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January 30th 2011 2:23 pm
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I've been tagged by my very good friend Moose.

Here is what I am supposed to do.

Name the 5 most annoying things your human does, then tag 5 friends. Here's a few of my Human Pet Peeves....

1. I don't get enough food. Period. It's always gone too fast.

2. Sometimes Mietzi gets to eat in the laundry room and Mom closes the door so that Mietzi can "eat in peace". Very annoying.

3. When Mom gives us Greenies, we get only three pieces. Yes, count them, just three. I'm not supposed to eat dry food or snacks because the Crystal Chick had visited me twice. But Mom, that was years ago, and it was when I was eating only kibble.

4. When Mom sleeps too long, I like to wake her up by licking her hands. It's annoying when she puts her hands under the blanket.

5. Sometimes Mom puts me on a baby scale. I don't like it. I'm a handsome man cat. Who cares about the exact number of pounds and ounces?

Now I am going to tag 5 friends and hope they haven't played this yet.

1.Molly 57585
2.Rumpy Bump (Stumpnots)
3.Kaci Sunshine
4.Oreo 1153194


A serious topic

January 10th 2011 7:30 pm
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We are so sad about what happened in Tucson, Arizona. I am not going into details because there are kids on this site and everyfur already knows. Why is there so much craziness in the world? Why do humans do this to other humans?

We heard that they are using a CAT scan to find out how to make the lady all better again. Wow, we cats are good for everything. Mom says she has never had a CAT scan and she doesn't know what that is exactly. We think she has many CAT scans every day.

I know, I shouldn't even joke about this. We are praying for
those that got hurt and those that had to make their journey to heaven and for their families. Special prayers for the lady and the family of the little girl.

Sad purrs,


Free Potty Training!

January 4th 2011 4:25 pm
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So here I am on Catster, the place for CATS. And Catster welcomes me with an invitation to attend a free Potty Training Seminar, MOL. Well, I don't use a pot, I use a box. And I don't need any training on how to use my box. I'm quite good at it. It's pretty simple. My fur-Mom showed me when I was a wee kitten and I caught on really fast. You find the box or some other loose material, dig a hole large enough to hold your stuff, you 'go', then you cover it all up. The last part is actually optional. Sometimes I don't cover up, especially the stinky stuff. That way it serves as an alarm clock for Mom.

Mom says the training is for dogs. Really? ROFL, do dogs have to learn how to go pee and poo? Wow, dogs are even dumber than I thought. I'm not too fond of dogs myself. Can you tell? Maybe I should go to the Potty Training class and give them dogs some pointers. I'll think about that.

Going to use the box now,


My Favorite Things

January 2nd 2011 1:26 pm
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It’s Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining. We got a fresh box. My belly is full of blue Buffalo and I got to nibble on my cat grass. Our gas fireplace is turned on. I’m resting on a new blankie that I got from a good friend for Christmas and Mom has sprinkled some nip on the blanket. There is a fly toy waiting for me for later. Mietzi is helping Mom read the Sunday paper. Coffee is percolating for Mom. Mietzi has a mini mouse waiting when she feels like playing. There is some nice, soft music playing. Mom is home all day today.

These are some of our favorite things. These are the things that make me happy. There is this woman that I saw on TV a little while ago, I think her name is Opawh, and she told people what her favorite things are. It’s all stuff you can buy and some of it is very high priced. No way could we or even wanted to spend that much money on purrs and shampoo and boots, ugg. Christmas is all about the presents any more and there comes this woman on TV a few days before Christmas and goes right along with all the consumerism. I got all my favorite things right here.

Happy Timo


Update on Santa

December 24th 2010 11:23 am
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Mom says Santa Paws will be here after she gets back from church. Oh, I can't wait. I hope church isn't very long today.
Right now it's snowing. Everyhthing is white. It looks so nice.


One more night - Merry Christmas

December 23rd 2010 7:41 pm
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I have to sleep only one more night, and then Santa Claus will be here. He comes tomorrow evening. December 24th is called 'Holy Night' in Germany and a holy night it is indeed. Happy Birthday, dear Jesus. Thank you for coming to earth to save us.

I can't wait for Christmas. I have two boxes to unpack. One was sent to us from dear, dear friends that we met on Catster and the other is from our Secret Santa from the PenPaws Group. I'm so excited. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.

Merry Christmas, dear friends. Wishing you and your family a purrfect Christmas with wonderful treats, toys and lots of play-time spent with your favorite humans. Happy and healthy New Year to all and peace on earth.

From Mietzi and Timo and from Mom too.

Silver bells silver bells
It's Christmas time in the city
Ring a ling hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas day



November 1st 2010 7:09 pm
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I'm breathing a big sigh of relief. The purr board is back to normal. Hey, did you see on the community home page, in the lower right corner, there is now a link called "purr board changes". It looks like the top cats and tech cats are listening to us and they even appologized for all the confusion that they have caused. Friends, feel free to leave a comment there again. It will not show up right away. It will be moderated again. But you know - they are listening and that is a good thing. Kudos to top cat for that.

I am just a teeny tiny bit worried because top cat mentioned that they are trying out different versions of the purr board. I am just worried we are going to have comments on comments on things that cats commented on other cat's comments again.

I am repeating here what I wrote as a comment (it's being moderated):

But please, please, please, Top Cat, I beg you on my knees, don't do anything diffurrent to the purr board. We are happy with it the way it is now. We don't knead to know everything every cat does.
Timo Cat


Just wondering

October 30th 2010 8:17 pm
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I posted my opinion about the new feature with the diary comments in the blog. You go to the community homepage and in the lower right corner click on "A couple changes and fixes of note". I don't know if you can even see my post there because it says: awaiting moderation. So I'm just wondering. Is that comment field in the blog not for voicing our opinions? The blog text says "Let us know what you think". Well, I did that. Are negative opinions not allowed? Here is what I posted. It's not the most courteous post ever, I wrote too fast to be super courteous. But it's my opinion and I don't think it's offensive.

This is not good. It’s horrible. Please change it back to the way it was before. The purrboard is so cluttered. All this cat x commented on cat y. And there is a gazzillion of those. There is no room on the purrboard for the information that I really want. I just want: who wrote new diary entries? Who posted new pictures? The way it was.
Don’t like it,
end quote


This new feature - it's horrible

October 30th 2010 6:40 pm
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Well, just in time for Halloween Catster did something horrible. They added this new feature. In your friend updates and purrboard you are being notified of ALL the comments that ALL your friends made on ALL their friend's diaries AND photos. There is a gazillion of entries of all the comments posted. It makes the purrboard very crowded and looks horrible.

I don't care about ALL the diaries that my friends post on. Some of them are diaries of cats that I'm not even friends with. When I comment on somecat's diary, I read others comments too and that's enough. This is information overload. I don't need to know about every poopie or burp that everycat here makes. I just want to see if my friends wrote new diary entries or put new pictures up.


FRIENDS - all of you: If you don't like this you need to tell Catster. On your community homepage, in the lower right corner there is "Updates From Catster, A couple changes and fixes of note". You can write a comment right in there if you don't like this. Or if you do like it you can comment there too. Please do, so that Catster knows.

I'm not combing through all of these comments. I'm going to read a book instead.


Newman made me puke

September 27th 2010 7:06 pm
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I know you are all waiting for the embarassing story that I have to tell about Mom and cleanup, like Mietzi hinted in her diary. Well, it will have to wait. First I need to tell you that Mom came home with this new catfood today. It says "Newman's Own" on the can and I was eager to try it because my friend Newman made it.

So I gobbled it all down real fast. Wait a minute... Is that fish I'm tasting? Yep, too late. Puke, all the Newman's Own came back out. I think I'm allergic against fish. It always makes me puke. So why would Mom give me catfood that has fish in it? Well, first how can you not try something that Newman made? And Mom swears she only read "made with organic chicken". Mom, next time read the fine print. It says right here "chicken & Salmon formula for cats". Salmon is a fish, Mom. I can't eat that. Jeez.

I wish Mom would stop experimenting with my food. I'm quite happy with the Blue Buffaloes that I usually eat. I got a can of Buffaloes after the Newman came back up. I like my Buffaloes sliced, not flaked. Is that so hard? Thank you very much.

Poor Mom. First she had to clean up Mietzi's Bunny puke and now my Newman puke. Well, it's her own fault. I need to run and see if we have enough cans of blue Buffaloes.

Meow to you later,

Paw Script: Mietzi liked her Newman with salmon very much.

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