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I'm on a purr strike

October 22nd 2011 6:01 am
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I'm withholding my purrs fur mama. She keeps trying to do things to make me purr, but I won't do it. I'm not the kind of cat you can order around and command.

Mama says she misses hearing me purr cuz when I do, she said I sound like an old car engine trying to stay running...."prrt prrt prrt prrt"....she didn't say it recently but she did say it a while ago. So I decided, OK, no more purring fur you mama!

I will come to mama fur attention, I play, I even still give a few kisses, but I WILL NOT PURR. I'm on strike. Mama said she doesn't know why I won't purr but I won't tell her. It's a cat thing, my fellow kitties understand.


DDP againnnn!!!!!

October 20th 2011 12:32 pm
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MEOW-WOWSERS! I can't believe I am DDP yet again! Actually mama and I were pleaseantly surprised when we found out, cuz I haven't really posted anything lately. The only reason fur that is there hasn't been any news to report....til now. ;)

Since mama didn't get to go and help Gamma with the kittens, and mama's brofurs are going down to help Gamma out fur a few days, mama sent a cardboard scratcher (we have one and we use it all the time), a stick toy called a "flick stick" that has a ribbon with a thingy attached (a bird I think), and a honeycomb thingy (I think) on the end of the stick. These will help mama to give Susie & her kittens a safe place to sharpen their claws, and will also help Gamma to play with the kittens.

Ofur news - Ginger is the only one of the kittens to really bond with humans. Gamma says she will let her rub her tummy, pet her, and such. Daisy & Rascal like being around Gamma, but don't want to be petted. They're all still eating off forks.

Mama also got us a toy too - a stick with feathers & stuff attached. Me & Solomon don't like it, but Greta just loves it! She twirls and dances trying to catch it. So it is being put to good use. MOL We of course have catnip toys we play with, and the RED DOT THINGY (mama calls it a "laser chase toy") that we all love.

OK well that is all fur now.
Tank you to the Catster folks fur picking me again, and to all my kitty & human furiends fur following me and reading my diaries! :)


wishful thinking

October 12th 2011 7:21 pm
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I've been moping around while mama's on vaycay....I want to pick on my siblings and she won't let me. She says "Daniel, NO!" and I slink off to a nice cozy pile of mama's clothes to sleep. Mama says I should be happy she's home. HMMMPH! How can I be happy she's home when she won't let me do the thing I love...picking on my sibs?

I wish I could go visit my lady love Sable! Hey Sable, can I come ofur and chase you fur a few days? (Among other things? MOL)

No ofur news to report really. Sorry I'm not too exciting at the moment.


we didn't get to Gamma's House and here's why

October 10th 2011 7:36 am
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Well I need to update efuryone as to why we are not at Gamma's house now....Gamma has been sick, she has dermatitis (mama thought it was Shingles but Gamma said the dr. said dermatitis). Gamma's been treating it herself since she ran out of the prescription they gave, and the stuff she's taking gave her problems with going to the baffroom. Also, Gamma & mama decided it'd be too much with TEN kitties in the same house running around...7 of Gamma's (3 fosters) and 3 of mama's. So, mama stayed home and is going to be home with us all week. Yay!

I love when mama's home, I like to lay on the bed with her and feel her stroke me. I wuv my mama!

News on the babies....Gamma did tell us that Ginger actually let Gamma pet her. She's becoming more and more friendly. The ofur 2 (Daisy & Rascal) will eat off a fork, but back away if Gamma tries to touch them. Can you help us out? Any advice or words of wisdom? They've been eating off a fork fur about 2 or 3 weeks.

We also need help regarding Susie. She still hovers ofur her babies, keeping an eye on them at all times. Mama thinks she is being ofurprotective and (Susie) doesn't realize it. What can we do? The kittens are 4 months old.

lastly we need PURRAYER fur these babies to be able to be rounded up fur their shots & surgeries.

tanks fur all your help!


update on OUR VISIT TO GAMMA'S HOUSE - coming soon!!

October 4th 2011 6:04 pm
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We're going to Gamma's house! We leave this Saturday. Mama's going to help Gamma, take piccies of the kittens, and help socialize the babies.

Gamma says Susie is FURRY protective of her babies. Whenever someone comes near them she charges at them. Mama thinks maybe Susie is being too protective, since they are 4 months old now, and at this point she should be letting them take care of themselves.

We have some questions and we hope you can help us....we can't reply to posts again, I tried to just now and got error 3a. GRRRRRRR PHISSSSSSS

Mama said she can hardly wait til she sees the kittens. They'll probably run away from her at first. Any ideas as to how mama can get them to trust her fur the short time she'll be there?

Is Susie being too protective of her babies at this point? (They're 4 months old now.) How can we get her to separate herself from her kittens?


updates on the kittens and me....WITH PICCIES!

October 3rd 2011 6:10 am
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Hi efuryone!

I know it's been a while since I have talked to you. I'm so sorry. Mama's been sick, and she's been resting on her off days so my diary posts have been delayed.

But I do have piccies of 2 of the 3 kittens Gamma is fostering, as well as the mama. Mama already has a home since Gamma's keeping her, but the babies are getting socialized and learning to accept humans. They'll be getting their shots, and spay/neuter surgeries soon. After that, they should be ready fur new homes.

Please furgive the pictures, I know you can only see their backs fur the most part, but at least you have an idea what they look like! MOL

1st is Rascal...he's dark grey, almost a black color with what looks like ghost markings:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/43193008@N00/6207565 832/

Next is Ginger, sitting to the left of her mama Susie:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/43193008@N00/6207051221 /

Gamma couldn't get a pic of Daisy but she will keep trying.

Ginger was named fur her gorgeous ginger markings. She is the first to try new things and was the first to eat off a fork.

Rascal is kinda shy, but playful.

IF....and this is huge IF....IF mama & us can get to see Gamma soon, we will be able to provide lots more info and piccies of these cuties. Then you can decide if you want to have one of these as your new best furiend!

OK that's enuf of that. Wanna hear some news on me? No? Too bad, yer gonna anyway. MOL j/k
This morning mama had to go to the baffroom and she locked me in the bedroom so I wouldn't pick on Greta. It was around 3am and she knows that is my prime hour fur attacking Greta. So what did I do to express my disapproval? Throw myself against the door of course! MOL! When Mama came back she was mad. She shut the door and said "don't make a fool of yourself throwing yourself against the door cuz it won't do any good!" I wanted to tell her, "Well it got your attention didn't it?" But instead I decided to HISS at her. Mama hissed back! WHAAAAAA? I gotta admit, kitties, mama hisses purrty good, MOL. She knows I want to go in the living room and pounce on my sisfur in the wee hours. I do that when I start to get hungry, and since mama won't feed us our breakfast until 5am or later, I gotta do SOMETHING to release my frustration!

Well my furiends I need to close this. Please contact my mama if you're interested in Ginger, Rascal, or Daisy. We'll try to get more info and piccies on all these little babies soon!


In reply to me mateys

September 19th 2011 10:31 pm
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Catster's makin me life tuff...MOL

This is a reply to me mateys who commented on me ofur post....Catster wouldn't let me reply....Aaarrgh...anyway
Me lads, they're (the kittens) such young 'uns I wouldn't make 'em do any hard work yet til they're older. I have me eyes on treasure, and they're too young to do any workin', let alone walkin' any planks. 'Tis a tough job to run a ship, with a capable crew...Cap'n Gamma doesn't know their ages but methinks they're about 3 months old.

PS How's me pirate talk? MOL


arrgh mateys, come help me Gamma's ship!

September 19th 2011 3:41 pm
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Got no news on me, mateys...'cept fur the fact that mama is sick with a cold...so don't go makin' her swab the deck or walk the plank...MOL

Mateys, I need yer help....Gamma is trying to socialize and tame the kittens on her ship...she tries to pet em when she comes near they run away like a scared sailor. They're currently runnin' somewhere on her ship (in her home MOL) but want to go outside since they claw at the windows. My cap'n (mama) thinks maybe we should just let these young pirates t' be off into the seas to run their own ship....what think ye, mateys? Mama & Gamma are just arrrghhhhing ofur this! Come n' help yer pirates in need!

UPDATE: Since we can't reply to comments (we're getting error 3a) I will tell you the kittens are 3 months old.


some news on ME!

September 11th 2011 7:42 am
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Well I think it's time you got some news as to how I'M doing...MOL! I am driving mama nuts cuz I like to pick on my sisfur. Greta is constantly hissing at me and she even razzes me! HMMMPHHH!!

But I am also mellowing out as I get older....last night I was strolling on the stovetop, someplace I'm not s'posed to be, but I go there anyway (hey, I love my freedom!!) and was crying and meowing. Mama asked me if I wanted to be held and I said "yes" in the way we kitties do. She picked me up and HELD me.


Normally I do not want to be held, but I'm getting so I want it from time to time. She held me fur at least 2 minutes or more, and I enjoyed it so much I purred and purred! My previous records fur being held were around 30 seconds, so this was quite a feat. Or should I say feet? MOL

Yes, this freedom lovin' guy is getting a soft spot in his heart for a good long hug and cuddle from mama.... mama says "Awwwwww"

OK want news on Susie & the babies? Don't have any, really, except that Susie was given a low dose of Tramadol fur 4 days. Today's the last day of that.

The only ofur news is that Gamma wanted to round up the babies to go to a rabies clinic in Shinglehouse, PA but they kept running away. DARN. Well they still will need shots so maybe she can bring them in soon. Her "furiends" have stopped speaking to her and they unfriended her from Facebook - these are the same "furiends" who unfriended mama too - but befur they did so they wrote a snotty post indirectly referring to Gamma saying "don't like me because you want something." They think Gamma only stayed furiends with them so they could help her. WRONG! They are so moody and now they're not helping her out. With furiends like that who needs enemies, right? MOL

OK better get going here and go look out the window.

Daniel Baniel


update on Susie's surgery - also update on kittens

September 7th 2011 5:26 pm
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Hi again!

Susie went to the vet today fur shots & surgery. She tested FIV negative. Didn't get a shot fur it cuz it cost too much ($45!!)

BUT....Susie got spayed. Turns out she WAS pregnant again, but the vet said she wasn't far along so it was not a problem. Gamma didn't say if they had to abort any babies but they probably did. :( As we said in Susie's case it was fur the best since Gamma has 3 kittens to find homes fur. We also found out there's a 2nd tomcat roaming Gamma's area....a big black & white one who she said probably has a home & looks well fed.

The kittens were nowhere to be found this morning, altho they ARE in the house. Therefore they didn't go to the vet. We advised her to keep them inside. Gamma said they miss their mama. She also says she figures Susie will probably want no part of them now, since she heard of anofur mama cat who acted the same way after her spaying. Fur the record, we are claiming Susie as ADOPTED by Gamma, she said she'll probably keep her. So Susie is not adoptable but her babies are. Now they just need shots & spay/neuter, then they'll be ready fur homes! If we efur get pics of them we will share here.

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