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My Favfurite spot

February 28th 2011 1:11 pm
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I has a new favfurite spot! Indy doesn't even try ta bother me there fur tha most part, which is good! It's on this little bookcase that's close to tha heater! I loooove tha heater so much! It gets cold and tha heat rises so it's extra cold sometimes, but when I sits on that spot I am always warm, especially since my donut bed is there too.

We had a fun weekend. Mommy was home and is tryin this new thing with Indy, MOL, and makin him work fur his treats. She says it's somethin like clicker training, but I get treats and Indy's gotta touch his nose to this eraser furrrst, and then he gets tha treat! It's so funny ta watch! Mommy was gonna try with me too, but I wasn't interested, plus I is a good kit fur tha most parts so I don't think I need it much at all.

Oh, we had lots of rain this weekend too, which brought in tha spiddddahs, and I didn't get ta nibbles on one, but Indy did. I just watched from my favfurite spot MOL! With all tha rains too, we had furrriends come ovfur. Mommy had our new cool dude furrriend come ovfur a couple of times and who loves ta come and give us cuddles and talks to us (Indy even lets him rub on his belly) and always makes sure ta say goodbye, so that was fun. Mommy's othfur furrriends came ovfur too one night and they had lots of yummy foods that I could smell, even though I didn't tastes them.

The only not so nice thing was that Mommy said I needs a nail trimming....wish me lucks!

Purred by: Riley

March 1st 2011 at 8:11 am

I glad to see you! We had snow, ice, rain yesterday. It was a yucky day!
I glad you staying warm by the heater it's been a cold winter.

Be safe! Purring for you to have a good day having your pretty nails trimmed.

Love & Purrs,


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