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Just Call Me The King

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New Box...

January 28th 2010 3:57 pm
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Hey furries,
Mewomy got me a new BIGGER litter box. She noticed I would stand halfway out of it and not stay all the way inside. We hope I still like the same litter. I also got some new wet food called Wellness and I likes it!! It has less grain than Soulistic.
We also saw Molly's new page. She the daughfur of Gimmee and Phoebe and she's just SOOO purrttyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The her clolrs are so usual and distinctive. I even think that nutty Newman may have a crush on her! That Newman.....
Well I must nap then get ready fur a late dinner.
Hugs and Purrs To Arnold P and Rocky Ann!!!!
King Henry


Just Call Me Al! ..Or Hank or Harry....

January 22nd 2010 8:21 am
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Hey Furries,
Moewmy was talking to me last night about my name. Yes, it's still Henry after Henry the VIII BUT her friends at work think I should be Harry becaue I'm sooo HAIRY!! But the only other Harry I know is Miles, Murray, and Phoebe's brofur and he just such a TRUE Harry. He just is. My grandparents call me "Hank" as a pet name. It's nickname for Henry.
Meowmy is a WHOLE other story!!! She calls me sweetie, big boo, flufferbutt, etc.... I have to say I kinda like all my other nicknames she gives me because they usually end with a cuddle and a treat! MOL! (Who's training who here)
I also heard from Guido that CalifornaYAY is getting lots of rain so we're hoping they get some sunshine soon. Also purr for our buddy Arnold P. who is still fighting pancreatis. PURRSS Arn!

King Henry


DDP Pick????????

January 17th 2010 8:01 am
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Hey furries!
I woke up meowmy earlier today because I had a "cat-u-i-tion"! Yup! I just knew my tooth story would make the Dairy Gal stand up and take notice...
Thanks so much, Buddy, Hazel Lucy, Aeden, Calista and gang!! I appreciate all your support about my tooth and upcoming surgery. This latest anethsia recall REALY has mewomy SCARED!! At least the Vets have a longer period of time fur them to work all this out..and I likes my Vets. They have LOTS of cats everywhere in thier office! They also treat the sick doggies too. And they seem to lurvs me! MOL!
On another note please purr for the Haitian people's and thier animals. Meowmy plans to donate money after she gets paid to a valid aide organization! Be careful crooks love to con well meaning people who just wanna help.

Thanks again I just LURVS yous all SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

King Henry

PS I'm with COCO!!


VET Visit!

January 12th 2010 10:12 am
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My mom had the NERVE to take me to the V-E-T today!
Oh Furries, It was scary being in the small room then being weighed. But they did show my furry self off to everyone. I weigh 13.8 LBS but not overweight. HAHAH bring on the treats!!! BUT, my tooth is bad. They may have to pull it and clean my teeth, my mewomy's scared about me going under ansethetic and the COST!!! But the Vet's seem really nice and she's hoping she can pay it off monthly...they seem to understand how hard things are with the economy.
They also took my picture too! Newman jumped on his mewomy's face yesterday. MOL! That's not how to get treats Newmie..or snuggles...but then I really do not want to see my meowmy in a bikkini either. : P

Stay Warm
King Henry


Meowmy did an Funny!

January 11th 2010 9:28 am
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Hey Furries,
Yesterday my mewomy had a bad allergy attack on her nose! I watched her blow it ALL day!!! She says she's better today but I guess we shall wait and see.
She says when her sinuses are bad she can not TASTE ANYTHING!!! I can still taste things though so I licked and nipped her nose and snuggled with her to make her feel better.
She got up to freshesn my water and refill my bowl with kibble when it ALL went on the FLOOR!!! MOL! The whole bag just dumped everywhere! And did I eat any of it????????
I only eat from clean bowls not the dirty floor. Hmmph.. So she had to sweep up kibble for about an hour.......Then I ate it from my new clean bow. HAHAHAHAHAH!
Stay Warm and concatgualtions to Mozer fur being COTD!!!
King of the clean bowl


New Year...Some New Photo's

January 7th 2010 10:53 am
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Heeyy You Guyyss!!! Or Furries!
Ya like the new pictures of me? MOL! I just had so much fun in the snow and posing fur my painting. (that mewomy still needs to frame)
My meowmy is doing my typing while I sleep on the bed. She's washing, dusting, and laundering in the New Year! I'd rather sleep.
The next thing to do is go to the V-E-T. WHY? I'm not sick?? Meowmy says I should get a check up and my shots because Catster has taught her prevention is the best medicine fur her and me. Hmmphh.....
We also watched the Dr Who ending and she thought she wasn't gonna cry. Well I watched her bawl like a new kitten after it ended. She says she'll miss David Tennant but is willing to give the new Dr (matt Smith) a chance.
we are supposed to get a a hard freeze tonight so I plan on cuddling under the covers and being thankful I have a home and a hoomin who worships me!
I deserve to be worshipped right?? MOL!

Lurvs and Hugss
King Henry



December 31st 2009 7:57 am
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What mewomy not yet??
Sorry Furries, but I just lurvs a good party and a reason to meow loud!! It's fun and I suggest you do it allot today because tommorow our parents will have a nip hang over.
Meowmy hasn't been typing lately because her head hurts so bad so I have had to be a male RKN AGAIN! I do not mind because it gets me more time to snuggle and purr.
We are also excited because the DR WHO PART 2 will finally air on Saturday in the states! YAYAYA!!! I see meowmy crying hard again but happy that Katherine Tate is back as Donna.
We also want to thank AGAIN every fur who was kind enough to stop by and visit this page and leave a sweet thought or treat. It makes my mewomy's day and mine more than you'll ever know. You kittehs are So Special!
*************** I LURVS YOU************************

King Henry
(now mewomy?)

HAPPYY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010


I'm BACCKKK and Thanks!!!!!!!

December 26th 2009 8:23 am
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Hey Furries!!!!
Thanks SO MUCH fur remembering my birthday. I spent it in the car driving to grandpaws and grandpas house. But it did SNOW! It was blizzard like conditions at one point and this is Dallas Texas. But the white Christmas was very purrttyy.
I even got my paws wet in it. (pictures to follow)
Today meowmy gave my Christmas present. Lots of jingly balls and purty Christmas paper. I've been running and playing them all day. Then I plan to nap and be grteful fur all my Catster pals and having a warm house to sleep in.

LURVS King Henry (Snow King)

PS Catster has been really hard to log in and stay in lately and it's ticking me off!


Therapy Cat and a Treat from Armani!

December 12th 2009 8:52 am
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Hey furries,
Take a little time to purr fur Armani's ears. They have a weird goo that won't go away! So we exchanged gingerbread-catnip cookies and purred on it.
Guido that crazy Eye-tail-yn kitteh does therapy work fur humans. It makes him feel furry special so I decided to practice on my meowmy. MOL! When she sat on the couch to watch the Cat TV box I hopped up beside here so she could comb out my long fur. Ahhhhh....
The I did something that I haven't done in a LONG time. I stretched out my entire body and SLEPT in her arms. Oy...I furgot how wunderful that feels not just to mewomy but to me too! I just purred and slept fur hours...Mewomy wouldn't tell me how long. MOL!! It felt right to let those purrs and cuddles go on and on!
Everybuddy talks about therapy doggies, but I think therapy kittehs are just as great! So here's to all the homeless shelter, stray, and feral kittehs finding a soft bed and warm heart fur the holidays!

King Henry



December 5th 2009 8:12 am
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Yes furries it's true. I was sleeping peacefully with my meowmy when we looked out the window and huge flakes the size of my eyes cam down. It was SO COLD too! Meowmy ran out and took tons of pictures and called her parents(my grandparents)! Wow.. It wasn't a special Christmas Snow but it was special to us.............

Warm and Happy
King of the SNOW Henry

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