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September 30th 2008 6:12 am
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I still have not seen Torbie Sue as of this morning. Sunday afternoons were her favorite time to stop by and some times around 8:40 a.m. on my work days.

I miss her and pray that she's doing fine wherever she may be.

I'll keep everyone posted from time to time.




September 27th 2008 4:25 am
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Thank you again Catster for the honor of DDP for lovely Torbie Sue!

I'm still missing her. It's been over two weeks and I'm still speculating:

1. Maybe she had kittens and is being kept inside to be with them;
2. She and her family moved;
3. She had a tragic accident or is sick. This is one I pray never

Everyday, I keep looking for Torbie Sue. I look toward the far end of the backyard and sometimes I think I see her sitting and sunning herself amongst the fallen leaves as she did on the last Sunday I saw her. The way the sun reflects on the leaves in that area, and the wind blows through them, is a very convincing optical illusion!

I'm praying for her right now that she's safe and loved wherever she may be.

I thank the following for their gifts & kind words: SONNY BONO & family for the Febreze collar; SNOOP DOG & Family for the Power of the Paw; EDGAR & Family for the lovely blue ribbon; SAMOA & Family for the Lovely red rose; and BOOGERS & Family for the cool beachball!

I will keep everyone and everycat posted.




September 24th 2008 3:43 am
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Thank you Catster for the honor of picking Torbie Sue's diary for today! I wish she were around so I could pass on these joyful feelings to her.

I haven't seen her in two weeks! I'm hoping and praying that she is safe with her family whoever they might be.

In the meantime, another kitty has been dropping by for food. This time it's a gray non-neuter (blue in the catfancy world) with a white bib and matching footie socks on the front feet and leggings on the back. His tale is gray with faint raccoon-like rings. His shape is long and slender like that of an oriental shorthair, and his eyes are green, but not as dark as dear Torbie Sue's.

He likes the food here and keeps coming back every day whereas Torbie Sue was a visitor a couple times a week.

I've also been thinking that she and her family moved out of the area. I'm saddened by this because I'll never see her again. I had no plans on catnapping her. She was a joy to see and to help out when she was hungry. She was a very friendly girl, and I'll miss her with all my heart.

Again, thank you Catster for this honor! I also thank the following for their Febreze collars: BUDDIE, MACKENNA & Family; SIR SONNY BONO; and the Family of PRISSY, HARLEY, TAO & TEDDY.




September 21st 2008 6:54 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue since September 10th! That's been quite a long time without her dropping by to say "hi" to me.

I hope and pray that she's fine. If she does live with somebody else and they're on vacation, that explains why she hasn't been around in some time. She may be at a kitty bed and breakfast or with them.

Of course, this is my speculation.

Meanwhile, as you can see by Sampy's and Bail's diaries, there's another little moocher hanging around our house.

Well, I must go now as it's getting late.

I'll update soon.




September 15th 2008 5:55 pm
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I didn't see Torbie Sue on Saturday, Sunday or today. Of course, I wasn't home most of the weekend, and she wasn't here today when I left for work or when I came home.

I expect to see her around 8:40 a.m. on a week day and mid-day on a Sunday. I believe this cat can tell time because of her promptness of being here on those given days/times noted.

That's about it for now.



September 13th 2008 3:26 pm
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I haven't see Torbie Sue in a few days.

She may show up on Sunday. She likes showing up then.




September 10th 2008 6:58 pm
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I got brave and decided to scarf up Cam's leftovers this morning. I ate very fast as I didn't want her to come out from under the porch or wherever and start up another game of uproar with me. I wasn't in the mood for it!

I heard the doorknob wiggle and that was my cue to take off. I did so.

The lady came out the front door, and I was sitting on the neighbor's front lawn She and I exchanged "good morning" greetings.

I then watched her as she got in her car and drove off.

I know my timing is off, but I have to be careful as Cam is out there on the porch before 8:45 a.m.

Weekend afternoons work best for me to get a nice meal out of the lady. That way I can take my post in the sandy/leafy portion of the backyard. Cam never sees me there. I blend right in. Just like that critter in the movie "Preditor".

Bye for now, my furriends,

Torbie Sue



September 7th 2008 1:42 pm
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I was sitting in the rear portion of the backyard underneath a tree when the nice lady approached me.

She called me "camou" kitty and explained the reason why while she placed some moist food mixed with dry on a paper towel before me.

She said I blended in with the portion of the yard I usually sit in thus "camou" short for camouflage.

I told her I stay back there so Cammie Rose has a hard time seeing me. My multi-colored coat blends in with the sand and fallen leaves. I think it's working pretty well.

Cam surely scared the britches off me a few days ago. I decided not to hang around because of that. Of course, there was Hanna yesterday, and I was inside nice and dry (I won't say where).

Anyway, I let the lady rub my tummy and pet me. I purred and thanked her for the food. I groomed myself as usual and decided to stay for a bit longer.

I told her I may stop by tomorrow if the coast is clear.

Purrs and Meeps,

Torbie Sue



September 6th 2008 10:09 am
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Hanna is here and all of us truly hope that Torbie Sue is somewhere safe and dry.

If she's really somebody's kitty, I hope they have enough sense to keep her in during this storm. I made sure I brought Cammie Rose in when I got home from work last night.

If she's a stray, (which I don't think so) I hope she has her own shelter to keep safe and dry.

Tomorrow, I'll be on the lookout for her. I'm praying right now that she's safe.

I'll keep everyone posted.




September 5th 2008 8:23 pm
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I haven't seen Torbie Sue since the fight with Cammie Rose.

Today, Cam left her post (the back porch) just before I went to work. She hadn't finished her breakfast. When I got home this evening, her dish was empty.

I think Torbie Sue stopped by when Cam left her post.

Weather permitting, maybe she'll show up tomorrow.


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