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What a treat

July 18th 2009 7:25 pm
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I live inside most of the time. I am not allowed to go outside as my family is afraid I will run away or just get lost. I was a stray cat for awhile, and I lived outside. I did a lot of hunting and had to deal with the elements outside. It was a hard life, and I must say I do like having a house to live in. However, a couple of days ago my momma carried me outside in the back yard. It was very nice I got to smell the air and look at trees and bushes. I even saw a bird fly by. It was very nice. The only thing I did not like was when the neighbor dog barked it was scary. My dog sister who gets to go out whenever she wants was outside to and It made me feel a little uncomfortable as she was starring at me. Anyway it was a nice surprise, but was glad to back inside the house



July 7th 2009 8:07 pm
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Well, today is the offical end to my family's vacation. I must admit I am very glad. I do not understand vacations. Why do people need them. If you ask me they really do not do much to deserve a vacation. Think about it, they go away for awhile during the day leaving the cats to do all the work at home, then they come home. They claim to be at work, but who knows cause they are not working here at home.
Another thing that bothers me about these vacations is that dogs get to go on vacations. That does not seem fair to me. Dogs get to go out and have fun and get stronger bonds with the humans while cats are left to stay home with so called cat sitters or go to cat resorts (kennels which are not resorts). What do dogs do to get to go on vacation. If you ask me they are not much help to us cats as noted above cats do all the work while the dog just goes out and has fun and bark
Since my family and family dog went of vacation Lucy and I are going on a staycation. The family can not bug us, only to give us food when needed, and do other cat related chores. I think we will be on our staycation for a couple of weeks, and boy they family and dog will miss us.


Suprise in my backyard (yikes)

June 29th 2009 7:25 pm
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Well, I got up at my regular time around 4:30. I ran out to the kitchen for my breakfast. However, I got stopped on my way. When I got to the kitchen Abbey was going outside, but what should I see peeking in my back door, but a dog a big dog. I was a little scared who is this dog in my backyard. Abbey was not concerned, but she loves other dogs. My family was not concerned, but again they also love dogs. I went to the door and stared, but the backed up keeping my distance. I did not want this monster dog jumping through the back door and gettting me. I then remembered hearing mom talking about getting a dog named vernon. Was this the dog, if so she is a big dog not the small dog she was talking about? If this was vernon it would be trouble. I knew if this was veron she would be going back as I will not live in house with a big dog. I could not handle living with two dogs. Oh it was vernon mom was going to be in big trouble. However, I was relived shortly as I found she was the neighbor dog who has somehow gotten into the backyard. My family apperently believes in rewarding bad dog behavior, as they gave her some food, and went out to play with her. I did not like that one bit as they could have been playing with me. However, she was not allowed to stay long as I soon saw mom talking her through the house on a leash. She was going home, hurray. I hope this is does not happen again


Hot weather

June 27th 2009 7:28 pm
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Well, it hot here in Sacramento, but what do you expect it is june. The heat does not bother me like it does Lucy and Abbey. However, I do like the weather to be a little cooler. Because it is so hot over 100 degrees the birds, squirrels and bugs seem to be quite. I have not seen any birds, squirrels or bugs outside. They must not like the heat either. It is very interesting. I think I am going to have to go bird watching early in the morning so I can see these birds. I think they are a little whimpy. I have not been doing much.
Oh Mom made me a new toy. It is a plastic bracelet with a nice long string attached to it. I have played a lot with this toy, it is a lot of fun.
I can chase it up and down the hall way. It gives me a good work out.
Well, I going to see what is going on around the house



June 20th 2009 3:50 pm
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Well, it finally happened I saw the birds that I have been hearing. I was sitting in the front window when 20 (seems like 200) birds came flying into my yard. They were little wrens with little wren attitudes. They stayed for a short time as they were scared of me and off they flew. I have not seem them since as they are to afraid to come into the yard, but I still hear them. I dare them to come back. Birds they are pest to us cats.


Bird watching

June 16th 2009 8:32 pm
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This has been a strange spring as there have not been many birds to watch. I sit in the window everyday, and look for birds. However, I have not seen many birds. I do not know where they are, it is very wierd. Early in the mornings I can hear them, but I do not see them. I was very disppointed and a little sad as they are fun to watch

I was about ready to give up this activity when I spotted some birds in my front yard. They are little brown wrens. They are very small, and if I could hunt I do not think I would even try to get this little birds. However, everyday they come bobing their heads and walking around the yard. You can tell they are very cocky little birds, and they often look at me looking at them. I wish some more big birds would come so I could make plans of escaping into the big out doors to catch them. Oh well, maybe they will come tomorrow


Unequal treatment

May 30th 2009 4:27 pm
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I do not think it is fair one bit. My dog sister Abbey got to go to the Doggy Dash which is a run/walk to benefit the SPCA. I wanted to go so bad. I have even been practicing my running. I run up and down the hall way hundred times, and I do laps around the house too. I thought I was in good shape and ready to go. However, they left me home with Lucy who is once again having problems with her asthma.
I was very disapointed. However, I think they did not want me to go as I am faster than Abbey and they did not want the new kid on the block to show her up.

When they were gone I had fun. I watched birds, and did some of my own running. When they got home I was happy to see the family, and a little disapointed they did not lose Abbey in the crowd. However, they did bring me home some cat treats they got at the Doggy Dash, but not as many as Abbey got. Oh well, maybe next year they will have a cat dash and I will win. Going to practice my running


a little of this and a little of that

May 19th 2009 7:21 pm
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For the last few mornings and evenings Lucy and I have been having belly laughs. Abbey our dog sister has to wear boots to go for walks as she keeps getting foxtails and stickers in her paws. It is kind of funny as she look so silly.

My teeth a getting better, but the gums are still red. However, it has not stopped me from eatting. Mom gets Lucy and me some really good cat snacks and I do like to have them after dinner. Sometimes I get them in the morning. I have also tried dog food, and it is pretty good. Right now Abbey is on a low fat diet food, and it does not taste that good.

Well, got to go


The visit to the vets

May 16th 2009 8:34 pm
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I am finally writing about my trip to the vets a couple of weeks ago. I had to ride in a cat carrier which was fine, and my mom did o.k driving there. When we got to the vets I was scared as I had never been to this vet before. All the office staff made a fuss over me, and told me how cute I looked. I was not surprised about that as I am cute. Abbey was there with me, as she had to have her shots. We had to wait awhile to see the vet, but finally I got put into a room. I got to get out of my carrier, and I sat in the window looking out. I could not sit on the bench as Abbey was hogging the bench. We had again to wait, but not to long. The vet came in, and he was very tall. He gave me a exam and said I was in good health. I did have an infection in my gums and someday may have to have my teeth pulled. I hope that does not happen as I need my teeth to eat. The vet game me some medicine to take. I have been taking the medicine, but my gums are still a little red. That does worry me, as I might have to go to the vet again, and who knows what he will do. I going to go watch my programs


Nikitas sad day-April 30 2009

April 30th 2009 11:01 am
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Hi Well I still have not meowed my way out of going to the vet's office. I am not sick I got a cold and my teeth hurt a little but no need to go to the vet's office. My human keeps bugging me, everytime I go to take a nap she picks me up to play with me- comeon now I get up at 4:30am and mess around, do I awake her up no, so why does she bother me why a take a nap. it does not make sense to me. I thought she would be busy, running going to the gym and volunteering so she would not have time to take me to the vet but I guess I was wrong. Well I hope I survive my trip to the vet with the dog- it is very scary place and to top things off I have to have the dog come along. well I am going to and try and take a nap with out being interupted. I will let you know about how my trip to the vet's office went.
Ps. I like corn pop cereal any other fur out there like it? It is yummy

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