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Jumping Java's life of fun

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The littlest Bengal

March 16th 2013 4:54 am
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I am still the smallest of the bunch here at the house. Even my real brothers and sisters are much bigger but Mom says I cause the most trouble. Lately I have been sitting on Dad, he has the warmest blanket and he hasn't been feeling too well. I have a kitty cold and he has a cold as well. My little sniffles are nothing to his! He went to his vet and got all checked over. It is ok, we can hang together and sleep on the couch!


Free at last

March 7th 2013 8:09 am
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I am still out in the GP! I have been so good and get to sit on mommy all the time now....I lick my fur a lot. Vet says it is a nervous tick but I am just fine. I no longer pee and spray and get lots of love and people time.


I get out!

November 22nd 2011 12:42 pm
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Mom has moved me to the big basement. What a change! There is a big heater called a boiler I get to curl up next to at night and Mom has been letting me out during the day to play and have fun. Beetle and Yenta keep me in line but I still love to bug Smudge, she makes lots of noise even if I just look at her. The grand Dam Gabby Boodle passed on a couple weeks back at 17 years. I guess mOm felt it was time to get me out and try it again. I have been really good and I love sitting on mom at night or running around with Beetle. If I get to freaked I just ask to go to the basement to be on my own. It is a nice change.


Wishing for Spring

February 25th 2010 9:45 am
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I like to watch the snowflakes out my window but really hate the cold! I just don't have the make up for a nice cuddly fur coat. Mom plays with me every day in my room. She says I am getting chubby...all us old girls get chubby! I have met Beetle Bub but she really doesn't want to play with me. I bet is mom left us alone we would soon have a great time but mom is paranoid...


Still loving my space

June 9th 2009 4:47 pm
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I am still head of the room here. I get out of my room every now and then but I much much love my own space. Mom says I am a little angel and I have been so good I haven't had to see the vet in a very long time. She also built some new cat walks in the walk in closet so I can run around without touching the floor. The best parts are sleeping under the blankets on my couch and sitting in the window watching the world go by...very nice indeed.


New Toys!

July 8th 2008 5:51 am
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Mom built me 3 new kitty condos last week!! Woo Hoo! I am now rolling and climbing and scratching my toes on some cool stuff. Only problem is I stay up all night talking to my toys and sometimes I walk over to the door and try to con Mom into coming in to play with me. I hear them sleeping so I know they are there!!! But Mom doesn't come in. I guess she doesn't want to play at 3 am....

She took me out of my room to see what the others would do. Pud just hissed at me, I guess he has forgotten we used to be pals. Kinda scared me. Belly, the new kitty gave me head butts and kisses and little hugs. I think she is pretty cool, although she is much bigger than me. Kinda reminds me of my Giddy who was my best pal. But Mom didn't leave me out very long, some fear about me spraying. I was pretty happy to be in my room again though.


Ahhh, my own place

May 24th 2007 11:47 am
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I have been living upstairs in the place Mom calls master bedroom & bath. It is a really neat place, got lots of space, and I am on my own!

I know Mom was upset that I was chasing the others and that I sprayed stuff but I had to claim everything as mine so the others would stay away! But up here, I have my own stuff and everything smells like Mom...I don't spray up here at all. I love it. Plus, I get all her attention several times a day and at night we play and play until I curl up and fall asleep on her leg.

Of course it helps that I have my own food and my own water fountian! AND I get canned food several times a, how good is that?? I am so much happier, I give Mom & Dad big kitty kisses right in the mouth...and I fuss at Dad and give him what for, just like Mom taught me LOL! I miss running up and down the stairs sometimes but it really is cool to be mellow!


Rose Colored Glasses

August 10th 2006 6:26 am
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Mom and Dad have decided to put me on some medication for a bit to calm me down. It is called Clomi-calm. I guess my chasing the torties got to be to much and then jumping on the Merl became a fun time too. Pretty soon I was chasing every one.
Mom talked to some behavior type doctors and they said I was just doing what Bengals do but the others didn't want to play that rough becuase they are old. Mom and Dad didn't want to give me up cause they love me so much so they are trying this medication.
I feel pretty good, very mellow, and when Mom & Dad tell me NO I listen. I still like to play with the feather toys and I do chase the Skeeter-tortie every now an then (which honestly I think she loves cause she eggs me on) but it is up and down the stairs then I stop. I give kitty kisses all the time and when Dad plays with me he spins me around until my tail poofs hehe but all is ok.


Oh Oh

November 5th 2005 4:35 am
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I overheard Mom & Dad talking about me this morning. They are plotting to put me in the basement with Pud and Merlin at nights now. Pud likes to yowl at night and Merl scratches the wall at 4 am to wake up Mom so I understand them down there...but me??? I am an angel. I guess me jumping on the torties and making them screech isn't a good thing but man, that is sooo much fun. Mom got the water bottle out last night, ugg. I will just give her a kitty kiss, she will forget all about the basement!


New Carpet!

March 11th 2005 2:32 am
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Dad and Mom brought in this grreeaat new carpet. I love it! I love rolling on it and running around in circles and doing some good juke moves on the torties! Don't tell Giddy but it makes him look real pretty. I heard one of Dad's friends is getting 2 Bengal kittens soon. All I can think about is how much fun that might be! Just think, if there were 3 of us running around we would be the terrors of the house! We would rule! Giddy wouldn't knock me over either...wait, Mom said I am the terror of the house. That isn't true, I am a little angel. Mom just doesn't understand! Although, she did shut us all out from the upstairs at night so she could get some sleep. The others glared at me for awhile cause they couldn't sleep next to mom...they knew it was my fault. Oh well, that just means the torties are all downstairs hehehe

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