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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

I'm sneaky like Kitty!

October 11th 2009 6:54 am
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Kitty and I are sneakin to use the 'puter at our uncle's house MOL! I like to sneak, since I love addddvennnshhuuurees! Mew-hew-hew-hew! MOL!

So, Mommy is still far aways and I miss her, like lots. Don't tell anyone, but I have been mewing around the house 'cause Mom isn't here and I am missing her. She got on a plane thing...pooor animals who fly. If Mom evfur takes me on a plane, I hope she takes me inside wif her...She said she would anyways. There was a black kitty she said, that was in a big crate and was gonna go underneaf the plane, away from his Mommy!!! Mom said he looked so scared and she wanted to cuddle him and say it'd be ok, but he was wif the big security guy so Mom couldn't.

Mom is wif her Mommy and there's a doggie there named Marley...Mom said he's an old man dog-14 yrs old next week!!! I don't know, but that sure sounds old to me. Mom showed me his picture once and he looked fuzzzzzzy and cute. Mom said that his hair is changin colors 'cuz he's old. I wonder if that will happen to me too. I guess I gots the time. Well, anyways, speaking of Marley, Mom said he's sick too, so she's gonna try to sneak him to the vet doc if she can. I hates the vet doc with a passshion! And I knows I gotta go when Mom gets back. I heard her telling Uncle Ben on tha phones that her doggie is not good and that her Mommy and step-daddy haven't taken him to the vet doc so she is just gonna do it no matters what....I wonder why they haven't taken him tho-Mom like, wants to take me wif the littlest problems even when I say, "No Ma! I'm ok!" But she said somefing about Marley's peepee and ick icks coming out when he goes....ew. And he doesn't even have a potty like me so I can't imagine the least I got's a box! So, hopefully Mom will takes him. She said she is glad she saw him, since she didn't think she was gonna go to her Mom's at all. I guess her Mommy was all stressed wif grandmaw and so she didn't take the doggie and her stepdad was wif her brofurs so he didn't takes him either. Poor doggie-At Mom's mommy's house the vet docs are not open until tomorrow. I'm gonna purrr fur Marley, even though I might be scared of him in person.

ooooh! I have ta say thanks to my furrriends from the Kittie's Club! I got picked fur Cat of the Week, along wif the other cats that got nominated! It was a tie btwn all of us and I think that's best so we all get to have a celebrassshion! And I got an Ice Cream cone too fur joinin a catster group (geeez Mom! You waited long enuff!) and an acorn frummm my furrriend Oliver and his furmily at the Kittie's Club. It's kewl! Now I just gotta get some loves frummm Mom when she comes home and I'll be happppppyyyyy!!!!

I wonder how my furrriend, beautiful SuzyQ is...she got adopted and I don't think her new furmily made a diary fur her. I'm sure she is ok and even prettier than befur.



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