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Baby's Life {Updates, Blog, ETC}

Been so long.

April 16th 2008 12:23 pm
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Wow it has been so long since I've been on. I should update you.

Baby has gone to the vet twice since (we kind of are worry warts).

She is officially diagnosed as blind and boy is she getting big. We are going to get her fixed soon, but don't worry all the boys we got are fixed. So she wont get "knocked up".

Anyways, we have not seen her possible Mama in the flesh but we found her at a shelter. We wanted to adopt her, but she is going to be adopted by our Church's pastor so thats good.

Baby was found to have ear mites so we have her on a medication for that and she is doing fine. Since we have other cats they are on a preventative our vet gave us.

I think it is finally starting to sink in that Chloe is gone. Baby wines at night and usually Chloe is the first one there. Charlie Anne comes but Baby can tell it is not Chloezy.
RainDrop is depressed he looks for her all the time but...

Well I need to go TTFN


Baby is getting a name change!!!!

March 27th 2008 6:40 pm
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"Mew. Baby talking! Mummy says Im big girl enough to write my first blog, but since I can't see she's helping me!!! She told me all about how your purred and pwayed for me! Thankies so much. I weely needed it!
I wanted to twell you that Mummy says I need a weel name- because Im not gonna be a baby forever (except for in Mummy's eyes of course!) BUT... Baby is not my fwavorwit name. Mummy picked some names here they are...

Colette. Colbie. Shafiqua (shah-FEEK-wa). Ananda.
Mummy like Colbie alot because she is my and her fwavorwit singer.

Well it is my bedtime... I gotta go... BYE! =XxXxXxXx (thats lots of kisses!!!)"

"Baby"'s mummy, Kate, here... I like those names but if you know of one feel free to pmail!!! Im asking ya'll to VOTE ON NAMES HERE!!!! =D


Mama Spotted- MAYBE...

March 26th 2008 10:56 am
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Hey all.
Today while doing a little bike riding on my street I spotted a fat cat I assumed to be female that resembled Baby running by. The cat had short hair and was missing an ear. I got off my bike and tried to seduce the kitty to come to me, but it ran into a bush and I couldn't find it again. I have reason to believe that this, just maybe, is Baby's missing Mama.

I have not caught a glimpse of any cats like baby recently other than her Mama. Could maybe Baby be an only kitten in a litter??? Hmmm... The odds are slim. But slim odds were meant to be fattened! So maybe Baby's birth was a box of Twinkies going to down the stomach of the odds!!! Hahaha.

Well, Baby is doing GREAT. We are eating dry kitten chow today (NOT PURINA- I SWEAR) sprinkled with water to make the transition easier. We also are off the Mother's Milk and onto big kitty water. All and all, the girly is good. Walking around the house with Charlie Anne's supervision. Usually Chloe- who has experience with special needs cats (RainDrop, her bonded boy, is deaf) takes care of her... But with her being sick she usually sleeps all day in her Hiding House or on the Couch only awaking for a little petting, a bathroom break, breakfast/lunch/dinner, you get it... Well, I gotta go... BYE!


First Vet Trip- 03/20/2008

March 24th 2008 9:22 am
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For those who've kept an eye on Baby's profile to know how her remarkable recovery is going, this is the first entry in her blog written specially for you.

On March 10th was when we found Baby. It was pouring rain and in a muddy puddle on the side of the road. Me and my friend were walking home from school (no idea why) but in the slowly filling puddle sat soaking wet a little kitten. Our first thought was leaving her, but realizing that she was so young we picked her up and put her under my raincoat into my hoodie's pouch-pocket and brought her home. At first my parents were a little bit ticked, already having four cats, BUT they accepted her just the same. Over the next five days we came to believe she was blind. I sought the advice of fellow Catsters and thankfully I got some nifty tricks.

Now here comes March 20th, and out vet appointment was here.

The vet revealed Baby was not a month, but most likely two. This was good, because four weeks IS NOT the age for a kitten to be away from her Mama. Two months though is good, or at least better. There is no way to tell when she left her Mother- so we are still looking for anything wrong.

Our suspicions of her blindness were pretty much confirmed. Though it may take a few months to get an official reason WHY, it may be weeks before we can totally be sure.

Other than that, Baby is healthy. No broken bones, infection, illness, or known mites/worms/parasites/etc... Oh and 99.9% sure she doesn't have FeLV or FIV. Im sure she doesn't!!!

Thanks for the purrs and prayers. Keep em coming!


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