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Today I went to the bridge

My last months were the best

April 15th 2011 3:48 pm
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I had a nice life with my mom and my niece Amorina, and the first two years with Bärli.

But when I grew 5 years old, a little boy named Asterix came into my life. As he grew older, he took over and dominated my life.
Amorina just answered his attacks playfully, but I took it all serious. So I was hiding more and more and only was happy when I was outside on the terrace, where he mostly did not chase me.

When I was 10 years old, mom recognised, that I never would mange this problem like Amorina did, and began to protect me more consequently and separate us more often.

August 2010 she saw, that I lost weight and suspected diabetis, what was confirmed by the vet. So I got two shots a day and a blood controll at the vet once a week. I liked the shots and gained weight again, but in January 2011 my mom noticed something strange at one of my tits, so I was operated in February. The laboratory told us, that cancer would spread quickly. In March my x-Ray-Image showed many tiny metastases in my lungs. They grew quickly and breathing slowly grew more and more difficult.

My mom spoiled me rotten and did all to make me feel well, so many weeks I had the time of my life.

Yesterday I suddenly did not enjoy anything but gentle brushing and caressing. Today morning I had to cough the same way as every day and suddenly I passed the bridge.
Here I met Bärli again and his sister Hexi, whom I knew only a short time. Now she is more friendly to me. I may stroll over the fields along a friendly streamlet with them and ride on the back of the elephant, whom they shot 2002 in Leipzig when they could not save him from the flood in the zoo.

I know I was loved very much and will be loved forever until I meet my mom again.

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