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I need your advice

November 14th 2011 2:42 pm
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Hi efuryone!

I'd like to ask fur your advice on 1 phase of the kitten situation with Gamma.

Susie, the mama cat, is still protective of her babies. (They're about 6 months old now.) If any of the ofur kitties do so much as walk by them, she SWATS at them and hisses & growls. Her latest tactic is she's trying to find ways to take them outside to teach them to hunt. My mama thinks Susie is being OVERPROTECTIVE. She feels she should not be around the kitties, or that something should be done to prevent her from attacking ofur kitties when they walk by, or in the same area as, her kittens. They are old enough now that they shouldn't need her.

Please advise. Last time we asked fur advice on this situation nobody answered so we REALLY would like some replies.
Tank you!!



DDP again!!! WOOOO!

November 14th 2011 8:13 am
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I am just lovin that I am DDP again!!! Tank you tank you tank you!

As I say, "Catster likes me, they really really like me." MOL!

I don't have any news on the kittens or Gamma fur you, except that one of her older kitties is missing and we think she's hiding in the house. Her name is Jackie and she is a small, timid kitty. Jackie has always been timid and tends to hide under the bed a lot. Please purr fur her.

Tank you to efuryone who has sent me rosettes, gifts, and paw mails! You're the best bunch of kitties (and doggies) in the world.


quick update

November 10th 2011 8:15 am
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Just a quick update to let efuryone know that Gamma caught Rascal and he's gotten his shots AND been neutered!



Time fur purrayers

November 6th 2011 3:54 am
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OK kitties, humans, and pup pals too, we need lots and lots of purrayers...fur Gamma and the kittens...Gamma's going to attempt to trap just one of the kittens fur their shots & surgery sometime, tonight or tomorrow. Rascal is going 1st since he is male and Gamma wants to make sure and have him done b4 he starts spraying or doing ofur bad things like impregnating his sisfurs. Natch we don't want that to happen so send your purr and woof power to Gamma and Rascal!!!

If gamma doesn't trap Rascal today or tomorrow (Monday), she will try again Tuesday & Wednesday.

Purrs & woofs needed!! Spread the word!
And if you live near Gamma (she's in Ulysses, PA which is in Potter County) let us know. We'd WUV to hear from you!


WOOT! DDP again!

November 4th 2011 3:31 am
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My day is happier already cuz I am a DDP again!!!
Mama asked me what I thought of being DDP and I said, "YEEEAAAAHHH!" A guy's gotta celebrate in his own manly way. You ManCats know what I mean.

So let me say TANK YOU to Catster fur the honor...again... :)

extend my plea fur help with Gamma and the 3 babies....PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!

and also ask Catster, So when can I comment on diaries?????


replies to diary comments

November 3rd 2011 4:04 pm
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We can't comment (still!) on diary posts, so here you will find my replies.

All - Mama is URGING, NAGGING, BEGGING Gamma to call the vets in her area and explain the situation. Mama tried to call a vet in Wellsville but they wouldn't talk to her cuz she wasn't the "owner." HMPH!!

Moma Ivey - we appreciate your advice! We'll pass this along to Gamma.

To Tasha - no there is no SPCA in Gamma's county. There WAS one in Wellsboro, PA in the county nearby but they closed up. The only shelter around is full and too busy (in their words) to assist. Gamma's neighbors are elderly folks and the ofur ones up the road are busy with their home business and things.
Gamma has a trap so she will probably use that.

We are thinking it would be in the best interests of the kitties to have them put to sleep, since they are still wild, not friendly towards people at all (except Ginger, but even she is still quite wild)....Gamma said when they see her they run away. So sad. :( They lay on her bed but only when she's not around. Most of the time, she says, they hide under her bed. Gamma has not been able to socialize them the way they need (she's elderly and has had to take care of herself!) & since they are nearly 6 months old, they probably are not adoptable. We don't like putting kitties to sleep, but the only options these babies have are: 1) continue hiding and living under the bed (which is NO LIFE AT ALL fur any kitty) or 2) being released outside (they haven't been outside in months) into the wilderness where there's been reports of foxes and coyotes in the area.



November 2nd 2011 5:10 pm
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Well here mama & me thought now that the tech issues with the forums were fixed, and that mama could comment on diary posts, the dreaded error 3a was gone.


I tried to post this comment to Zach Frost in reply to my last entry and got the error 3a. NOT AGAIN!!!
So here's my reply to Zach....and I mean it...if this does not stop mama is going to consider closing her account! This is ridiculous that she can't comment 99.8% of the time.

Zach, can you elaborate? I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

Maybe I should explain more...Gamma is trying to catch them and put them in a carrier to bring them to the vet. They're in her house. She already has 4 ofur cats (including the mama) and they run from efuryone except Susie (mama cat). We are not trying to let them back outside yet; Gamma doesn't want to let them out again once they are spayed & neutered, tho mama has told her it's probably in their best interests to do so since they are still wild and probably will nefur be adoptable. They won't even come up to Gamma and will not let her touch them, they run away. Gamma is elderly so she can't run after them. Really and truly, she needs anofur human to help her but mama (mine) can't go and help since she has no means of getting there (no car & noone willing to drive 5 hours each way). Gamma lives in the country and is 2 hours away from a bus station. She can't drive well and even a 2 hour drive each way is too much fur her. Mama can't rent a car cuz she doesn't have the money. does Gamma catch 3 young wild and FAST kittens to get them to the vet?



November 2nd 2011 3:23 pm
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I posted this in the forums and am posting here too....cuz Gamma really needs help and advice!!!

Gamma needs suggestions as to how to catch the feral kittens in her house! They are 5 1/2 months old. Any ideas? Please answer us... PLEASE ANSWER


Good news and bad news...again

November 2nd 2011 11:26 am
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Good news is I CAN COMMENT ON DIARIES! YAY! And I can see Catster posts on catster! PURRRRRR!

Bad news....Gamma was not able to bring the kittens to the vet....she tried to put all 3 in one carrier...not a good idea. She got the girls in the carrier and attempted to catch Rascal, but he was too fast. We felt that it was not a good idea to try and take all 3 kittens to the vet at the same time, and in the same carrier too because they are still pretty wild and can run fast. So now nobody has been fixed and the risk of the girls getting preggers is rising. Gamma's going to try to bring Rascal in first, since he's almost 6 months old (actually all 3 are).

There is a chance these babies might need to be put down, because they are still wild and run away from ANY human contact. It's so sad. We can't find any fosters who are able to help....mama has no room fur any more kitties...what to do??

WE NEED PURRS AND HELP!!! And I mean REAL, genuine, sincere, "I care about cats" help. NOT someone who will think this isn't serious or wants to abuse cats, or do something stupid like drive them to a field and dump them like some humans mama knows. We are SO tired of people being "too busy" or unwilling to help.

Gamma and mama are both FED UP. The shelters and rescues are too busy (or full)...the vets only have certain days they do
surgeries....and the list goes on. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Just goes to show, when someone's in need, REAL, legitimate help is nowhere to be found. The only help Gamma could get turned out to be a husband & wife con artist team who ended up stealing things from Gamma and only doing favors for LARGE amounts of money. (Gamma is on a fixed income and can't affurd a lot.) Even then, they only helped when they felt like it. WHO NEEDS THAT?

I, Daniel, wish some humans were more caring. We know many of you are, but we wish some of you were closer to help us!


well NOW what is going on????

October 29th 2011 9:13 pm
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This is SO furry weird....

When mama clicks on forums on CATSTER, threads from Dogster come up instead! Mama likes to check in sections like POTP, Kitten Corner (fur info & advice on Gamma's kittens), behavior, etc. The only ones of Catster that come up are the ones with new activity. It's making mama pretty upset.

Mama has even said if this nonsense doesn't stop soon....furst with not being able to comment, and now the forums being Dogster stuff instead of Catster, she will close her account! She said she wants to see kitty things, cuz she is a cat wuver. Mama likes doggies too, but isn't really interested in it.

If this is a Halloween joke, it's not working. Mama is MAD.


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