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Just Call Me The King

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Thanks fur the LURVS

May 15th 2013 11:46 am
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Hey Furry Friends,
My meowmy was a good sport with her hopefully last surgery, BUT boy did I know she was hurting!
I ran into the room last night whe she just felt AWFUL and purred, headbonked, and cuddled non -stop till her pain subsided. I have been watching my human like a hawk. I never ever let her think she's alone.
In fact I'd write more but we are bith exhausted from this lat surgery. Hopefully all that bad C word on her face is gone and we can look forward to reconstructive surgery next. The drugs are better.
We just LURVS yous guys...
Lurvs Male Kitteh Nurse Henry


Tired of Meowmy Being Sick!

April 21st 2013 9:02 am
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Well Furries,
It has been three weeks of surgeries, appoinments, and waiting. But hopefully meowmy is near the finish line this time. After her third surgery her Dr has has sent her to a NEW Dr for a new treatment called MOHS surgery. That way she can get off mostly the bad tissue and keep more of the good tissue on her face.
She is FUNNY looking! Part of her eyebrow is gone and some of her hair was shaved. But, I told her I still LURVED her! Wouldn't you? This week will be the first time since the beginning of April she has had some time to decompress with me alone. Her parents have left for the next couple days before her next appoinment.
She still will need reconstructive surgery...Poor Meowmy! But other than being funny looking she's doing OK and so am I!
Purrss fur this to be over soon..
RKN King Henry


Doing OK

April 13th 2013 9:40 am
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Hey Furries,
Thanks fur all the Purrss fur my meowmy. I keep a close watch over her and make sure she eats,sleeps, and has a kitteh nearby at ALL times.
I wish I couls say my meowmy's in better spirits but it's been a hard road. Having ANOTHER surgey makes it harder, but at least they are cutting a smaller portion out this time then the last two times. And her big sister who is wtahcing that crazy doggie sadie will be by for a visit and that is nice..
It's purrttyy Spring day out and we will try and enjoy it later..
Lurvs to ya guys and thanks again fur the exrra Purrsss..
Lurvs RKN Henry


Back Under the Knife AGAIN??

April 11th 2013 7:51 am
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Mewomy got her pathology report back today and they have to go
back and take off more of that bad melonoma. She goes back for more surgery on Tuesday the 16 of April..They are only doing partial circle.
I'm doing great as her RKN! Registererd Kitteh Nurse...I purr and snuggle and cuddle when she needs it most.
Hopefully this will all be over soon..
Lurvs RKN Henry



April 8th 2013 7:30 am
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Hey Furries,
After the seconf operation my meomwy was down for the count.
But now she's up and taking pain medication and I'm snuggling with her. We are all hoping that no more surgery is in her future. In fact we have to make more Dr's appoinment for her skin graft and a hair appoiment so she can have clean hair!!
Thank fur the LURVS!


Back Under the Knife

April 4th 2013 2:17 pm
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Hey Furries,
My meowmy has to go back to surgery tommorow to get the rest of the melonoma out of her head..AND get her face put back together. We will all be happy when this is OVER!!
More later


Male RKN

April 3rd 2013 8:53 am
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Hey Furries,
My mewomy got that face cancer scraped out yesterday and I almost
didn't recognize her! She looks like the Bride of Frankenstien MOL! But then I smelled her and I knew she was my meomwy. So I sat right down on her lap and purred loud and hard. I stick by her wherever she goes....
I'm right by her now. Next she sees a plastic surgeon heres the results of her pathology. We're almost done. YAYAY!! More treats fur her and me..
Lurvs to you all and thanks fur all the traets and prezzies this Easter!
RKN Henry


Surgery and Mama Kitty

March 26th 2013 3:11 pm
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Hello Furries,
Happy to say that Samoa informed all of us of the success
of Mama Kitty's surgery. Hopefully more good things will are coming to the baby kitten too.
Meowmy has informed me that this Monday she has her anesthisia(sp) consul and pre -op consul with her Head and neck Dr. That means afer the 2nd of april I will become a Registered Male Kitty Nurse AGAIN...
I will purr, kiss, and let my meowmy rub my fur all she needs to heal up quick.
So I will be on and off Catster till then.

LURVS Happy Easter
King Henry


I'm Awake and Eating and a DDP!!

March 21st 2013 9:07 am
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Hey Furries,
It's a warm Spring day here in Houston and I feel like a new kitteh again. I was up early and ready for FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But my meowmy had a LONG stressfull day so I let her sleep in. MOL
But she got up refreshed and fed me, pet me, and told me much she lurvs me. Then we find out I'm a DDP?? Really? Wowsa! I guess the diary lady likes slober and poop! Heheheh *snort*
My meowy just KNEW my mouth was bugging me. Have you noticed how well our hummins get us? We know when they are stressed and they know when we hurt.
As for meowmy she's just happy that everything is treatable and that her smart dermotolgist caught it. It's hard being faior in the Texas heat.
Also do not forget to help Blzzard the Catfather and Kitty!
and left over slobber King Henry


Home and the CaTFather

March 20th 2013 5:47 pm
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Hello furries,
Excuse my slober but they had to pull a toothie today! I'm safe at home with pain meds and a new microchip so if I run for the door she can find me.
My meowmy fought AWFUL Houston traffic today and spent the day at the hospital. Her face cancer is in it's early stages so they will just srcape it out..OUCHIES! No chemo or radiation. Just another test then surgery. I'm happy because even though I had to go to the bad VET place my hummin came after me. She LURVS me and takes care of me. We are a great pair.
I also wanted you's guys to stop by Blizzard the Catfather's page to hear new on Kitty and her kitten. She needs an operation to make her all better and Miss Samoa has the details. Give what you can Okays????

Lurvs to all of Yous Guys!!!!!
King Henry

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