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PorkChops! It's what's for dinner!

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Me likey Boogers and Hondo!

September 28th 2008 2:01 pm
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Even though I sorta bopped them both on the head once lightly, they aren't bad!! They never hissed at me, rather I did the first day :)

But yesterday and today? We touched noses and ME LIKEY THEM!!!

Now... Fido is warming up to me, but the two Raggie twins? THEY HATE ME :(

They keep making weird noises, hisssssssing, and want nothing to do with me :( Oh noes... Mind you, they had NO problem sniffing MY KITTEN food though!

Time to cool my sore bum in the litter box (being freshly neutered is still not so great).

I still don't eat a lot of moist. Gone through almost one can in 24 hours. Then there's lil' Newman who doesn't like dry MOL


You can meow to me now!

September 27th 2008 1:50 pm
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I added a shoutbox along with my theme song... Instead of "Beef, it's what's for dinner?" It's "Porkchops, it's what's for dinner" to the tune of "Hoedown" by Copland :)

I am attending my first Meowathon tonight! I can't wait!!


Survived the first 24 hours!

September 27th 2008 9:25 am
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Zzzzz that's what I did with mom all night! I'm a momma's boy! And mom swears, I kneaded for 22 of the 24 hours :) I fell asleep kneading mom!

She was a bit worried as I didn't drink or eat yesterday. So today she brought out the big guns: Tiki and Sheba (not a meal, but she wanted me to eat!). I even had ProPlan and Medley's but I went straight for the Tiki and Sheba.

I also didn't drink much if at all yesterday so mom was worried and today brought out a water dish, but I just now conquered the drinkwell:)

I'm so far COMPLETELY the opposite of how the twins were when they came home, aka NORMAL!

Mittens and Tiskers dominated cans of food upon arrival, drank a lot of water, ran a muck, kept mom AWAKE for over a month, getting into things...

Me? I'm chill' like a normal raggie! I let mom sleep!!! She's shocked!

The other 5 slept in another room and daddy gave us love. The twins are really curious and I can smell them under the door.

UPDATE: Dad is off to PetSmart to get kitten food without chunks, I don't think I like chunky food, but rather pate' like food...


Gifties from the breeder Lisa!

September 26th 2008 4:27 pm
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I just got done taking MORE pictures! When my pawrents left the breeders in PA, she sent me home with a gift bag of goodies! I got a pawsome turbo scratcher (which I figured out in less than 5 minutes, AND I scratched the middle section!), a soft bunny toy, 2 cans of moist food (I am working on one can), dry cat food, a pawsome scrap book that comes with stickers and goodies, and a wand toy! That was so nice of her! Thank you Lisa!

Mom also gave Lisa a giftie too. She gave her two Yankee candles, and a paw print picture frame :)

Mom is working on 3 new videos for me now! Eeeee


I'm Home!!

September 26th 2008 1:56 pm
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MEOW!! I've been in my new home for almost 2 hours! My parents left at 9AM and arrived in PA a little before Noon. They picked up gas before heading to the breeders. Gas was cheap I'm told at $3.47!! The drive was smooth and the weather was just overcast; no rain :)

Anymeow I'm loving it here! I didn't cry at ALL on the ride home other than a couple "meows". Then I went to sleep on the ride home. I'm also a kneader! When I woke up a few times, I started to knead :) I also in my sleep let a few stinkies go by MOL :)

I'm not going to meet my brothers until later this week. I'm tiny you see. I did get to briefly see my Raggie brothers but they HISSED AT ME!! OMC! I just stared at them like "What?"

I'm off to upload pictures and my first video! Also we knead to send NBK, Andre, and Gnomey healing rosettes. They have had a bad belly for over a week :(

PS. I also got some goodies and toys from the nice lady who helped me into this world! I'll post a list of goodies and pictures in a few! I knead to take a nap!


Being neutered wasn't so bad!!!

September 25th 2008 4:58 pm
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Good news! Mom just got home from teaching and heard that my surgery went well and I'm STARVING!!!! I can't wait to see my new family!!!

Since the weather is supposed to be yucky, Barbi won't be meeting us. So my pawrents will arrive in PA at noon, stay for a bit, and then leave and will thankfully miss rush hour traffic!! Don't worry, we'll drive safe :)

Mom is bummed she can't see Auntie Barbi and especially her cats, but they're only a 2.5 hour drive :) Dad is bummed he can't get Tony Lukes! MOL!!!!!!!!!! If you're near Philly, GO THERE! OMC OMC OMC! Good food I hear!

See ya tomorrow!! Oh, I weigh 4.3 pounds!


Getting Neutured now!!!

September 25th 2008 9:02 am
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EEEP! I'm getting fixed today! In fact it might just have finished. I know I'll be ok :) WHY? 'Cause I'm coming home tomorow!!!! Evil mother nature is predicting bad weather so we might just go to PA to pick me up and straight home. The original plan was to leave at 5am to avoid DC/MD traffic, arrive at Barb's at 8ish, play with her cats, go to Tony Lukes, and then the breeders, leave around 2?, and sit in traffic for 5+ hours (for a would be normal 2.5 hour drive home).

I'll give an update later on my V-E-T visit and our plans. See you all soon!!!

Thanks Picasso for the power of the paw rosette!! BTW?! Did you see my half brother *CANNOLI'S PAGE?* Check him out!


I have unkies!!

September 22nd 2008 4:52 am
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WOWSAS! I have 4 amazing unkies! See them? *points to badges on his page* Unkie Murray, Theo (unkie to my brothers Mittens and Tiskers) and ragdoll unkies Nikko and Scooter!! I feel so honored!!!

Thank you all for your warm and kind welcoming to Catster! I've already made a lot of friends and I can't wait to "meet" you all soon! Bummer I can't play on forums for a few weeks MOL. Forgot about that Catster rule...

Mom's a bit busier this week as she had to rearrange her Friday students so she could be off to get me! Anymeow, I'll be in touch and will keep you updated on my surgery Thursday (fixed). Eeeep!

*kitten kisses*


My Tail of Devotion for PorkChop (coming home 9/26/08)

September 21st 2008 10:38 am
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Lil' PorkChop! Your father and I can't wait to bring you home in 5 days! You will even up the number of cats in our family and will complete it as well. You have the most beautiful blue eyes we, along with the breeder have ever seen! We can't wait to spoil you rotten and to see you grow up to be a big boy. Look forward to meeting you for the first time sweetie!

Love mom, dad, Boogers, Hondo, Fido, Mittens and Tiskers :)

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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September 21st 2008 9:43 am
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Meow? Anyone there? Hi! I'm new to Catster and will be coming home September 26!! Mom didn't tell many of our Catster friends about me, but only a couple knew. Mom wanted to surprise you all!

I'm the half brother of Picasso as we have the same dad (Monte). How cool is that!

I even have an unkie already! When Miles and family knew of our news, lil' *MURRAY* stepped up to the plate and asked to be my unkie!!

I get neutered September 25. I'm a bit nervous but I know I'll be ok. The 26th, mom and dad are driving to NJ to visit Picasso and family! But that's not all! If you read their diaries *HERE* they too have news!!

The name PorkChop came when mom first saw my picture (we have yet to meet). She noticed my mask sorta looked like a porkchop and even said aloud "Oh he's cute as a porkchop". The rest is history!

My eyes are super blue and not touched up in my pictures! The breeder mentioned I have the bluest eyes she has seen! Of course! I'm Picasso's half brother and he has stunning eyes too!

PS the stain in my ruff will go away--it's food stains! MOVE OVER BOOGERS!!!! I too love food!

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