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Very sad News!! we are all meowing our eyes out Lucy is very- sick!!! and Abbey dog not doing well and Sammy coming

May 2nd 2013 8:48 pm
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well I got the saddest news today about my bigLoving sister kitty. Lucy was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer and given about 3 weeks to live. I am terribley heart broken over this . Life is Not fair- they took our momma , Scrappy and now Lucy. Cancer SUCKS!!! I hate it- it is a terrible disease. I will miss her so bad and my little kitty heart is jsut breaking. My human sisters are very sad too and of course I suppose the Family dog Abbey is too.
Little Lucy was such a fun loving kitty.
She loved to listen tot the Stephainie Miller show and loved president OBama. She was a fun loving laid back kitty who loved her momma human so much. she was just a perfect cat and big sister for me. She made me feel so comfortable when I moved in here and was so scarred. I am going to really miss her. The vet says that she ony has about 3 weeks left. well I am going to enjoy every minute of her and let her sit where ever she wants to sit and not fight with her. I will be the only kitty around here. More sad news is that Abbey dog is not doing very well either and only has a few months left also I feel. It is going to be a very sad summer here for us in this family.
The 3rd bad thing is that Sammy the Pest is coming to stay= PLans for him to ocme this weekend wewre made months ago. That is scarry that he is coming- That is ll I need is him to deal with. It seems that I am the only healthy one in the pet family.
On the plus side one of my human sisters thinks she got a new job that pays well!:);)
One last words CANCER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!


Happy Earthday

April 22nd 2013 6:20 pm
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Hello. well I hope all the cats are enjoying Earthday. It is a always good to enjoy Earthday. I can see why we need it- this climate change thing is getting out of hand. It was 89 degress today way to hot for April. I hope the summer will not be blazing- but I am afraid it will be. there is a stray kitty hanging around- thatthe neighbor lady and my humans feed. I hope it does not get any strange ideas to make its home here- sorry the house is taken no room. Today Scrappy dog would have been 5 years old. Still miss the little guy- ok I do not but my humans do. we got some baccon it was mighty tasty and yesterday we got some Tuna. boy is it heaven around here when it comes to food. Hopefully my humans will help us geton here again( shorter than 2 weeks) and I can write again. It is sad tht we are dependent on humans.


My typist goofed up BIG TIME on 4-1-13 and No April fools- joke

April 4th 2013 6:14 pm
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hello friends
well congrats to Lucy for being DDp and THANK YOu to ALL MY Cat friends for All the nice gifts. You know maybe it was my diary that should be ddp because my human sister who is the typist goofed up big time and put my LOVELY diary on April 1 2013 on Lucys page and Not mine-- HUMANS!! What Can I say- they are Not Purrfect like us cats. I wish that they were. i got som Tuna today and it was Mighty tasty- yummy. I found a new place to sit on top of some boxes high up- ha ha Abbey you can not get me here. well i got to go and read the neighborhood news paper and see what is going on. see ya


Nothing much

April 3rd 2013 8:37 pm
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Nothing much is going on today. I guess the only thing new is we are waiting for a new rain storm. It will be kind of hard tomorrow with the rain coming all day tomorrow. It will be just Abbey, Lucy and me here and not much to do. I guess we can bug Abbey for fun. No one will be there to say leave Abbey alone. I will have to think about that. I will let you know if I decide to bug her tomorrow.


New place

April 2nd 2013 7:12 pm
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Well, Lucy is not the only cat in the family to have a new place to sit. My place is on the computer. I love to sit on the desk where the computer is. It has a nice warm blaket on the desk and it is very comfortable. I also get a lot of attention when my family is using the computer. Sitting there they have to pet me, and if they ignore me I put paws on keys and meow that always gets their attention. It is a good place to sleep and get attention

Well, have a great day


Easter, rain, Thunder, lightening and sad

March 31st 2013 7:57 am
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Hello Well I was rememmber well by the bunny- I got 3 bags of treats and 1 can of special cat food. I hope all the cats got something special. It is going tobe a sad day today- as it is the second Easer with out our momma human and Scrappy we miss them so much!!
It is raining just coming down in Buckets and big puddles of Rain all over the place I hope it does not flood. I agree with Lucy because she is so smart and much older than me- this is global warming- cliamte change. last night we had very scarry noises Thunder and lightening- It was very scarry for me- we Never have that. They were very scarry noises and I was scarred last night. I coul not find a good place to hide from i- it kept coming. I hope all the homeless kittys and dog and people find a safe from this storm. Have a great Easter and see ya Later. Hope you have enjoyable Easter. Just think tommorrow is April Fools day- get your jokes ready!


Easter EVE

March 30th 2013 10:35 am
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well I have been a very good cat this year so the bunny better bring me some very nice gifts or next year - I am setting a trap to catch the bunny. I know I will get nice gifts as am a GREAT , CUTE and LOVABLE cat and so I will get something. I hope all you cats do too
I have been a very busy cat today. I got up had a little breakfast then it was off to work. I helped make a Easter cake and cookies. clean up and re plant plants to new pots and read the neighborhood news. the squirrels were up peeping into windows- boy are they nosy! Oh I got some Baccon - Boy is that Delicious!!!! Oh where was Abbey dog when Lucy and I were doing all the work- you ask?? well she was off playing with her dog friends and walking with them at the dog park-- Typical dog goofing off while us cats do the work- well atleast she did not get the Baccon. well I am going to go and Mediate. I hope all you Cats have a fun and Great Easter and the Bunny was good to you.



March 29th 2013 7:52 am
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I hope all you Cats are having an Excellent Good Friday. Got any Plans? me? No I do not I am just going to Cat around. Nothing really exciting going on around here. It is suppose to rain on Easter which will be sad. I think Easter should just Stay in April. I hope the Easter Bunny is good to this cat- it should be because I am a purrfect cat. Well Hoope all have a Great Good Friday.


My Birthday and St Patricks day

March 17th 2013 10:29 am
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Hello Happy St. Patricks day!!
Well also Happy Birthday to me. I am six (6) years old today! I got alot of nice gifts from my family. the weather is cooling off- it has been up in the high 70's. We are to get rain this week. My human sisters are going to a music thing for St pattys day. They donot drink! I got some special kitty food fr my Birthday. Breakfast. see ya later. My human sister out a green ribbon in my fur but I took it out- did not like it- I want some dog just to try and pinch me for not having green on . I do not want any Stinkin Ribbons in my beautiful fur! Anyway I am off to enjoy my GREAT Birthday!!! It is a wonderful day because I born today!!



March 9th 2013 8:03 pm
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well I have been a very loving kitty today. I sat in my human sisters lap and purred for 45 minutes and I gave her kitty kisses. I LOVE to give kitty kissses and she Loves to get them. Lucy and I had some peace from Abbey and her noisy eating and drinking habits which are very bad habbits. They took Abbey Walking down the trail. when they cam home they had stopped and gotten us some treats. we Love our treats. well Nothing else to say. I guess I should go. Don't forget to set clocks ahead tonight. Have a GREAT weekend.

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