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Max is my name HUNTING is my GAME !!!

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Hello's and whats new...

December 27th 2011 4:52 pm
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Hello and how are you all my good friends?
I am doing excellent and have had a really pawsome Christmas my mom renewed her catster plus as a Christmas pressie for us and she is gonna update our pages FINALLY Mol.
Not too much to meow about.
Love and Headbonks,


Hopping over to say Meow...

April 24th 2011 8:13 am
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HAPPY EASTER to all my wonderpurrr furrends...
I hope every furr has a pawsome day today.
Love Max


Wow,Hey I am a D.D.P today...thats PAWSOME !!!

April 8th 2011 2:34 am
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Dear Diary,
Well today certainly is gonna be a pawsome Friday....
Guess what everyone, I am a Diary Pick today...thanks Diary Person.
I hope all my Catster furrends have a great day today, hope the weather is going to be Purrrfect where u live we love Spring because we have all the windows open and everything is blooming and all that stuffs.
Well catch ya'll later, I gots some more mousies to catch..


Hello Furrends...I found me another mousie toy...

April 5th 2011 7:55 pm
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Dear Diary,
I found another mouse toy and I am hiding it fur later I see Tanis watching me and waiting fur me to put it down, so he can take it from me...NOT HAPPENING BROFUR !!!
He can hunt fur them like I do instead of Dreaming about Turkey Lunchmeat all day...MOL
awww just joking my mommy says those lil' toy mousies are hidden all over da' place hehehehe...
Soooo off I go to hunt fur one fur my Brofur Tanis,because after all I do lub him furry much...AND
see ya'...


Thousands of Years AGO....

March 24th 2011 11:34 am
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Dear Diary,
My mom read something pawsome in her Chicken Soup for the CAT Lovers Soul and wants to share it wif everyone...very funny,my mom loves this:

Thousand's of Years Ago,Cats were worshiped as Gods,..Cats have Never Forgotten this !!!!



My brofur hides all the good toys....grrrrr

March 20th 2011 7:57 pm
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Dear Diary,
Well I had a pawsome weekend overall,but I am rather annoyed at my brofur TANIS....HE HOGS ALL THE TOY MICE !!
EVERYTIME I Find one behind a shelf or when mom goes into the closet..(hehehe they get swatted under the door and when my mommy opens the closet she tosses out several of our mices that we swatted in there...mol ANYWAYS,
Well I found me a cool nip one and was playing wif it and well that brofur of mine ...hmmmpppphhhh he acted like he wanted to play and wrestle around wif me BUT that was so he could get his orange paws on MY Mousie...he takes off wif my TOY that I FOUND...
At least I love to hunt....MOL

Guess I'll go find another.
catch all my pals later...
Catster Purrrs and Love,


Happy Birthday to Me !!!

March 15th 2011 9:41 am
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It's My Birthday,It's My Birthday !!
Oh boy today is MY Birthday and I AM SOOO EXCITED to see what special treats I will get today...
Birthday Purrrs,


Howdy Friends...

March 13th 2011 6:36 pm
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Hi cats its been a loooong time since my mom has posted a diary entry fur ME...
FINALLY she is gonna write in My Diary too.
Man last entry was at HALLOWEEN TIME?? Geez ma come on now we can do better then that.

Last week both my Brofur TANIS and My Sisfur Rain got diary honors and that is Pawsome.
Not too much elese to meow about right now, but I am glad that I got to update my Diary and to let all my furends know that I am doing great and would love for any of my pals to stop by and leave me a pawmail and to say meow.


The Leaves are Turning colors and its getting chilly- outside...must be Fall

October 10th 2009 4:26 pm
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Meow to all my Furrneds,
I haven't written in my Diary in a Long Time and well,I just wanted to say HELLO to all my Furrends.
Autumn is here now and we are Loving it !!! Baking,cool snuggle-up weather and FOOTBALL...
We Hope everyone is having a GREAT Saturday.

BOO !!!


its the funniest thing baby sisfurs like to hunt ...

June 3rd 2009 10:28 am
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Hello and meows ...
I just love it when those big juicy water beetles come inside usually in the kitchen,I am always right there waiting waiting waiting watching waiting fur the right moment then POUNCE mwuhahahaaa GOTCHA , fur some reason they always come around our back and front porches late at nite time in the summer months,and I am ready fur them its sooo much fun and I am purroud to say that my baby sisfurs share the same passion of hunting as I, they are good students and wif time they will be as fast as I am ....and when mommy looks at our Pressies to her, first thing the next morning she says well Max I see you've been busy again..hehehe what she doesn't realize is that I had help !!!MOL...
Have a purrfect day Catster furriends,
Love Max

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