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Wonder What Willie Jean Is Thinking?

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June 8th 2009 4:15 pm
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I will try to be brief about the goings-on around here.. It's been so eventful!

Mama took in a neighborhood kitty she felt might be worthy of us aking in or else adopting out.. He was a meanie to me and did not improve his attitude despite all her efforts.. It was a long go for her taking care of him and keeping him seperated from us. She worked with the local Humane Society and really wanted to keep him.. HA! She and the shelter lady thought he'd gotten better about his dislike for other kitties so she let him downstairs with us.. He ignored Pearlie and went right for ME! He bowled me right over and sunk his teeth into me. Mama came along and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and then it was back to his isolation ward..

It took me awhile to recover from that. I wasn't injured physically but was so scared, I just hung out in the basement. Mama and Pearlie got me out of it. Pearlie stuck with me and I let her. Mama told me "Willie, this is YOUR house" and I believed her. Along came a nice lady to take the stray kitty and he left our house for good. PHEW!

Mama pledges to me she will never put me through all that again.

I've been going out and about in the yard and enjoying my naps in the shade. I went out on the leash in the front a few times but we need to solve the stray cat problem in our neighborhood before I can do that too much. They aren't very nice to me!!!

I do love my backyard though and it is MY world as our house is MY house. Patsy is still bratty and I tell her off alot but when push comes to shove, I would do most anything to help her if she needed it. Pearlie is my friend. She's so calm and gentle, I like to have her near me and I don't hiss at her ever. Time for a nap outdoors. Bye all!


I'm a DDP!!

April 24th 2009 10:33 am
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Thanks to all my wonderful catster friends who pmailed me and left me treaties. Thanks for reading about my life too. Recently, I had to defend my family and it took alot. Mama told me what a special, heroic kitty I am but really I'm only doing my job. Truthfully, it's why I don't run away anymore. I'm needed here.

It's a gorgeous day here so I'm dictating through an open window while I'm resting in one of my little houses in the backyard. Pretty soon I might try to find a pile of leaves that hasn't been raked up yet and curl in for a good nap. No better way to celebrate.

Thanks again catster and to my buddies.



April 18th 2009 11:10 pm
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One of mama's stray kitties slipped through a gap in our fence today while Patsy and I were out playing in the backyard today. He was loaded for bear too but what he got was ME!

He tried to sneak up on Patsy but mama was trying to get him away. Patsy was posed for a scrap but she's my little sis so I jumped up and told her to get away. I got right up in that guy's face and send him running.. NOBODY messes with my kids! (adopted kids)

Mama was yelling at him and went right up to him with a stick to tell him to get out. He would not budge!! Weird cat!

Finally she tucked the little one into the garage and took me up to the house with a short visit with the neighbors to get my mind onto other things...

I was hungry after all that so I didn't try to run back out through the trap door even though mama rushed to the back to shut it.

She brought Patsy back up after me and looked all clawed up for her efforts..

I guess we're going to have to do some fence mending and I heard mama talking about trapping him tonight. Her other strays are alot more civilized.. Then later one of the neighbors came up and asked if my cat was attacking hers!! She lets hers run loose so of course mama told she didn't approve of that and we were not allowed out. It sounded like the same little demon tho... She'll have to do something about him.. and the fence too!!



April 17th 2009 5:49 pm
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Mellow, mellow day. Spent much of it outside!! Mama called Dr Julie real quick as I've been sniffling and sneezing but she said to just wait it out a bit... and she said she thought I should get out in the sunshine!!
Wow! I have a new respect for this vet!

Mama came out and raked leaves and then went on a search & destroy mission for thistle plants lurking in the grass. She dug them up and told me 'We're going to have to replace our divets". HUH? That went over my head but it was fun just to have her talking to me out there.

She opened up the window so Patsy could watch us. Every time she'd go in the garage or out of sight, Patsy would scream her head off. Some people's kids. I guess now that the thistles are dug up, she'll be letting the others come out too and they'd better behave. This is MY yard!!

Lots of work for us to do out there and I enjoy helping so the time goes fast. I hope these outside days go on forever and ever...



April 10th 2009 9:31 pm
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This was the perfect day and I was sooo busy! Mama let me out the trapdoor and things started jumping. It was kitty convention time just out beyond the fence.

A neighbor's daughter just moved back home with her 2 cats so we got acquainted today through the fence. There is nothing I love more than a good scrap even if I have to do it through a fence. I told that youngster a few things and his sister too.

Then that black thing came around and I gave it to him too. THEN I hear mama banging on the window and normally I come running. Not today though cuz I'm BUSY!

She came around to the alley because she wants to run my life and she saw me there telling that striped kid off. She laughed! She told the the black thing to 'come and get some food'. I think she's a bit too nice to that pathetic wimp of a cat really. Later I wondered if she wasn't trying in her own way to break up the perfectly good fight we were all in. Spoil sport.

Ok, so then I wanted to come in after the other kitties left and the game was over. What's the point in hanging around when bed awaits me after a good tussle through the fence.



April 8th 2009 3:06 pm
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Oh man oh man! Mama has been letting me out alot lately and am I ever a happy kitty. I was outside for quite awhile yesterday! This happened by accident though because she didn't realize the batteries were so low on the driveway patrol and didn't know if I was up at window asking to be let back in or not. .. She FORGOT I was out there!! Thank you, God!! I went off for a nap in a deep pile of leaves.. I wasn't shook up one bit!

Today I've been out 2 times!! She won't let me out after dark so I have to make another run before that.. I love this! And yes, I'm being good about not escaping from my yard.



March 31st 2009 7:04 pm
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I dunno why I've been so crabby lately, I just have..

Some days, like today, I don't get to go outside.. YOU HERE THAT MAMA! She said because it was raining and then because it was hailing and other stupid excuses.

THEN, she took away my food bowl upstairs.. Ok, so we have to eat canned food for awhile since Patsy has a sore mouth but can't we have that upstairs too? Sometimes I don't feel like getting up, walking downstairs to the kitchen, finding the dish, etc etc etc etc. Why? Because you think I'm too fat? That it requires me too little to find something to snarf down on whenever I feel it? That the kittens are adults now and don't need to have food under their noses 24/7?
Well, GAH!


I'm A Statistic

March 25th 2009 4:54 pm
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The recent catster poll had our mom chuckling because now, in hindsight, she can afford to.. At the time, it was not so amusing.

When I was younger and more frisky, I was a perpetual Houdini, figuring out how to escape from my cat fence even right in front of mom while she was working on it just to prove a point.

One day, she came out to check on me, found a pile of loose dirt, a hole under the cyclone fence and I wasn't around. She never thought of me digging my way out so I won that round... kinda...

She looked all over me. I wasn't far away but I was hid and not going to go home before my own time. I heard her yell all the way down the alley and around two blocks. She was frantic. She asked all the neighbors if they had seen me.. No, of course they hadn't. It got dark and she got very tired in the wee hours of the morning. She took a chance on her safety by leaving the storm door open and the porch unlocked. Oh she was worried but she was also mad--at me.

The next morning I was there on the porch waiting for her.. but I had a problem during the night. See, I ran into the neighborhood bully. I stood up to him and thought he'd gotten the message but as soon as I turned my back, he bit me in the butt--HARD!

So there was my mama, mad at me and yet relieved to see me and she saw that I had something wrong. It didn't seem so bad to her so she fed me and let me rest and felt I'd gotten what I deserved if I'd sat on something and had a cut. The next morning she could see I was in a bad way so off I went to the doc's.

I had to have surgery and be on meds and all that stuff that we don't like.. I did get better and mama forgave me. Whew.

She still chuckles about the pile of dirt and the ways I pit my mind against hers.. butt that's one history we don't want to repeat. I don't either because I suffered and then I was beached for a long while from going outside on my own. Do not try this at home!


Perfect Day... Almost..

March 16th 2009 9:24 pm
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It was almost 70 degrees here today! Sunny, no wind and so mild.
Mama opened up my trap door and I jumped right through.

Then, if things couldn't get any better, she cam around through the garage to do her project and hang out with me. I've been wishing for this for months now. She's got some plan to rig up a clotheline out there so she was making a clothespole to prop it up off the ground. She gave me such good images of human clothes waving in the wind like ghosts. She told me how her mom did this all the time when she was a kid. (hehe that was long ago maybe before electricity was discovered) Then she said she hoped the birds don't poop on her stuff. I must say that is a hard thing to dodge. !!

We had a great time telling each other stories and she listened to me complain. I love that.

Tonight was the almost part... She put food out and that d*mned black cat Sammy showed up and then she went out and gave him this sleazy cheesy food we don't get (!!) .. I was really starting to get loud about the whole thing and I bothered her about going out until she got mad at me and dumped me off her chest onto the floor. There was some 'program' she wanted to watch about the lady she named me after, Willa Cather.. Big whoop.

Tomorrow is another day and I'm going to get her up out of bed to get me OUT!



March 14th 2009 8:43 pm
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This is my new role in life. Mom hates it but for my part, it positions me to be the first thing she sees when she gets out of the shower. She's feeling clean and refreshed and perhaps she'll let me out. So I take up a square of about 24" (so she claims) and she has to walk on the floor.. I do get my point across.

She has to take a shower down in the basement in our old house and she gets so mad that she even got 2 huge bathmats to save her from walking on the floor... Ah, hello? I also need some space to lie down.

I'm back on meds again cuz I was sneezing. I guess I'm somewhat used to them now. It just has to be for a time. Hopefully this course of doxy will kill off 'the bug' that Pearlie and I were sharing. Even after 2 days of meds, I'm better. It was kind of ironic that as mama was talking to the vet on the phone, I was sneezing right in her face. I believe I've already said I like to get my point across....

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