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How goes it?

November 12th 2012 11:22 pm
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Okay, so it's been a while. Time for me to catch up - sort of.

I'm four years old, still have a gorgeous, shiny, all-black coat of fur, and love to curl up in laps. I provide some of the best heat/vibrator therapy! Mom likes it when I sleep on her hip, helps with the bursitis don'ch'ya know.

Just to follow suit, I'll wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. It's a bit early, but hey, at least I remembered this year. Right?

Off to claim my spot on the bed for the night... hope I get there before Luna does.


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... !

May 5th 2009 1:05 am
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It's my birthday and I'm finally 1 year old - yay! I'll have to bug mom to put up new pictures of me as I've definitely grown over the past couple of months.

I still like playing with feet and just about anything else that moves. I like to take the magnetic letters off the fridge and bat them around the floor, too. Mom tried putting them higher, thinking I couldn't reach them, but I sure fooled her! I leap up, and -*wham!* - off it goes to the floor where I can use it like a hockey puck. Fun!

The older male kitty, Tigger, likes to rough house with me once in a while. The kitty in the middle, Luna, has a definite middle child syndrome now. As the baby, of course I'm the cutest, and as the oldest, Tigger is the smartest - poor Luna just keeps mom company, sleeping on mom's printer while she works.

As for the dogs - Daisy and Chok'lit - I could do with out them. Daisy is getting old enough that she leaves us alone, but Chok'lit still wants to play. Do not want! I don't need some slobbery pup chewing on my fur, what a mess! OK, so she doesn't really slobber - much - but she still makes my fur a mess. Ugh.

Anyway, it's time to go to bed and sleep on mom's feet to keep them warm for her. I'll check back in as soon as I have new pics to share.

Ciao bella!

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