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Guess what I did?

January 3rd 2013 11:14 pm
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Tonight, for the very first time ever, I went up to my mommy and kissed her on the mouth. (I knew she would go get me treats if I did that, and she did!!) I wanted to say "I love you" but she doesnt understand Cattish. I think she understands kisses though.


How Do You Like Me Now???

December 17th 2012 3:54 pm
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You all know me as the friendly feral who doesnt allow touching, right? Well today I was asking mommy for treats, and she was just talking to me but not getting any I went right up to her and tapped her on the shoulder with my paw several times. She was so happy she gave me a huge pile of treats, and her eyes were leaking too. See Mommy, I'm working on the trust thing like you said, I'm just kind of slow. I'm only 4. But I love you guys.

I hope my girlfriend Misu sees how brave I was and is proud of me!!!


You'll never guess what I did!

June 19th 2012 12:20 pm
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Today, for the very first time ever, I jumped right up on the kitchen table where mom and dad were playing cards, and I sat there RIGHT NEXT TO Mommy for quite awhile looking out the window. They sat still and told me they love me in soft voices and didn't move their hands at all and I felt comfortable and settled down there for awhile before leaving to get on with my busy day. Mommy's eyes were leaking...I guess I did something good.


Can you believe it??

January 7th 2012 1:25 pm
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As all my friends know, I am the feral boy who has steadfastly refused to be touched for 3 years. My sister, of course, is the biggest demanding cuddle bunny in the world, but I'm a hard sell. Ok, I ask parents to play with me, get toys, ask them for treats, put my face right in theirs and look adorable at them to get what I want, and I talk to them in Cattish, but touching me is where I draw the line.

But today, you will never believe what happened. I still can't believe it myself. I was on my personal chair where I guard the front door for my family, and Mommy came by to get a can of breakfast cat food. She just reached out and petted my head and back!!! Whenever anybody ever got within a foot of touching me before I would be an orange streak out of the room, but I was so surprised (ok it felt good, but dont tell!), I just got down from the chair, dignity intact, and trotted off. And I forgot to look scared!! Mommy said "oh now I know what your pretty fur feels like, beautiful boy."

Ok it wasn't so bad.

Creampuff has been telling me I'm missing out on something that feels great as she rolls around all over mommy demanding love, attention, and lots of tummy rubs and kisses. Maybe she knows something I don't know. But for me.....I'm taking it slow. I'm not a guy who rushes into things. We'll see what happens next.



Oh I am the great hunter!!!

September 29th 2010 2:11 pm
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Last night a mouse crept inside mommy and daddys house to escape the cold and it fell to me, the great hunter, the protector of the house, to fell the mouse. I hunted it down and killed it and left it by the piano. My pawrents were so proud of me and thanked me for my valiant effort! Creampuff sent me a prezzie on my page and said i am her hero. Chadwick is pretending to ignore the event but I know he is jealous that everyone here counts on me to keep them safe from intruding mice!!
If you need any mice eliminated just call on me!!


It's Snowing!!!!

November 15th 2009 3:19 pm
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I woke up this morning and ran to the window at the end of the hall upstairs where I saw big white snowflakes drifting down! I quickly ran downstairs to check all the windows there, to see if it was everywhere, and you know what? It was! Every window had big flakes of white stuff floating down. I was so excited, I ran from window to window. I tried to get Creampuff interested but she was grooming herself and just told me to "settle down for goodness sakes!"
Chadwick asked me if I remembered last year the first time it snowed. He showed me the photo mom took that showed it snowing and Creampuff and me just rolling around in it, snowplowing, makiing angels, trying to catch the flakes, and having the time of our lives.
Oh I remember now! Our mom was so worried about us out there in the cold, but then she came out and found us playing and purring and having so much fun. It wasnt long after that we were adopted and turned into indoor kitties, so that was the last time I got to roll in the snow. Chadwick said it is very very cold. It probably is. I think its nice to be in here where it is warm and look at the snow outside. Creampuff said it's like living inside a Christmas card. A warm and cozy one.


I am a happy hunter!

July 18th 2009 5:03 pm
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I caught a mouse!!! Now I am the hero at our house. I am now the Great Orange Hunter ---Roar!!!!


Having a lot of fun here!

March 29th 2009 12:22 am
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I must say that I like, no make that love, living inside with my family. I have been staying around the pawrents more and more, and they play with me and say I'm funny, which makes me show off more of course. Chadwick is kind of used to me and my sister and he doesnt bother with us much. In fact we can all be in the living room with the pawrents together and be a family, a predominantly orange family, and it feels so nice. My dad, Floyd, still comes to eat outside, and my other little brother Tiger who has been gone for months and months showed back up all fat and sassy, so we think he has pawrents of his own somewhere.
I guess it has worked out pretty fine for me and my family, but I think Creampuff and I are the lucky ones - this house is the greatest place for kitties!! Tonight we all got in the fireplace together and made mom get her camera. We planned that!!

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