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I was a DDP!

March 20th 2014 9:57 am
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Thank mew so much fur my DDP honors on Tuesday! I have been a little busy HIDING OUT!!!

I gots a message from my good furrriend Smiley Cassanova, thank mew! and from Buddie and all his kitties too!

And thank you Mac, Ivy and all your furmily fur the rosette!

And I even got Spam MOL! Fur St. Patrick's day from Fluffy and Alex! Thank mew!

So things has been cuuurazy here. And I has been hiding out. I am back ta normal now at least....fur now.

My Monday morning started off good. I was mewing at meowmy fur my yum yums and she was getting ready fur work. I had my yum yums and was eating them when alls a sudden the earth started ta moves from under me!!! And stuff fell off tha fridge right onto my yum yums, and a dish flew out of the cabinet across from me too, right at my yum yums!!! and picshures fell-Indiana's painting and Pawprint flew too (and thank goodness the paw didn't break 'cause Mommy would've been even more upsets! But when the earth started shaking, I ran. Jack ran too. Mommy ran too, 'cause my boyfurrriend was sleeping and I ran in there and so did Mommy, ta wakes him up. And then it was all over.
I was so scared I burrowed into the closet and Jack hid under the bed. I felt back because so much shook that Mommy started ta cry a little bit and instead of comforting me, my boyfurrriend comforted her! And then he had ta go check on his furmily.

Mommy cleaned up tha mess and had ta go to works. And I was too scared ta come and eat yum yums all day. Mommy got home early from work and checked on Jack and me, and Jack was kinda ok, he was hanging in the window, but hid when Mommy came in. I was still in the closet, and Mommy got me out and hugged me so tight. Then she came with me to explores the 'partment 'cause I was still jumpy and scared of any noise that I heard. And Jack ate all the dinner yum yums fur once, since I was too busy looking around for more of this shaky business.

Mommy left fur class and when she came home I was a little better and hungry so she gave me a little more yum yums. And I made sure ta sleep close to her that night. Jack did too.

But since then I has been getting a little sick. I just got so stressed out! My eyes are a little red (which means tha eye drops came out...ewwww) But today I am feeling much better. It just took a few days I guess ta get comfortable and feel safe. I hope the earth doesn't move again, but they says it might. If it does, I hope Mommy is home to pawrotect me.

So that's the latest mews! I am so thanfur to be safe and sound and have my mommy, my brofur, and my boyfurrriend that cares about me. So in the end, I am safes aftur all!


Purred by: Bran - DIT #66 (Catster Member)

March 20th 2014 at 11:27 am

How frightening! Glad you're doing better!


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