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Happy Spring

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"Happy Spring"

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"Beginning to See the Light"

Electric!  Actually these were nowhere near a live socket!

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"Electric! Actually these were nowhere near a live socket!"


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"Uuuuh! Almost!"

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May 2nd 1998

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Sitting next to Mom on the dining room table. Having her sister, Colette, groom her. Running around singing with mousie in her mouth. Nipping toes.

New cats in the house; visiting dogs.

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Mousie. The green knitted one that has no stuffing left.

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Mom's lap or Mom's pillow on the computer chair.

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Goulash Soup. Otherwise, cat food. Hill's Prescription 'k/d' canned.

Singing and having conversations in which she is asked for her opinion. She'll talk to you for as long as you want to talk to her. Digging her paws into the glass-top table so you can't shove her off--her butt goes up in the air instead.


Arrival Story:
I got Samsara and her half-sister, Marrakech, shortly after Misha's buddies, Cappuccino and B.A. died within a month of each other. I wasn't really ready for another cat, but Misha was so lonely it became clear that if I didn't get him a companion I would be putting his health at risk. Misha could be testy around new animals, so I opted for Siamese because of their rambunctious personalities. I couldn't have been more right. Within the space of a week, Misha accepted the kittens. He gave up trying to intimidate them because they just kept coming back for more.----------------------------- -- August 20, 2011, Samsara was diagnosed with beginning stages CRF.

I'm a happy kitty. I walk around the house all day singing. I sing when I'm playing with my mousie and I sing while Mommy's singing. My voice isn't that melodious, but I'm sure Mom doesn't mind my doing duets with her. Sometimes I even try to upstage her--the jazz and blues numbers are the ones I like the best. I think I'll do a solo now: Yeow, Yeeeow, eeow, greeowww, yaow, yaow!

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Noise is the best weapon.

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I like keeping the place in any book Mom has open on the table. I'm hoping I'll absorb the information if I sit on the page long enough. You know, it's like a butt-to-brain osmosis kind of thing.

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November 8th 2008 More than 5 years!

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Samsara's Diary

After Colette, Gotcha Day and My Not Feeling Good

May 21st 2014 5:21 pm
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OMC, my gotcha day was on May 2nd. Where does the time go? Mom and I knew about it and kind of caturbrated it, but it wasn't the same as in the last few years. Keshy is gone, Colette is gone… and she'd only been gone for little over 10 days before my Gotcha Day came up. And, I still wasn't eating by myself on my Gotcha Day.

I spent the last two weeks of Colette's life curled up with her in the donut bed. First it was in the bed that Colette always used, and then Auntie Gail gave us the bigger bed 'cause her doggy, Misty, didn't want to use it.

Misty is a Pomeranian, so the bed was just the right size for me and Colette together. It was so nice sleeping like that.

Then, the day before Easter Sunday, Mom took Colette to the vet. That afternoon, I went back to the bed and I left a giant-size space there so that Colette could come cuddle with me. I left plenty of room, but Colette didn't come back.

I'm not sleeping in that bed anymore. Mom left the carry bag out and it has the blankie that Colette used to use in there. That's where I'm sleeping now.

I spent a lot of time in Mom’s lap and sitting on her shoulder after Colette went to the bridge, but then
three days later, I started feeling not so good and I didn't want to eat. Well--actually, it started maybe one and a half months ago when I had an emergency. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. Mom was so afraid she'd lose me. It turned out to be impacted stool because my kidneys don't work so well anymore. That's when Doctor V said that Mom had to give me fluids every night. So now Auntie Gail helps Mom give them to me. Poor me...I get a pokey needle every night.

Mom says I'm really inventive when it comes to getting out of doing that. MOL, I just fuss so much and I’m so strong that Mom is afraid of my getting hurt so she lets me go.

Mom got really inventive too lately. She puts a throw blanket under me while I sit in her lap. She ties the front end around my neck like a bandana and she ties the back end around my hips and lets my tail poke through. Then she folds the extra material around my legs. I usually quiet down, but, the other night I tried to bite her arm (not enough to hurt her though). But, yuckers, I got a mouth full of her sleeve! The treats I get afterwards are a lot better.

I got so upset after Colette didn’t come home that I couldn’t eat. That’s when Mom took me to the vet.

The vet gave her all sorts of stuff to help feed me. At first, I didn’t want to take it, but then I realized it wasn’t so bad. Besides, I got all sorts of extra loves. We did that for almost 2 weeks. Anyway, Mom says that I rallied.

But you know what’s better than the extra loves and food squirted into your mouth? It’s better when I eat on my own. Mom spends way too much time anyway making me take all sorts of medicines that she puts in treats. And now she’s giving me stuff (Miralax) that she puts in broth. She says that stuff helps me poop.

We just realized that it's been over a year since Mom helped me paw a diary entry. Wow! Phew. Hard to believe.

We have some thank you's to write don't we? Thank you to effurybody for all the gifts we've missed thanking.

And thank you, for the most recent ones:

Meep and Bibi for the birdy for my purrday,
Simon and Reuben for For the ribbon heart with Eeyore for my gotcha day
Pennie, Minnie and Bliss for the red heart for my gotcha day
Pipo and Minko for the kitty hugs for my gotcha day
Platelicker for the kitty hugs for my gotcha day
Family of Nala Sue for the kiddush cup for Mother's Day
Caney Cat for the POTP.

We were going to tell you something else still, but Mom says she doesn’t want me to spoil a surprise.

Purrs & headbonks,



Gotcha Day 2013

May 2nd 2013 11:41 pm
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Wow it’s our Gotcha Day—mine and Keshy’s!

And we’re caturbrating. We’d be caturbrating more if Keshy was still here to caturbrate with us.

Do you know that we’ve been together for 15 years now? Uh huh!

If you asked Mom, she would say I don’t sound like a kitten, but I play like one sometimes. Mom calls me her squawky old lady. She says she’s losing her hearing ‘cause of me, but I’m not so loud.

Sheesh, I’d know it if I was loud. Well, maybe I’m loud when I’m complaining about taking my asthma pill, and my stupid new medicines, that stuff to get my CBC numbers down. The V-lady says my red blood cell count is too high. (Deteriorating CKD numbers.)

You’d be yelling too if you got that yucky vanilla stuff (cimetidine) and that horse pill (azodyl). And Mom, what’s the big idea with the appetite stimulant (mirtazapine)? You give me the appetite stimulant and it makes me all talky and hyper and stuff. And then I’m supposed to get the horse pill every 12 hours on an empty tummy! But it feels like my tummy’s always empty! I’m hungry!

Can I help it if I don’t like the ‘scription food and the Halo Chicken kibble, and the Halo Grain Free kibble, and the Iams canned food, and the Iams Kibble, and the Wysong canned food and the Chicken & Venison Jerky treats and the Wysong treats and the Evo treats, and the Natural Balance Venison Salmon kibble, and the Duck Duck Goose raw stuff, and the… and the… and the….

Well …. maybe I like some of them some of the time. >^..^<

Well… instead of caturbrating all day with me, you know what Mom did! She spent part of the day doing stuff, and then she started doing other stuff. I complained. She says she has a show coming up so I helped sing while she was working on her songs. Then she started working on the stuff she says between each song and I helped sing. Then she started saying all the stuff she says again—I thought she needed a bit of accompaniment, so I helped sing. Then she chased me out!

I also help with all Mom’s telephone conversations. Yep—all of them. I sit in her lap so I can hear what people are saying so I can give ‘telligent opinions. Why do the people start laughing when they hear my opinions? Maybe I should have been a comedienne? What does it mean when Mom says that I don’t have an ‘off button’?

We wanted you to know that I saw V-lady last week (and I complained all the way to her office) and Colette saw V-lady too for follow up xrays. (Colette told me she complained too.)

I got all those new medicines and Colette just got a couple of pictures, and Mom says she got an empty wallet. (Huh?) Mom saw the pictures of Colette. V-lady said Colette’s pictures looked okay as far as she could tell. (Those pictures didn’t look anything like the ones Mom takes of us!) V-lady was going to forward them to a radiologist for another opinion. We’re still wondering what it means when V-lady pointed to all these little white areas and told Mom that the xrays were showing some calcification on the bones along the sides of the rib cage. Mom forgot to ask.

We haven’t heard anything from V-lady since. It’s safe to say that if there was bad news, she would have telephoned us already. I’m going back for another blood test in another 2 weeks, so Mom will ask then.

Anyway, thank you effurrybody for remembering me and Keshy. Mom says she feels so guilty ‘cause we haven’t had the time to be around to play.

We (sort of ) saw all the lovely gifties all the furs left for us over the past few months. Thank you sooo much. It’s so nice to be remembered.

And we’re going to take a look at your new gifts and messages tomorrow. My secretary and purrtographer is busy falling asleep. She didn’t get home till pretty late from class tonight. (I was starving …. And then she only gave me pills for the first hour after she got home.)

Wow! Fifteen years together! That’s a lot of time. And you know what? It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t together. Mom thinks I’m pretty special and I’m so happy we gotted each other.

Yeooow! Purr… Purrr…Purrr….


Gotcha Day

May 2nd 2012 8:11 pm
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Oh has Mom been a bad secretary! We haven’t been around for a kazillion years. Actually, Mom says she has two reasons: The show she’s performing in is coming up in less than three weeks. And: You know what she’s been busy with???? Shooting pictures of doggies!

Some of the furs here have been encouraging Mom to take purrfessional pictures. Mom decided to try to make a go of it. Can you imagine: fur-fotography! She’s been trying to put together a fur-folio and look into the kazillion and one things she needs to know before she actually gets started. That includes pictures of doggies too, you know, ‘cept we don’t live with any doggies. The quickest way for Mom to get those pictures is to go out to places like Central Park in Manhattan and ask people if she can take pictures of their furs, so that’s what she’s been doing. Then, when she’s not practicing for her show, she’s sitting up till the wee hours of the morning doing photo-editing.

(Some of her friends on Facebook have seen a few of the doggy pictures already.)

Right now, she’s at the stage at which she’s not charging those people for the photographs—she’s just sending the shots to them over the e-mail. (She says people are really weird. We don’t hear back from them, so she started sending the e-mails ‘request delivery receipt’. We still don’t get a delivery receipt. I guess they’re afraid Mom is going to want money from them.)

Anyway, it’s our Gotcha Day; mine and Keshy's. At least Mom was home with us today. Wow…that was such a long time ago. It was a cold, rainy day like today when we went home with Mom.

When that day began, it seemed that it would be like any other day. I was in the kennel with my fur Mommy and all my fursibs and Keshy and her fursibs (my Mommy and Keshy’s Mommy are different kitties—we had the same furdaddy, Spanky. My Mommy’s name was Wild Cat, Keshy’s Mommy was LuAnn. My Mommy was taking care of all of us.) We got our food and we were all eating and playing in the same cage. Then, all of a sudden this human lady and her daddy came in to see us. Breeder lady, Berdie (see Tabbies, not all bad things come from Berdies), brought Mom in to see us.

We all tried to hide behind Mommy, but the lady picked me and Keshy, and Berdie put us in her arms. That was okay, but we really wanted to see the rest of Berdie’s house, so one of us—I think it was me, tried climbing Mom and going over the top of her shoulder and down her back. They had to ‘rescue’ Mom before she became embarrassed when she lost me in the house. Giggles.

I don’t think we got time to say goodbye to Mommy. Berdie took us into another room and we both got some ouchie needles while Mom played with Breeder lady’s Chihuahua puppies. Then we went into a really big box with a blankie in it. It had a fence so we couldn’t get out. The box was Misha’s Kennel Cab. Then they took the box with us in it to Grandpaw’s car and we started to go for a ride. After a while we stopped and Mom and Grandmaw and Grandpaw wanted to get something to eat. Since it was warmer in the place than leaving us in the car, they took the box with them and Mom put it on the seat next to her. All these people kept stopping by our table and cooing over us in the box. Gee, we must have been awfully cute!

Anyway, I think one of us already told you our Gotcha story about when we got home so I won’t continue.

Well, that was such a long time ago. There are fourteen years in between and, even though I complain (a lot), I still love my Mom and Mom loves me. We’re happy we chose each other.

Thank you all for the lovely gifts and for the gifts you left for us for Easter. It’s going to take a bit of time before we thank effurybody.

We’re still around and we’re thinking of effurybody, it’s just gonna’ take some time until we can really play again. I had a nice gotcha day. I only wish Keshy was still around to celebrate it with me.


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