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The mechanical predator has an Owie

December 19th 2009 8:31 am
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Our mechanical predator has a big owie. His front right rubber boot is all twisted around. He is at the shop right now being looked over. We don’t know when he will be well enough to come home. Mom says they haven’t even started treating him yet. There are people called “Insurance Company” who are battling over who gets to fix him up. And they won’t make a decision until Monday. Oh, I should probably start at the beginning:

It was Thursday during her lunch break, says Mom, when she was driving in our predator thru an intersection and suddenly, BAM, she got hit by a Lady’s predator that came from the right. Mom says there are strict rules in place about when those predators can move. If it’s green they can go, if it’s red they need to stop. Mom says she had green, the other one had red. The Lady says she had green. We believe Mom of course. Mom doesn’t lie.

Now for the important thing: No hoomans were hurt during this. Mom saw the other Lady at the last second and hit the brakes and our predator had slowed down quit a bit when he got hit. The airbags on the other predator went off but ours never did. Mom was worried about the other Lady right after it happened but, what luck, an ambulance just happened to drive by. Mom flagged that down and they determined every hooman is fine.

Mom says she is “stuck” at home now until our predator feels well enough to carry her places again. I think that’s great. Mom can spend more time with us.

Thankful that Mom wasn’t hurt,


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