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Princess Xena's Diary

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Remembering Someone Very Special

August 23rd 2013 1:39 pm
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Remembering Someone Very Special our Tallulah
on her Rainbow Bridge day 8/23/2013

Time slips by and life goes on,
But from our hearts you're never gone,
We think about you always,
We talk about you too,
We have so many memories
But we wish we still had you.

Always loved, Always remembered and always in our hearts!!!!
Xena and family

PS: We hope you all enjoyed our diaries this week, they are all to honor our Tallulah,for all our friends as well. We hope in some small way we helped each and everyone of you with these poems and little sayings.

Thank you for reading and commenting on our diaries this week...


Angel Light

August 22nd 2013 2:20 pm
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Although you may not see them,
you are always in their sight.

They bring the gift of love and guidance,
It is called the Angel Light.

You know they always hear you,
to them your meow is dear.

With the comfort that they bring to you,
you need not ever fear.

So here's a place for to come
to do with angels what must be done.

To make our world whole and bright,
and share with all, the Angel Light.


Wonderous Beauty

August 21st 2013 1:10 pm
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Pretty little flutter girlie
Dressed in wing of pretty pearlie

Without the slightest little push
there fit upon a thistle bush

Little hearts of sweet love that craves
God's gifted love of joy that saves

God makes beauty in many forms
Through sun and rain and thunderstorms

And insects flying through the skies
Like the small colored butterflies

Wondrous beauty will never seize
As Jesus always tries to pleace

Tallulah our Angel sends all butterflies from heaven today and always!!!


As I live each day!

August 20th 2013 2:51 pm
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As I live each day may I do my part,
To make a difference and touch one heart!

Each day it is my goal,
to bring smiles & laughter into a soul!


My Wish List

August 19th 2013 3:09 pm
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Here is my wish list for my friends
to bring them contentment before the day ends

A pinch of FAITH and
A cupful of HOPE
A handful of COURAGE
to help them cope.
An abundance of HEALTH and a HEART full of LOVE
all brought down to them from their ANGELS above.


Friendship a magic tie

August 18th 2013 4:47 pm
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Friendship is a magic tie
that reaches past the last good-bye,
past the miles and the years,
past the laughter, past the tears
nothing breaks this golden strand
spun by heart and not by hand



August 17th 2013 7:48 pm
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Angels can turn our darkness to light,
help our dreams to come true and our worries take flight
so pass them your burdens, give them your cares,
they're waiting to help you, just TRUST they are there.



Friendship is a Teasure

August 16th 2013 9:29 pm
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Friendship is a treasured gift,
that gives our heart a lift,
a blessing we just cannot do without;
because friendship is what living is all about.

Thank you for your friendship to me and my family! always here and always supportive

Hugs to all our friends


Our Pages are decorated to honor our Angel Tallulah

August 15th 2013 3:54 pm
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Hello everyone ,

It has been a while since I have written in my diary, first we all want to wish everyone a good week, happy birthday to those we have missed, ConCats to those that have been honored and know that we all purr and pray for those that are sick and those that have had to make their journey to the rainbow bridge....

Speaking of Rainbow Bridge: in a week it will be 3 years since our sisfur Tallulah also known as Queen Tallulah (QT) made her journey after her battle and fight with breast cancer!

We all have been busy picking out our backgrounds with butterflies, rainbows etc. to honor our beautiful took Mom & us days and hours to find things, then we all had to gather around and choose what we wanted on our pages...finally they are all done, we all have our angel on our top banner our way of remembering her and honoring the week for her family to honor Tallulah will begin....

We are asking that we all honor all the kitty angels this it forward as they say.....give someone an extra little love, kiss, a nice comment, purrs and prayers...we all know that nothing is forever and we all need to cherish each and everyone of us every moment and day....Mom says us kitties are Gods gifts to us and we are precious.

Also let others know that pets do get breast cancer and many other cancers, way too many are getting that nasty C and are making their journeys way too soon...

We know as the week begins our Tallulah is helping others, spreading angel dust, holding sick kitties paws and watching over them. We know she has her beautiful butterfly garden and always sending butterflies to Moms and Dads. Our Mom see butterflies all the time, most of the time they are white, yes white like the one that came to her the day Tallulah made her journey...Mom knows it is Tallulah checking on her.

We also ask that we receive no gifts this week please give them to others in need or transfer some to Angel Buddy #62740 he is always bestowing upon those sick kitties special gifts to help them....We know this is what our Tallulah would want and we want that too...Hope you will honor our request this week!!! and help others in some small way!

Thank you to you all our very special wonderpurr loving friends, always here and always ready to support one another!

Hugs from all of us
Xena, Mom and family


I am doing good

July 10th 2013 2:54 pm
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Hi my friends,

Well yesterday Mom took me in to the vet it was time for me to give blood and urine again to see how my kidneys are doing! I have to tell you I meowed all the way there, I didn't want to go, no I didn't Mom even had to push me into my carrier. Once there I was very very quite, hoping if I was quite they would forget I was there, but not so!

The vet tech came out to get me and take me in the back while Mom waited for me, I watched my Mom as I leave with the tech thinking no no is Mom leaving me here for the day...thank goodness no

Finally after them taking my blood and after mortifying me by taking my urine I saw my vet she came over to see me, she weighed me too...I got to return to Mom who was waiting for me. Vet Tech told Mom I was a purrfect girl and I even gave her a hug! OK now Mom lets get out of here before they take something else from me..

We are happy to report that I have gained a little I am now 12.63 pounds...

My kidneys are stable my Vet is really happy and so is Mom...I don't have to change my fluids still getting them 3 times a week and I go back for blood work in 3 or 4 months.

Bun was 3.5 it is now 4.4- vet told Mom that she isn't worried about this
because it depends on my water intake before
I came in

Creatinine was 3.1 it is now 3.3- not much change, not enough to worry

So I am stable and doing well....Mom is so very happy she always worries about how I am doing. If you saw me in person you would never know I have CRF and I am 15...

I am just hanging out, love to stay in Moms closet to get away from my furblings, Mom put a bed in there for me so I am comfy.

Not much else going on, just sleeping because of the warm humid weather we are having.

Have a great rest of the week my friends!!!!


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