks fur tha warnings about that little kid! I am gonna do my best ta beware! Mommy showed him how ta let me sniff his hand befur petting me, but I don't think he will be coming in anytime soon anyways, since his Mommy is scarded of cats...cwaziiie if ya asks me.



Busy Bee!

March 31st 2010 9:36 am
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I been soooo busy lately checkin out all the stuff happening at home, outside tha windows! There are really chirpy birds out there! I nevfur really saw them when I was in our old 'partment upstairs 'cause we faced an alley and they didn't really hang out there, but now that our windows face the street and the courtyard, I sees and hears them allllll tha times! Mommy got us a new toy too that is a chirpie birdie and I loves ta just look at it and sniff it.

I want to say some thanks to:
Catster HQ fur tha Easter Basket!!!
Torbjorn (aka Bear!) fur tha Easter Egg!
Skippy fur tha Bunnieee!
Olivfffur and Dewey fur tha Easter Egg!

I guess this is an 'citing time a year! Last year I was too young ta understands it all, but now I know! There's even ta contest on catster to find tha eggs! wooohooo!

I've been tryin ta behave. Mommy has been tryin ta remain calm wif my outbursts, so as not ta add to the tenshhion...when Mommy is calm I is calm, that's what she thinks anyway.

I made furrriends wif this little boy that lives upstairs this weekend. He even came in the 'partmet and played wif my toys, which freaked me out akshully, but only a little. Mommy likes ta have the windows open when she is home so we can get fresh air, and I was hanging out at the screen and this little guy kept coming to say hi and so I was Meeeowin back! Then his Mommy, who was 'fraid of me once when I burst thru her door (it was open and I smelled food, what do ya 'spect!) came in too and I went to her right away, 'cause ta be honest I likes a Mommy's touch more than a 3 yr old 'cause Mommies are just sweeter. It was kewl tho ta make furrriends. Maybe this weekend tha kiddie will come back and I can show him how my toys work.

that's all fur now....I hear tha birrrdies!



March 24th 2010 8:59 am
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I feels like I is gettin a bad rap on Catster right now, from my sisfur. I am workin on it tho!!! Last night I didn't bother her at alls while she was sleeping and this morning neither! I think it's a'cause I see Mommy getting my meaty medicines juice togethfur and I hide now that I know it's not just yummy meaty stuffs.

So, yeah, I been weirdo lately. It's just that I is a big boy now and I wanna show evfurryone how tuff I am, even Mommy lately. I felt so bad a'cause I was just layin on tha dresser and she gave me a pat on my head and I bit her and she made a scary mommies should makes that sound. She didn't yell at me tho, just said, "no indy no!" and gots a bandaid. To tells ya tha trufths, I thoughts I smelled treats on her and that's why I did it.

Mommy made some changes in tha house ta helps curb my aggresshions. Furrstly, she moved MY cat tree (we does have two and this one is mine...I nevfur try ta sit on Kitty's unless I am jumpin onto tha windowsill or scratchin my claws) to tha beddyroom and took tha window perch down since Kitty growls at me when I tries ta sit on it and she's on hopes that we bofth could enjoy that window at night, since we bofth likes ta be around Mommy when she is in that room...but it didn't seem ta help, so Mommy moved it to by tha beddie room door and that seems ok so fars. Now though, I cannot jumps up onta tha air cooler monster that makes noise on tha hott days 'cause that's where tha tree was in tha living room. Maybe she'll get anothfur one MOL!!! Dey soo much money tho.

But, Since the last two days now I been extra cuddley at nights again. I makes sure Mommy knows I am there, sleepin besides her so she don't get sad, by makin sure some'a my paws touch her in her sleepies.

That's all fur now I guess. We is gonna get some visitors today and they were told to watch out fur los gatos MOL! Tha sinkie in tha kitchen's been making monster noises a'cause the monsters upstairs, so they gots ta fix it. They came saturday too when Mommy was home and I just watched them and said hello, but didn't get too close. Akshully, Kitty was brave and went right ups ta them even tho they had the vacuum monster on!!!! She usually runs and hides from it!!!



tryin ta be a good boy

March 22nd 2010 3:15 pm
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I've been tryin reallllly hard ta behave lately, since Mommy's been givin me that medicine. It's kinda hard, ta be honest. Kitty moves and I just get this urge ta chase, like a jungle cat chases an animal in tha wild! That's me, jungle cat, advenshuuurer Indiana Jones. I ain't afraids of anything, 'cept the medicine and the nail clipper and tha water in tha tub, sometimes.

So, I been tryin ta be good, like I said, and last night I realized that I haven't been giving Mommy the good ol' nighttime cuddles like I normally do, I made last night extra specials and not only did I take up my space in tha middle of tha bed, I went up ta her sleepy face and said, really quietly so not to wake up Kitty, "Meow!" A'course it woke her right up, and I touched her cheek wif my paw, and then just flopped down like I had just run tha LA Marathon! MOL! and a'course she started ta give me some chin scratches and a little belly rub. It was so nice!

Mommy does somethin funky tho, MOL! Tho, afturrr Olivvvfur said in my last diary his mommy does it too, so maybe it's not funky, but Mommy likes ta sniff my furrrs a bit. It tickles and then I mew a little at her and bonk her, but soffft, but she sniffs and says I smells like baby-something or othfur. Her people furrriends say she is cwwazzies, but she says it's true, I gots like, a baby smell. She evfen says she likes my stinky breaffff smell MOL! ga-ROSS! mol!

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