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Huggie Bear Zeke's Diary

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Our Modem and Mom

December 11th 2013 9:13 am
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OK Friends here is the scoop from us! Well first Dad gets sick and Mom hasn't been feeling too good either, she is fighting to not get sick. Plus she is trying to get more done in the house for our move.

They will be having an open house Jan. 4th, us cats will have to go in our enclosure and big cage in the garage while this is happening...Mom doesn't want someone come into the house and forget to close a door and one of us run...hint hint (he is the other orange kitty). Even the doggies will have to be out in the garage in their crates...not sure what all of this open house is and why we will have to spend time out in the garage...I think we should be able to check this garage out, looks like a lot of things to get into and have fun...they will show the house as is because there is no way Mom and Dad can get things out of the way with us living here for over 30 yrs and Mom is the only one going through things, not fun for Mom. Mom will get things organized and cleaned up as much as she can.

OK now enough on that we are taking a chance right now to be here because our modem whatever that is isn't working so Dad ordered a new one and as soon as it gets here he will do his thing to get us back up and making the computer run has been very slow or not working at all...Makes Mom so mad because she has Christmas cards to make for her clients and our cat friends here. So looks like Mom will be very busy doing that once we are back up and running.

So don't think we are not around and ignoring all of you but as most of you know when the computer isn't working or is very slow our humans get very upset and we can't be here...sigh!!!!paws are waiting to get back on here again.

So that is the scoop from us in San Diego... our weather has been cold, but we know others have it worse, we all get on our heating pads to stay warm...we are all doing well except of course for Mom and Dad...Thanks Dad for bringing the sickness into the house..we sure hope Mom doesn't get sick she has clients kitties to take care over the holidays.

We want to thank everyone for all our gifts when we can we will thank you all....we know we have missed things for a while now that makes us sad but what can us kitties do!

Hugs and love, holiday wishes from from all of us
Zeke and family


Update on Mom from her kitty purring nurse boy

September 30th 2013 12:49 pm
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Ok here is the latest on Mom. She left me home of course I felt it was best! she went to the Chiropractor this morning, he showed Mom her x rays of her back. There is nothing broken thank goodness! it is all muscle and her pelvis is off one side higher than the other. So he is doing treatments on her sore back and worked on her back and did a few exercises for her so Mom doesn't have to get on the floor until she is not so sore.

Mom came home and I was waiting in her chair for her keeping warm of course! She has to keep ice on it and heat a little. Then before she goes to bed she has to make sure she put ice on so she won't be so sore. Now I do my work, purring my healing purrs to her and let her pet me to keep her calm and make her better.

Mom has to go back on Wednesday and Friday and then will see how many times she will need to go back, hopefully by Friday she will be getting better. Mom told him she has to be well enough so she can go to Arizona on the 17th...lets hope she will be this trip is so very very important for their retirement and move. Mom said she will go no matter what!

So that is the update on Mom now I need to get busy working my powers on Mom.



Mommy hurt her back and I won't leave her

September 29th 2013 5:34 pm
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I am with Mom won't leave her she fell on her bottom and hurt her back really bad. She can't even pick us up or bend.

She was walking one of her doggies she walks during the week, she was putting his poo in the big trash bin backed up and next thing she knew she was on the soon as she fell she knew she was really hurt. Luckily there was a lady there to help Mom up, she had to walk back to her clients house to put the dog back and drive home...

It is so bad she went to her chiroprator, had x rays and has to go back tomorrow...she is going to be home all week resting and trying to get better. So I have appointed myself as her nurse and purr boy to help her heal. By me staying on her she can't get up.

She tells me I am such a good boy being here with her and giving her love and helping her to heal..this is not a good time Mom says, they are planning to go over to Arizona on the 17th of October she is really worried she won't handle the drive over.

Well I need to go Mom needs me in her lap now and I have to give her love and purr for her.



August 26th 2013 4:46 pm
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Oh what joy it is
to have a friend like you
For giving me strength
the way you do

For lifting me up
when I'm feeling down
And putting a smile on my face
when I'm wearing a frown

Thanks for being there
and helping me grow
Your friendship means a lot
this I'd like you to know.

For all my Friends on Catster just wanted you to know how we feel about your friendship and support

Huggie Bear Zeke


Thank you

August 24th 2013 4:58 pm
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Hi my friends

After our week of honoring our Tallulah with special diary entries, I want to thank the diary lady for choosing me on the 19th to be one of the DDP'S...

I am honored, thank you...I didn't want anyone to think I didn't care...

We all wanted to give of ourselves to honor Tallulah this is want she would've wanted for us to give to others.

So I am late in thanking you all for your comments, pictures and love you showed me and my family this week.

Good friends are like stars....
You don't always see them
But you know they are always there.

Huggie Bear Zeke


An Angel

August 23rd 2013 1:58 pm
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An Angel

I bet Tallulah was
always an angel
Putting others first.

Watching out for her
family and friends.

Trying hard to
be of help
to just about anyone.

Now Tallulah has the job
of watching over me,
my family & friends.

Thank you God
for letting us
have such a
wonderful guardian angel
our Tallulah watching over us.

Without Tallulah we don't know
what we all would do.

In loving memory of our Angel Tallulah (Queen Tallulah)
Always remembered, always loved and always in our hearts.

Thank you for reading our diaries this week! We all were honoring our Tallulah this week...Mom did this to help her not have tears, so we all could in some small way help others as our Tallulah always does.

Sending you all our love, hugs; Tallulah sends Angel kisses and butterflies from heaven



There's always an Angel

August 22nd 2013 2:42 pm
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Monday's Angel looks down from above,
Tuesday's Angel will wrap you in love,
Wednesday's Angel is healing and caring,
Thursday's Angel shares the load you are bearing,
Friday's Angel will shoulder your woes,
Saturday's Angel will lift you, when low,
Sundays' Angel will send you affection,
and steer you and point you
in your life's direction.

All of your Angels are protective and giving
you reason to cherish the life you are living.
Whenever you need them, whatever the day,
your Angels will be there to show you the way.


Wings of the Butterfly

August 21st 2013 1:15 pm
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May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
today, tomorrow and beyond.

An Irish Blessing,
We love butterflies and celebrate our Angel Tallulah she came to Mom as a beautiful white butterfly the day she made her journey!


ANGELS around us

August 20th 2013 2:46 pm
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ANGELS are all around us,
all the time,
in the very air we breathe


Wishing You...

August 19th 2013 2:59 pm
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Wishing you...

A sunbeam to warm you,
A Moonbeam to charm you,
A sheltering Angel, so
nothing can harm you.

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