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Missed my DDP yesterday thanks to Mom

April 29th 2012 7:39 pm
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Good evening my friends...I am mad at Mom and sad because we missed me being DDP yesterday...I was home yesterday waiting for Moms return watching out the bay window but no Mom till the afternoon, by then I was ready to take my long afternoon nap.

You see Mom was at the Zoo, she goes every month for a Sunrise Stroll except for July & August....she started going to these 7 years ago, she has to pay for this, but the neat thing is she goes into the zoo with an educator and about 30 other people @ 7:30 before the zoo opens, they walk around go behind the scenes to see all kinds of animals up close, she learns about them and so much more. She always comes home and tells us all about the lions, tigers & bears oh my and so many more.Mom says that is the best time to be in the zoo it is quite, you see all the animals just coming out, waking up...

Well yesterday just happened to be her April months day to go and she was so excited when she got home to tell us about the Amur Leopard.The Amur leopard is considered to be one of the most critically endangered big cats in the world, with just 35 remaining in the wild, all in the Russia’s Far East.

Those 3 cubs 2 boys and a girl ran around, chased each other, played in water....Mom got some great pictures of them and we want to share them with our friends....we know you all will go gaga over them...cause we are...just think those big kitties are just like us, we play with each other too...but I must admit I don't like to play in water. They roar, but don't purr...we purr and meow...Oh my I think they are pretty to look at, but I don't think I want to play with them...

Now that Mom had a good reason to not get on Catster yesterday I am still sad that I didn't get to be here and thank all of you before today.
Thank you HQ for choosing me yesterday even if I missed it, I am honored beyond belief...thank you friends for all of the gifts and comments...friends are what makes all of this so special so I thank you my friends....I love you all

Miss Xena the warrior princess


Test Results

April 26th 2012 5:54 pm
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Xena here as you all know I had to go in to the Vet to have blood work and gave urine to make sure there is no bacteria in it..

Dr. Kathy called Mom today with all of my results. My urine is good no signs of bacteria like the last time, but still diluted which is to be expected with me having CRF...

Now for the blood work results most of it is good...

My numbers for the kidneys is:

Bun was 40 now 41

Creactinine was 3.3 now 3.7

The creactinine is the one that Dr. Kathy is a little concerned about.

Talking with Mom she told Mom to increase the fluids to 150mil...with talking to Mom she asked Dr. Kathy were is the line for that amount...will to let you know Mom was giving my only 50mil she was following the Vet Techs instructions and it wasn't I will be getting 100mil now and see how I do in 4 months until Mom thinks I need to go in sooner...Mom feels bad that she was giving me the wrong amount, but she knows what the Vet Tech told her...well it is corrected now and this kitty just has to sit on the counter longer and get more fluids...

We are hoping with me getting the right amount of fluids 3 times a week my numbers will go down instead of up.

I think this calls for even more cam food after the fluids...I will insist..

But all in all I am doing good, eating good, drinking lots of water and when the weather is good Mom lets me outside in the morning on my leash for a short time...and of course I do sleep a lot but after all I am 14.

Thank you my friends for all of your comments on my diary and for all of your purrs...

Mom is calling me to come eat my dinner so I better go...



My Vet Visit Today!

April 20th 2012 4:49 pm
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Well I must say it was a day to remember! I got pushed into my carrier and I must say I protected for sure...this warrior did not want to go I knew what it meant....THE VAMPIRE LADY!!!!

I must say a certain sisfur who thinks she is a princess was not good in the will have to read her dairy to see what she did....I have never seen any of us act they way she did....I am not sure she should be called a princess anymore...maybe bad princess!!!!

We finally arrived at the Vet office and was soon on our way to our room...once Tu Two was out of the way Dr. Kathy weighed me I actually gained a little weight...hooray!!!!

I am doing good everything is fine, the VAMPIRE LADY took my blood and they also took a urine sample....MOL that was not fun having someone push on you to make you pee where you don't want to.

Dr. Kathy talked to Mom about my echo cardiogram and said I was actually doing good but I do have to go back in for a check up with the specialist in February....So we will have to wait til next week for the results. Hopefully I am doing good. So for right now there are no changes in me and no changes for my fluids, but it could change after Dr. Kathy calls Momcat next week.

I was the good kitty, didn't really want to be there, but I was good, I couldn't wait to get back into my carrier so I could hide and hope they didn't see me.

Then came the bill, Momcats heart skipped a beat she was not expecting it to be almost $500 for the 2 of us....Momcat has to keep working stay to pay for our Vet bills...but Momcat said it is worth it to have a good Vet and she really likes Dr. Kathy.

Now it is time for us to head home and I must say the ride home was so much better and some princess cat was quite, but we were both so happy to be home again and we got to be left alone to take a well deserved nap in the windows enjoying the warm sun.

Thanks for all of your purrs and well wishes we will let you know how I am doing once we get the results. Have a nice weekend!!!

OH yeah don't forget to read Tu Two's Diary!

hugs and love


We are still here, Mom is just busy

April 19th 2012 5:02 pm
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Hello my friends as the oldest of the family Mom always leaves it up to me to let our friends know that we are still here....

Mom has been busy with other things lately and when she is home she is tired. Mom is making changes to her pet sitting business, she has decided that she will be cutting back some, it is getting too hard for Mom to drive all the time, she says now that is she getting older time to slow down, besides she always has too much on her plate. She had to do her taxes for her business, her estimated taxes as well, running errands for her Mom and for herself. Also car repairs and then she has to take me and Tu Two to the vet tomorrow...WHAT!!!! OH OH this is good....Mom says time for my blood work to check on my kidneys are just fine. Tu Two her check up this ought to be real fun to see!

Well we just wanted to thank everyone for our EASTER wishes and gifts. Also we want to wish our friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOTCHA DAY for those we have missed...and know we are purring & praying for those in need....

Mom says she needs time to do all of these things like so many others catMoms have to do every once in a if we are not on her much for a while you will know it isn't us it is Mom....

Well Mom says time to get off....will let you know how I am doing once we get the results of the blood work...I feel fine and doing well...

Hugs and love to you all for all of us...

Xena, Tu Two and Zeke



February 24th 2012 3:40 pm
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WOW what is going on, the second day in a row that I have been one of the DDP's...we are shocked for sure, no other words to say except thank you once again for the honor HQ and thank you friends for continuing to help me celebrate

Friends are what it is all about and friends are making my day special!!!


When you're happy

A cat friend & CatMom share in your joy
They will do a kitty happy dance/happy dance with you.

They reminds us that we deserve all the happiness in the world.

Will help us to celebrate

& will do whatever it takes to make your happiness last..


Thank you for sharing and being here for me and Mom...



Me DDP Today Oh My

February 23rd 2012 3:25 pm
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My oh my me being honored today for my Echocardiogran dairy entry WOW...I am thrilled and surprised HQ chose me...THANK YOU HQ

OH MY OH MY what can I say except thank you all for your comments, gifts and my pretty picture from Ollie and family....

OH MY I have not had a stressful day today, that is so great I have been resting and sleeping in my warm bed at the bay window enjoying the warmth of the sun and watching all that is going on outside.

Me and Mom thank all of our friends for being here for us, supporting and caring about us. This is the best place to be when you are in need of support and are always here!

Oh My I am so happy Mom is relieved that my heart isn't showing signs of anything other than the murmur...I put a smile on my Moms face...Oh My...thank you Dr. Joao for being so nice to me!

Oh My it is time for me to go back to my bed and window! No stress for me Oh My..



My heart Echocardiogram today

February 22nd 2012 3:47 pm
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OK now I must tell you this I was not a happy kitty today! Mom left this morning and after a bit she was back...I love to go out on the patio on my leash when she comes home, but today noooo I did not get to go out even after protesting to Mom...I knew something was up, Mom didn't change her clothes, take off her shoes or let me out...

I was watching her and she was trying to not let me know she was going to come and pick me up...on no not again that dreaded carrier...MOL MOL MOL....not a happy kitty girl!

It didn't seem like we were in the car as long as we usually are when I see Dr. Kathy so I knew it was a different place. We walk in and sit and sit...not a happy kitty girl, I want out and I want to go home Mom let me out...soon I settled down and we waiting a little longer.

Then in to a room, pulled out of my safe carrier, now mind you I don't like that carrier, but when I am at places that they do things to me I prefer to be in that carrier.

Mom talked to the lady about me and about my CRF and heart...she weighted me, I weight between 11 & 12 lbs...Mom & I can't remember the exact numbers.

Soon a new Dr. came in his name is Dr. Joao at the UC Davis facility near our house. He also talks to Mom, he listens to my heart and another Doctor in training listen to my heart...

After listening to my heart he said it is a lub-dub lub-dub sound...but with me it is a lub-shooshing-dub, lub-shooshng-dub...

After hearing that and with no signs of me having any problems related to heart problems Dr. Joao told Mom he was thinking it is a BENIGN or INNOCENT MURMUR!

This means there is no apparent heart disease that explains the murmur, it can occur in cats of any age. The BENIGN MURMURS are usually soft (rather than loud), and can be intermittent.

So the good news is for now there is nothing required like medication...I do have to be rechecked in 6 months to make sure the murmur hasn't developed into anything serious...

Dr. Joao will send the report to my Dr. Kathy and guess we will hear from her and then they will decide if we need to change my fluids or not..

OH OH yeah, Mom got to go into the room with me, she constantly was rubbing my head and keeping me calm...they had 2 ladies holding me down on the soft warm table, we heard my heart beating and we could hear the lub-shooshing-dub sound...sure didn't like hearing that I would wiggle..but I was being super good.Mom got to see my heart and watch it beat...she says that was way kool! wish I could have seen it too, but then I don't think I would know what I was looking at.

They think I am so cute especially with my white chin...and loved my name...they were so nice and kind to me, I was scared of course aren't all kitties when they don't know what is going on...but I was the purrfect kitty....

Now I am home, got some yummy can food and I will be going to my heated bed to take a well deserved nap...

Thank you to all of my friends for purring for me today to be OK, it worked I am OK....POTP!!!!

Well gotta go take that nap!!!

the Purrfect kitty girl


We are sad our Friends Roo, Xena, Scout and Ruby Jane's Mom- went to the Rainbow Bridge

February 17th 2012 2:17 pm
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MOL we are in shock and sadden to hear that Roo and his siblings lost their Mom...she is at the Rainbow Bridge...

She was very special to us, QT and Scout we special sweetie, Xena the Warrior her & I became friends when we first came to Catster because we were both Xena's spelled the same and we were warriors & we both are tuxedo's...and of course our Roo he is so special and sweet Ruby Jane...

We sent cards to them, they were our Secret Santa in Pen Paws group...I got a special blanket from their Mom she made it just for me and Mom she got a handmade kitty they are even more special we will cherish them always..

We know Roo's Mom went in for a knee replacement surgery this month and we are not sure what happened except what he wrote in his diary...we just can't believe our special Momcat is in heaven now...

We hope you all will go visit them and help bring a little comfort to their Dad and them..

It just shows us that one never knows what tomorrow will bring with any of us...we pray for their family that they will find comfort....

Xena, Mom and family


No Echocardiogram today

February 15th 2012 2:20 pm
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Yeah Yeah I am cheering I didn't have to go today and get all echocardiogram for me...

Xena's Mom here: The cardiologist at UC Davis called me this morning before I left the house to tell me the Doctor was sick and we would have to reschedule Xena's echocardiogram for next week. So She will have it on the 22nd instead...Just glad they called me before I left because I was going to go walk a dog, come back home get Xena and take her with me to do my other clients dogs walk and then take her as it is not far from their house...

So we will try again next week, I know Xena will is happy she didn't have to go today especially since it is windy and cold out with a possibility of rain this afternoon.

Thank you for purring for her and thinking of us today...we can try again next week.

Xena and Mom


Day after tomorrow I go for my Echocardiogram

February 13th 2012 2:18 pm
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After a wonderpurr Valentine's day tomorrow I will be going on Wednesday the 15th to UC Davis near our house to have my echocardiogram!!!!

I am scared, but I will be the brave warrior that I am, right! I have to put on the warrior suit and be ready for anything...even the cold gel I am hearing about.

My appointment is at noon, we will let you know what the cardiologist finds...I think I am in good hands being it UC Davis.

Well tomorrow is a special day so I am not going to think about it because I want to think about figuring out just who my Secret Admirer is...oh my head is swimming I think I will go take a nap tomorrow is another day and a very special day it is..

Here's to tomorrow and to the next this warrior is ready for anything that comes her way

Hugs and love

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