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Grizzly Grazzly

My Dad has gone crazy

July 22nd 2010 7:38 pm
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tonight when daddy fed me and Cappie, he said "Catch Daddy a mouse"...and I 'm thinking about it but in the mean time, What's fur supper??
Yuck...who wants to eat a mousie?? they is raw and kind of stringy....and they taste like...well mouse..
Hey daddy! why don't you go catch ME a mouse?? HUH?


I'm in Jail at HOME!

June 12th 2010 5:13 pm
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These folks are just plain mean! They have locked me up in my own home! They say it fur my own good...Just what does that mean???
I have my own cell - it's usually called the sunroom, but now I'm calling it JAIL!
Just wait until I get out! They are going to PAY!


I'm in sickbay at the v-e-t-s

June 10th 2010 6:45 pm
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Halp! they've got me locked up here! Mumma was right - I did have an abscess and the folks in colored pajamas stuck a needle in it and got out some nasty looking stuff. Dr. Phil decided to keep me over night because they had to knock me out with some stuff to put in a drain...I hope it doesn't drain out everything inside of me, I would look pretty skinny if that happened.
Mumma's note:
For the second time this year we will set up the cat kennel in the living room. Grizzly will be confined until Monday, when the Penrose drain in his neck will be removed. He did well with the sedation and will be on antibiotics when he comes home.
I am praying to ceiling cat that this is the end of the cat-drama here - I've had enough already!


Just call me Lumpie

June 9th 2010 6:19 pm
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Today mumma discovered a lump on the right side of my jaw. It is soft, warm to touch and kind of tender. She is 99% sure it is an abscess. She made Dad call the vet right away and get an's off in the DREADED BOX for tomorrow....


Happy Memorial Day!

May 30th 2010 8:31 am
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Just a qwik blurb to wish everykat a grate hollerday.
Mumma is making gud fud and hope she shares!
Fangks fur all the hotdoggies and hamboorgers!


Grizzly Grazzly Grouses...

July 3rd 2008 9:41 pm
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Gosh, I'm just a plain speekin' kind of Kat. I don't need fancy this or that...just plain will do.
Now if you ever want to get your folks a going, listen to what I have to say.... all you need to do is catch a teeny little snake and bring it into the house....hehehe .... and let it loose in the kittychen (that's where our Mum feeds us) little teeny snakes can slither so nicely on the smooth floors, hehehe... it's pleasure to behold! and chasin' them around on slippery floors is sooo much fun! you slide, the snake slithers, and Mum shrieks! What fun! until Mum gets the bwooom and sweeps both me and the snake out the'd think Mum would have a sense of humor by now...

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