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I got tagged by Meatball!!!

November 24th 2008 9:22 am
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Meowmy made me wait to do this, she said we have been playing alot and my furster furiends are probably tired of hearing my stuff. But I begged to play now! I think it's fun!

1)-I hope Muppet gets all the money she needs and gets her surgery and is ok and lives a full. and happy life.
2)-I am (not so secretly) in love with Sonny Bono, the greatest kitty in the world ever!
3)-My brofur Pumkin Pooh gave me a headbonk yesterday, that was a first!
4)-I like my "morning time" with meowmy, when she wakes up I follow her to the bathroom where I get petted and I purr alot.
5)-I eat my food furry fast! I am an eating machine!
6)-I don't like ice cream, I am a "meat and potatoes" girlcat (no, meowmy doesn't feed me that!)
7)-I love my furmily at home and I love my Catster furmily.

I am tagging:
2)-Izadore (Izzie)
3)-Jules (Jules Vern Jr.)

Gotta go send p-mails. Bye effuryone, I wuv you.


OMC, I got tagged!

November 7th 2008 10:41 am
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That crazy furster Dog tagged my whole furmily! I am furry excited! This is so pawsome! I feel LOVED!!!

Here goes my list:
1)-I am a chubby-poo kitty
2)-I have a mad crush on Sir Sonny Bono
3)-I follow meowmy to the bathroom and stand up to hold onto her
4)-I love Greenies
5)-I sleep on top of my scratchy toy
6)-I like to snuggle with meowmy on the couch while she reads or watches tv
7)-Sometimes I nibble on the plants

OK, here's who I tag:
1)-Sir Sonny Bono - Royalty
6)-Margo, R.K.N.

Have a great day, everyone! Purrs!!!


Hi to all my furiends!!!

October 17th 2008 7:01 am
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I have so many, it makes me furry happy! And I am a moody kitty, so happy is furry good for me to be!

Pumkin is behaving FOR THE MOMENT. He will not let meowmy make the bed, he hears her ands comes zooming in the room and burrows right under the bedspread. Then after she shakes out our blankie and neatly places it atop the bed, he scrunches it up to his liking. It is a never ending battle, and Pumkin is the winner. Every time.

I wish meowmy would take the time to pretty up our pages, and put music on, too. The other cats have it! Also, although I personally do not want to wear a costume, it might be fun to see Pumkin dressed up as a gorilla or something!!!


I am not playing with Pumkin anymore

October 3rd 2008 6:01 pm
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That cat is too, too wild for me! I am set in my ways, and he's jumping all over the place. He does not walk from room to room, he prances! I know meowmy gets upset, but this is the way I am. I want to be left alone most of the time, even with meowmy, I come to her when I want rubs or hugs. I'm used to my sisfur Jasmine, she washes me up and everything. But I like gentle, gentle, gentle touches, and Pumkin is too wild!!!

My favorite thing to do is eat! Once in a while I grab a toy and smack it around, or hold it in my mouth and roll around with it, grabbing it with my paws.

It's naptime for me, time for a "catnap." Headbonks and purrs to everyone!


What a great day!

August 19th 2008 8:00 pm
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I've been playing with Pumkin like crazy, Jasmine likes to lay down next to him. Meowmy says we are all getting along nicely. She is SO happy we have two new furriends, Prince, and now Lovey. Meowmy just told us about Lovey answering our invite to be furriends. She read to us from our furriend Willow's diary, and then from Maggie's and Bernie's memory lane. Some really beautiful bedtime stories.


I'm not hissing at Pumkin anymore!

August 2nd 2008 12:16 pm
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Maybe once in a while, but hardly ever. I sniffed him nose to nose yesterday, but he cried and backed away. And guess what, when he doesn't know it, I sniff his tail and behind! He's pretty much okay, very vocal, he even woke meowmy at 3 a.m. crying for attention! But meowmy explained to Jazzy and I that he came from the street, where he scavenged for food most of the time, had to endure all sorts of stuff I wouldn't wish on any kitty. He's really a nice guy, very, very gentle. I noticed he bumps meowmy's head alot, and when she kisses him,she kisses all of us. This morning when she came home from Petland with our supplies, everyone got a new toy. Then she pulled out a camera and started snapping, and Pumkin even wore a hat, and Jazzy posed with a bunch of toys and a toy mouse on top of her head. It was so funny! Meowmy got us greenies also. She really loves us alot, and as if I didn't know, she tells all of us ALL THE TIME!


Pumkin's coming!

July 25th 2008 10:48 am
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Meowmy is bringing Pumkin home tomorrow, can't wait! I told Jazzy she better be nice to him, (actually I asked her nicer than that), she is SO into everyone knowing she is the alpha-cat. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister furever, but she is not as sociable as I am. At the very least, I go next door to Fran's house and visit her 3 dogs and 3 cats, sometimes we don't talk or even act as though I see them, but all the same I do try and get out of the house sometimes. But not Jasmine.She is content just hanging with me. Mommy said not to worry, we all have plenty of love to spread, and Pumkin needs us, and she says Jazzy will adjust, it may take a little time and I have to be patient. So I feel as though good old Isabelle has to help pull this off,keep the harmony in the family. I remember way back when I was with other people, and they didn't feed me enough, and the people gave me back where they got me, to this lady Helene who lives in mommy's (and my)building. Both me and Jasmine (and 2 others)were born in Helene's apartment. Anyway, when the people brought me back Helene told mommy and mommy brought me home. That was a really great day for me, mommy and Jazzy. So mommy reminded me where I came from, and to open up my heart to Pumkin, and she even said I may call him Pummy.


My Diary, by Isabelle

July 23rd 2008 8:47 am
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Well, it's a typical Wednesday morning and I just woke up from my nap. Mommy and my sister Jazzy are here, my toys are here, my food and my treats are here, and life is good. Mommy loves us SO much!

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