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July 30th 2009 12:34 pm
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Oh wow... I got a kiss from my furriend Riley! I don't know what to say excepts Meow! and Thank you! I'm so embarrased and so happy too! Who would've known that you could have so many feelings at once! MOL! What does it all mean? It makes me happy fur sure though. He's cute-Kinda looks like me akshually.

Thank you Riley. I'm purrry happy!


I cares

July 29th 2009 9:17 pm
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Mom came home today and was not furry happy about something. I wish I could help her to not have those stuuuupid furriends, but all I can do is give her loves. She knows it though cause I made sure to give her some cuddles right when she sat down and I bonked her entire face and guess what-I even kinda made some biscuits, which I never evfur do. I hope she understands. She's my mommy and I'm her baby doll, just like the song she sings me always.

Anyways, so I think I won't get all hissy at Indy tonight. I'll focus more on the cuddles and lovsies.


the morning grummmbles

July 29th 2009 9:12 am
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Indy has what Mommy calls the Morning jitters....turns out I got something called the Morning Grumbles....and boy did I get them a whole lots this morning.

I was purrfectly fine, furrst on my hidey-hole and then in MY window-it's mine at night, it's true...and my annoying brofur decides to come up there and check out the nighttime sky too. Ok, so I guess I could be nicer, but I is not stuuupid! Usually I just leave when he comes, and sometimes I feel bad 'cause he just wants to sit by me, but this morning I got the grumble puss fur it! I just hissed and then went from hiss to GRUUUUMMMMBLLLEE!!! Even Mommy woke up, that's true too. And she got kinda mad akshually, but hey, it's my window.

I tried to be cool, but Indy got a spurt of the jitters, so out came the grumbles.

I really don't know what to do with him. Evfurry day it's something new I feels. If Mommy only knew the grummblies I have when she is not home! But then I like to clean his ears sometimes too, so I am just plain old catfused in my mind!

What you think diary? Can I finally be nice alls the time to my brofur? or can I trick him to being chillax like me all the time?



July 27th 2009 4:41 pm
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Today I was thinkin a lot about my lifes befur I came to live with my Mommy. I don't have many meowmorries akshually, but check this out! I was only 1 pound and 2 ounces when Mommy rescued me from the ruff and tumble streets of North Hollywood where me and my brofur and sisters were squatting out, tryin to surrvives. Thank goodness and the ceiling cat fur Mommy's furriend, Auntie Stephanie, taking in my brofur and sister, and then me. That was a sign that my angel sister who didn't make it far past kittenhood was watchin ovfur me, keepin me safe, and Mommy's angels were watchin out fur her too, bringing her a little wonderful bundle (MOL! That is me!) of purrrfect kittenness. Sorry to brag, but I know I am specials 'cause Mommy tells me so. =)

So, yah, Mommy has been trying to get all my papers togethfur fur the pet insurance, since they keep saying they are missing some when Mommy sent in stuff fur Indiana's recent vetdoc trips. And I was only 1.2 lbs...and by the next vetdoc trip I was a whole pound bigger and so on! I am not sures how much I weigh now, but at January I was about 7 lbs, and while that seems small compared to my brofur who is 11 lbs, I am a teeny tiny kit as evfurryone says, but I am really long! Like a kitty version of Gumby MOL!

Not much has happened fur the last couple of days. My annoying brofur, who has been pretty good until yesterday, decided to not leave me alone, aftur I told him so and hissed at him and bonked his head! It was so bad Mommy gave him a time out aftur she had to separate us, 'cause her loud clappings didn't get him to stop.
Then, I got to help Mommy fold the laundry and even played in the sheet! One day she will figure out how to put the videos up and I'll have some of that fur you.

That's all fur now I guess. ooooh! I got to see a movie yestfurday called Cinderella and mang! There was some vicious kitty named Lucifur who picked on the mousies, but truthfully, I probably would've picked on them too! He was just mis-understood and most likely 'cause he had crummy owners-icky wicked stepmom! MOL!



July 23rd 2009 9:01 am
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Hey!!! Wow, I love being DDP!!! I even made some new furriends and got lots of concats from my other furriends.
Firstly, I must thank you all fur picking me again, sincerely. And Thank You Muchly to my furriends Sally, Shadow and furmily, Buddie and furmily and finally Oliver and furmily for the messages and rosettes =) You make me have a huge kitty goof grin like my brofuer Indy gets.

I know sometimes it's hard fur us all to get onto our 'puter's when our Meowmies and Daddies are on it, so evfurry chance we get counts =)

Also, I wanted to send purrs to my handsome man-furriend Riley because he's got some leg problems right now, kinda like my brofuer Indy, so please if you read this, send purrs to him and his furmily. I am not sures how to link to his diary othfurwise I would have done it.

Anyways, yah, so yestfurday was purrty uneventful. I was just at home in the cool airs. Mommy's plan worked and I purrty much stayed in the cool room all day-in fact-when she came home I was sitting on my hidey-hole like she hoped! But alas, anotfur day, more hott. She left the cool air thing on again and left the music on fur us. I must say, I loves the music channel fur sure. I liked the kitty dvd too, but sometimes I just wanna hear some nice soundscapes(that's the channel, fur your infurmashions)

I can't wait fur some wet foods-Mommy gave us some last night but it wasn't akshually as good as it smelled and I didn't eat too much and Indy, as always unless it's the avoderm tunas and crab/sardine mess (ick!) walked away aftur turnin his nose up. harumph!




July 22nd 2009 9:13 am
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Wow! The powers of catster-Thank you so furry much fur pickin me fur diary pick today. I am humbled each time fur sure. I wanna give a shout out to my furriends Buddie and his furmily fur giving me first notice on this special day.

Many purrrrs indeed!

So last night was kinda like any othfur. Mom came home from work, since Grandpaw left so she went in. She made some yummy stuffs and let me taste the sauce cuz it's like, my favorite! Then, I jumped on her belly and gave her some cuddles and loves fur a little while and my brofur let me have my time, which was furry nice of him. Then Mommy had to go to a workshop thing she said, but she gave me some lip bonks (srsly like all ofvur and I had to squirm aways a little) and so left me to do my own thing. When she came home we cuddled some mores and then went to sleepies, but it was sooo hott that Mommy went into the othfur room, so I switched windows. I think when Mommy goes in the othfur room tho-Indy thinks she's mad or somefing because she used to do that when he got the nighttime crazies, so he just layed on the othfur couch and didn't cuddle with Mommy at alls! I just watched the window fur some stuffs outside.

Oh, and by the way! My Mommy did a bad yestfurday!!! It was sooo hott outside and she only left two fans on fur us. I guess she furgot how hott it gets inside. Well, I guess I should also mention that whenevfur she leaves the loud blowy cold thing on and comes home, I usually come out of the hott room, so maybe she though we didn't mind the hotts so much, but naw! She got home and me and Indy were sooo sleepy-like 'cause it was so furry hott! So Mommy left it on when she went to her workshop thingie and she left it on today when she went to work. I will do my best to enjoy the cools-she did bring my hideyholes (yes they are both mines!) into that room, since we sat on them in there with Grandpaw, so hopefully I will do my best to be cools.

Wow! Well I will update you laters fur sure to let you know how being diary pick again is effecting my day =)



July 20th 2009 11:35 am
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Yes, my brofur wrote a diary about Grandpaw too, but I have yet to comment with my obsurvashions...he is purrty cool I guess. I mean, he is a big dude, but since Mommy has big dude furriends, it's not so scary, but they aren't as big as Grandpaw...maybe Mommy's furriend Tye because he's tall too, but that's it. It's strange 'cause Mommy is so teeny tiny that we fit purrfect cause I am teeny tiny too. Indy is gettin big tho fur sure. the way..has become rambuncious Mommy says. He kind of has been picking on me, trying to kick me out of the high spot on the climber, etc. It is making me all hissy. *low mews*

Anyways, so maybe it's cause he is not used to having a grandpaw here all the time makin loud noises like when he is sleepy. By the way, Grandpaw has this weird machine he puts in his nosie to sleep wif and it seems purrty cool. It has water in it, so I was gonna taste some and see if it was good like my fountain, but Mommy didn't let me.

That's all fur now. I got some good tuna! And Granpaw leaves tomorrow, so I gotta try to get a cuddle or two in finally befur he goes.


ps-I showed him my diary and he laufffed MOL! he cannot seriously believe that I am such a good typist and bettur on the computers than he is MOL! Srsly!


Oh My Goodness!

July 15th 2009 3:12 pm
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I furgot to tell you all about how I am blushing furry much!!!

I furst got a heart from my furriend Edward because I was hoping he would get better, and then he told me I was purrty!!! And then, my furriend Riley sent me a rose and said I was purrrty too and he winked at me!!!

I guess I was sooo shy I furgot to talk about it 'til now. MOL! My little brofuer tho may get all protective like my Mommy's brofuer does when she have boyfurrriends MOL!

Yah, so. heeehee! I feel purrrty right now fur sure.

Meows n purrrs!



July 15th 2009 2:50 pm
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I'm just hangin out lately in my window and on my perch. Me and Indy have been takin turns on the high part, which is ok, but since it was mine first, I think I should have priority-would you not agree? Still, though, he tries to take control. He tries to win Mommy ovfur by jumpin on her lap and purring evfurry time she sits down on the couch...but I was first so I know Mommy loves me bestest. I have been tryin to jump on her lap more for cuddles too so she knows it (and so I can show him who's boss!)

I even jumped on the counter table thing where Mommy used to give me my foods, where Indy tries to hang out when Mommy is washing our bowls. It was mine first too. yup-it's true.

I kind of feel like my furriend Allie sometimes 'cause she likes to rule her house and is top cat. I want to rule and be top cat too but sometimes Indy is too darn cute-these days anyways. I decided I would break my strike against my brofuer and I akshually cleaned his ear and he even turned his head and let me clean his othfur ear too. I asked Mommy to help me put the video up of it, but she still has yet to help me. Get on that woman!

So yah, I guess maybe my brofuer is finally growin on me. I still get all hissy though, like the othfur night when he tried to snap my window spot that I was already in! Wait yr turn fool of a boy! is what I hissed! Then I decided to sit on my hidey-hole anyways so I could have the fan on me.

That's all fur now. Mommy should be home soon and I want to say hi furrst so that she knows I am most important and luvable.



my weekend

July 13th 2009 10:50 am
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Not much happened really. Mommy was purrty busy AGAIN. Well, akshually she did try to stay with us fur awhile, like yestfurday we played with Da Birdie toy and this mousie she got us. It's been really hot, so the noisy blower thing has been on, even when she isn't home. ooooh! And she got this tuna stuffs fur us that was delishius! I wanted mores akshually, but Indy ate most of his fur a change, so I only got a little extras.

We are gonna meet grandpaw this week! I hope he spoils us and Mommy hopes so too MOL! We do need a new litter box because while I am a beautiful lady and make no messes, Indy is gettin big and the one box (we gots 2) is getting small fur him. Anyone evfur try the corner ones? Dey any good?

So last night was dramatic! There was a fight outside or something and it woke Mommy up! And then she akshually called the people in the big flashy cars! I was watchin the lights because they were neat, but also was watchin Mommy because she was all scared fur the lady outside. So, I gave Mommy some extra cuddles and Indy did too. I even tried to help her out a little by letting her sleep laters and not wakin her up when I always do since she was up late, but it furgot that today was Monday and she has to get up early, so she ran out super fast. I hope she comes home early today so we can play! I am scared tho because she got out the monster that she rubs on the rug yesterday, but nevfur got to turn it on, so I think she might do it today. geeez!

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