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Sofie's Squeaks

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Bedtime Stories

January 13th 2008 5:47 pm
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While most of you enjoy the luxury of sleeping with your humans at night, I have never done so, until last night. Dad was already snoring away and shortly after Mom crawled into bed, I hopped onto the bed too. Mercy, Melody, and Reebok were also there so they, along with Mom, looked at me like I was a foreigner, in darkness. Even in the dark, Mom could see the tabby patch I have over my right eye. She was so shocked she didn't want to move nor did she want the others to move for fear I would jump off the bed. She wanted me to be comfortable. There I stayed all night.

Those of you who know our family are probably thinking it has to do with the relationship I had with my brother Milo, who is no longer here, and Mom and Dad do think that is reason I was on their bed. They'd want nothing more than for me to continue joining them in bed, as long as it makes me happy.

It's Sunday, and I *know* it's Sunday. It's the day my Dad has steak for dinner. I can smell it and that means I get to hop on the chair next to him while he shares a bit of his steak with me.



Starting Off the New Year with a Boo-Boo

January 1st 2008 11:12 am
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Mom looked at me funny this morning. She thought I had some dirt or food stuck under one side of my nose but when she took a closer look she realized it was a scab! Who did it? I must've forgiven them by now.

What an embarassing way to start off the New Year. I deserve extra chicken today.



My Annual Physical Exam!

December 15th 2007 4:10 pm
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I was supposed to have my annual checkup a week ago along with my sister Mercy, but when it came time to get me I ran under the bed! There was not enough time to coax me out from under the bed, so lucky Pebbles got to go in my place. Unfortunately, my appointment was rescheduled for today, and I was "captured" in a very interesting way in order to get me into the carrier.

Earlier this morning, Mom saw that I was sleeping in Riley's Fish Bed upstairs and thought that was good as long as I stayed there. When it came time to get me for my appointment, she was glad I was still in the bed. She slowly grabbed the "lips" of the bed and held them shut, and carried me in the bed all the way down the stairs to the car in the garage where the carrier was and gently "emptied" me into it! I never do more than squeak at any given time but I started crying. Because I am such a shy kitty, Mom really does not like to use such methods in order to get me but I had to go and she knew if I was given the opportunity I would have squirmed and jumped out of the bed or out of her arms.

I got what they call a Junior Wellness exam. They told me I had pretty green eyes so that made me feel just a little better! I gained one whole pound, so now I'm a little over 7lbs. I was fairly quiet during my exam but stayed as close to Mom as possible. Then when the vet started looking in my mouth, she showed Mom where my gums had some redness to them and recommended a dental cleaning. So, I got whisked away to the back room to have some blood drawn. After we get those results back, I'll have three months to ponder over the dental cleaning.

I'm glad to be back home now! And, I am out and about and got some chicken!



New Habit

November 26th 2007 6:09 pm
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My brother Milo used to be the only kitty in the house I would seek to cuddle with for a nap. If others joined us that was fine with me too. I guess I never forgot how comforting he was when I first joined the family and although I also cuddled with Mercy, I spent more time chasing her around the house and up the cat tree.

Now that Milo isn't here, Mom and Dad were a bit worried about me but I've been fine. I actually started a new habit which I *never* did while Milo was alive. I've always eaten my regular meals alongside the others but in the past when we would get "treats", everyone would jump up on the dining table except me. I would climb to the top of the cat tree nearby. That may sound like a "no-no" but that is how it works around here with dogs around. The dining table even has a couple of cat beds on it! It's not used for human dining at all anymore. Anyway, now I jump up on the dining table with the others and eat my treats with them. It's a good sign that all is well with me but I tend to sleep alone although it's not because I would mind having company. That's just how it is.

A little bit about the holiday cape and hat the girls are wearing this year. Mom found the cape online somewhere last year after Christmas and saved it. Our hat is from an outfit two years ago that we wore that matched perfectly. It just had to be turned around since there's a blue bow on it. It was comfy so I didn't mind wearing it, but only for photos!



Remembering Milo

November 2nd 2007 10:14 pm
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I don't know what I would have done without Milo beginning three years ago when I first came to live here. I was tiny for my age and very skittish. Mom had bought a special pink bed just for me and that's where she put me when Diane, the lady who rescued me, brought me here. I closed my eyes and flinched anytime anyone tried to pet me. At the time, there was only Mercy and Milo, in addition to our dogs. When Mercy first saw me, she hissed and ran away. Then I got to meet Milo, who walked over to me in my pink bed, took a couple of sniffs, and started cleaning my face. That's when I knew everything was going to be okay. Shortly after, Mercy got use to the idea that I was going to be part of the family and I spent alot of time playing with both of them. But the majority of the time and up until recently, I would be found napping with Milo. I always felt safe and loved by gentle Milo.

Mom always said to Dad that she didn't know what I would do without Milo, and now he's gone. When Milo went to heaven yesterday, Mom made sure I got to say goodbye to him, and I did. She was worried about me, but yesterday when both Mom and Dad were sitting down I kept walking back and forth on their laps for them to pet me. They were relieved that I didn't go into hiding and I've been eating my meals and my favorite treat, boiled chicken breast.

Even though we have alot of kitty beds all over the house, Milo's favorite bed to sleep at night was a round cuddler type bed that is in Mom and Dad's bedroom and I would often sleep with him in it as well. This morning, Mom woke up to find me sleeping in the bed by myself. There was an empty spot in the bed, but she's sure it still smells like Milo.

I'm thankful that Milo gave me all the love and reassurance he did the three years I've been in this family which helped bring me out of my shell. I know that he knew how much I loved him and he knew nothing else but to love me back.



Be a Clown, be a Clown, be a Clown!

October 16th 2007 1:20 am
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Who would've thought I'd be a clown for Halloween! Joy, who is dressed as Snow White, explained in her diary that she was supposed to be the Clown and I was supposed to be Snow White. Mom messed up when she agreed to let them send the Clown outfit in a smaller size, but it all worked out because the Snow White outfit would have actually been too big for me. So, here I am, a little Clown!

Sofie the Clown


Happy Birthday to Tinker on Sunday, September 9th

September 8th 2007 12:58 am
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This Sunday is going to be TINKER's Birthday! Can you imagine the confusion it would cause if we put Tinker and his brother Toy in the same room as my brothers Riley, Reebok, and Nike? Tinker is always calling me his girl but everyone knows we don't date, though he sure is cute! *blushes*

His little orangie brother Tang also turned ONE yesterday, so there's a BIG party going on over there!!! Not only that, they have a brand new little brother named Tyco! We sent Tinker and Tang presents and are happy to see they're enjoying them.

Happy Birthday Tink and Tang!



Happy Birthday to my Best Gal Pal Bootsie!

August 15th 2007 8:24 pm
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I'm excited that my best friend BOOTSIE is celebrating her 2nd Birthday tomorrow! She's going to be TERRIFIC TWO!! She loves chicken and steak just like I do. I still remember when she was just a kitten when I first met her, but she's sure grown into a gorgeous fluffy girl. Have a fabulous day Bootsie!

Thank you to Mr. or Ms. Anonymous for giving me a Star on August 12th. I sure wish I knew who you were!



Dirty Girl

July 4th 2007 5:09 pm
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I've always been described as the petite and shy one in the family, and while that may be true, I have a confession to make. I'm a dirty girl! When we go out in the backyard, I look for any dirt that's on the patio, usually from when our naughty dogs have been digging, and roll in it. I come up with dirt all over me, and it's especially noticeable on the left side of my face where my fur is all white. Not only that, I do the same thing on the mats that sit outside of the litter boxes. Mom says it's a good thing I don't roll around inside the litter boxes! Okay, so I'm not purrfect, maybe just purrfectly dirty!



My Dad

June 11th 2007 10:53 pm
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Mom used to be the only one that boiled chicken breast for us every weekend, but now Dad even goes and buys it and boils it for us, especially me, since I LOVE chicken, and steak too!

Dad is also good for sharing his lunch meat with me when he's eating a sandwich. I'm his "Sofie Little" and the only one that sits on his lap for it. I've said this before, but he gets the biggest kick out of it when I'm on his lap because I am such a shy kitty, so it means alot to him. So much that he has to call my Mom to come take a look every time!

My Dad is a great guy and I love him. Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Sofie Little

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