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Pink Cat Says....

11 in 09!

February 28th 2009 4:25 am
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I've just been weighed for the first time this year and I am now down to 5kg, which is exactly 11lbs!! I am really quite stunned with my weight loss as I've been on quite a few successful food stealing missions just recently and I've even been getting treats and everything! I was even thinking my weight might have gone back up but it didn't!
This news has come at a really good time as I know there is some roast chicken on the agenda this weekend and I, I know I deserve some morsels as a reward for reaching 11lbs!


Still losing...

November 29th 2008 1:38 pm
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Well, I'm a bit overdue with my diet update but I have continued to lose weight since the last time I was weighed. I've definitely lost more than 2lbs since I started my diet but it's hard to be precise due to the whackness of my mum's scales. If she weighs herself while holding me, she's discovered that she can make the scales vary by at least a pound if she shifts her position on the scales. We have therefore come to the conclusion that we need new scales! I'm not going to continue to take part in this farce any longer if I don't have the necessary equipment! I will try to steal food at every opportunity from now on!


Just Call Me Slimmer of The Month!

October 12th 2008 10:20 am
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Yes, we can't believe it but I have lost one pound in four weeks due to my weight loss plan (that means eating less!). My food was cut down from 2 1/2 pouches of Chicken Oh So Meaty a day to 2 pouches a day - that's a reduction of 20% which is a safe amount for a chubby cat like me. I've also had to cut out some of the titbits and treats I was enjoying although I do still get some. Now I actually do weigh 12lbs FOR REAL! (I've been fibbing for a while).

I have to say it has been hard at times. At first my mum was bulking up my reduced amount of meat with some veg, cooked green beans or grated courgette, so I wouldn't feel like I was eating less. I was fine for a few days but then I started to reject any food that had veg in it, I would just barf it straight back up! Oliver told me that trying to purge like those Hollywood starlets was not the right way to go about losing weight so mum left out the veg and I went back to keeping by food down :0)

I have my food in 5 'mouse sized' meals of 35g spread out throughout the day at 4 hour intervals (roughly), doing this is meant to help keep my metabolism higher but I suppose that technique would be impossible for a kitty whose staff are out at work all day, unless they had one of those timed food dispenser things. I'm lucky because my grandma lives next door, so if there's no one here to feed me at the right times, grandma can come and do it!

Check back next month to see if my weight loss success has continued!


I've been tagged!

May 9th 2008 8:51 am
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I've been tagged by naughty Nemo and now I have to list 4 things in each of the four categories below and then tag 4 friends. If any of my friends would LIKE to be tagged by me then let me know because I simply cannot decide who to tag... *sighs*

1. Keeping the two boycats of the house in line.
2. Maintaining my nice curvy figure by eating as much as possible.
3. Protecting 'The Feeders' against attacks by Blade.
4. Testing the comfortability of 'The Feeders' by lying/sitting on them in various positions.

1. Wherever I was born...can't remember where that was.
2. The house where they left me outside all the time and let me have MILLIONS of kittens *rolls eyes*
3. The garden of where I now live, when I was left outside all the time by my previous 'supposed' caretakers.
4. Here with Blade and Soda.

1. Nowhere!
2. Nowhere!
3. Nowhere!
4. Nowhere...erm...only maybe somewhere where they'd let me eat & eat and get fatter and fatter and fatter!

So if you would like to be tagged - just let me know!


Thinking of Rehoming a Cat?

April 26th 2008 3:02 pm
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Why not consider giving a home to one of those that finds it hardest to find a home?......
'Senior Kittizens' (over 10 years old)... plain black cats... black & white cats... shy or nervous cats... cat 'pairs' who are inseparable... cats with FIV... diabetic cats... deaf or blind cats... could you be that special person they have been waiting for..?
They need a home just as much as all the 'perfect' cats and kittens out there, so please take a chance on one of them!

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