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I have been tagged.

June 23rd 2008 12:14 pm
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Usually, I don't involve myself in activities like this. But that pretty kitty who lives inside (Molly) told me to tell 7 things about myself, so I figured "Why not". What's not to like, anyway? ;-)

1. I have beauuutiful tuxedo markings.
2. I just LOVE to play with little birdies and furry critters! hehehe >:D
3. I used to be a city cat, until Papa rescued me. I've grown to like the country...
4. Hay is positively the most comfortable thing in the world. I love to lay in the bales.
5. I LOVE to be brushed. But one time, Papa gave me a bald spot.
6. That dog better watch where he sticks that cold nose...sheesh
7. I love all kinds of food, but I have a sensitive system sometimes :(

I'd tag some people, but my owner isn't too active on here. So I'll just say, If any kitties wanna read my journal and write this list too, be my guest.


Winter lap time

February 27th 2010 10:46 am
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I love winter lap time. After mum feeds the birds she shovels the walk from the garage to the covered porch. Then she sits on the step to the house. Then I come running! I jump on her nice warm lap and we cuddle. The step to the house is on the porch so we don't get snowed on. We watch the birds together and mum sweet talks to me. I purr and if she rubs my ears I drool. After a little while she tries to set me down on the porch and stand up. Hehe but I say nooo mum, I want to cuddle some more. I hold on to her jacket with my claws. She usually sits back down and cuddles me for a few more minutes.


Spring lap time

April 27th 2010 4:18 am
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You know what? Spring lap time is pretty nice too. After mum feeds the birds she walks along the garden to see what is sprouting up and I look too. I follow close behind her and when she stops , I rub her ankles :) Then when she turns back towards the house, I run and sit on the stoop. She has to pick me up that way . When she sits down I am already on her lap.We talk about the garden and the birds.We give each other some lovin'. I give her little bites and she tells me noe! Then she tells me not to terrorize the little critters. She says she loves me and gives me plenty to eat. I tell her I luvs her too and we snuggle some more . Then she goes into the house and I go on my walkabout the yard. Ahhh... spring...


Rainy day lap time

November 30th 2010 7:18 am
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Today it is real rainy and muddy. After mum fed the horses I walked to the house with her and supervised her feeding the birds. Then I hopped up on the stoop to get ready for lap time. Things were humming along like usual when instead of scooping me up mum just looked at me and my muddy paws and wet belly and didn't sit down. What the heck mum? Mum went into the garage and got her garden mats. She put one on the wet stoop and one on her lap and I climbed aboard. sigh..nice... Mum and I watched the birds and mum sweet talked me and kissed my head.Then I made biscuits and walked around on her lap holding on with my claws and I didn't scratch mum cuz of the mat. When cuddle time was over I was all warm and clean! I love rainy day lap time!


Spring is here!

April 13th 2011 6:44 am
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All the signs of spring are here. The tiny daffodils have flowers and the big ones have shoots. I can stay outside most of the day now although I do spend a lot of time napping on the porch :) Lap time lasts longer cuz mum isn't freezing or trying to stay dry. In fact today during lap time I saw a banana flavored bird come to the feeder! I haven't seen one of those since last year. Mum says that means it is time to put up the finch and humming bird feeders. I will help mum! There are more little furries scampering about and there is a baby horse in my barn. Yup..spring has finally come.


What an exciting day!

April 17th 2011 4:43 pm
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Woweeee! I won diary of the day today. I am on the front page for the first time. Have you seen my treat jar? There is 500 jillion treats in there. Any furiend that comes to visit...have a fishie treat from my jar. I wore my new crown all day.My family and all the mousies and birdies were impressed. I got an Easter egg from an anono mouse too!And a trophy to put on my page! Thanks for celebrating with me pals.It has been grrrreat.
your pal,


COTD,Pressies and being a big brother

May 18th 2011 6:44 am
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I want to thank everyone who stopped by my page and left concatulations and gifties! What an exciting few days. Sorry if I missed sending you a purrsonal note. Do you know what happened? I couldn't open my rosies or share the love gifts some days! I could see who sent them when I pawed over them but couldn't open them and read the notes. Has that happened to you? Watch cat tried to fix it.
Everycat knows I get special lap time with mum every morning. Well, lately my indoor sisfur has been coming out into my garden to sniff around during my time. She is sick and just cries at the door to come out so mum lets her out and tries to visit with me and watch her. Today while I was telling mum about my day, she came right up on the stoop with us! She didn't try to get onto mum's lap though. There is only room for me. I was a good brother and sniffed noses with her and let her sit on the stoop next to us.Mum is very proud of me and said today I am her COTD.


Lots of changes!

February 24th 2013 7:01 am
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Since my little brofur Macy went to heaven, I have been allowed in the house. I used to "sneak" in for short visits on a lap but I was not allowed to roam. Macy was too sick for a big outdoor kitty to visit indoors.
I have been proving to mom and dad that now I am older, I am a good boy with the litter box and not scratching furniture. So dad took me to the vet and I got wormed and some medication for sniffles. I also found out I was around 11 years old. Hmmph, I thought I was younger. Mom says no wonder I want to laze around the house now 0:
Mom wants a little kitty of her own and has been looking at girl kitties who will let me rule the roost. She has 2 picked out that are super cute and docile. She just has to choose one. Just imagine, me on the warm couch with mom and a sweet little girl kitty to keep us company.
workin' my way indoors,
p.s. I got to sleep inside on the couch last night. Whoo Hoo!


Spring Tag!

April 11th 2013 4:43 pm
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My friendgirl, Chickie tagged me for the spring tag game . I am supposed to list 5 things I love about spring then tag some pals.

1) open windows and sniffin those breezes.
2) all the little animals coming around the bird feeder tree!
3) sneaking outside
4) sun puddles
5)hanging out on the catio with mom and Lily :)

I tag any cat that wants to play. I will be watching those diaries :)


The Harem in the spare room

June 1st 2013 1:46 pm
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Some time last week, mom got me a harem and stashed them in the spare room. I can hear them in there and I need to find a way to sneak in. See, I think mom got them for me for my birthday...but I don't want to wait to meet the purrty lady cats :)
Uboo's mom here: A lady down the street recently died and 3 cats were left in her home. They were taken to animal control. No one stepped up for them and time was running out so I now have all 3 in the "spare" bed room. Please spread the word that they need a home. Sorry Uboo ;)
Here is the page for Tootsie,Silk and Precious

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