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More Thank You(s)

March 10th 2010 6:38 am
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I have a few more Birthday Thank Yous that I missed yesterday.

I would like to Thank:
Edwina (Eddy) and Family Leprechaun Hat
Monida 4 Leaf clover
Muppet 4-ever Diamond
Ava Corrine, O'Andy Boy, Arli Blarney Stone, Lilah Alexis Grace, Mink (Cupcake), Prussia Blue Ribbon
Riley & Skippy Cup Cake

I cherish all my friends and I thank them for thinking about me on my Birthday.


I am sending Concats to my Brother Kibbles for being a Daily Diary Pick today! He is celebrating with our good friends, Calvin, Zack, Jingles, and Pfeffer. What a great way to celebrate a DDP. I wish the other DDP a Great day and send my Concats. Hope you check each one out today.


Yesterday was a wonderful day here. The temp went up to 65 and we got to have 2 windows open and go on the porch. The snow is slowly melting and we can see more and more green grass. The birdies were out and the squirrels. We watched those silly squirrels get their peanuts out of the peanut box. The one squirrel would go up and get a nut, run down the tree go away, come back and do it over again. Usually they have one or two squirrels get the peanuts and throw them on the ground for the others. Now today I don't think we will get to have the windows open or go on the porch. It's a gloomy, cloudy day. We are having some rain off and on. Suppose to be that way all day. We have been running up and down the hall playing. But I getting tired and going to take a break. Things are getting quite for now! Later Kibbles and I are going to Vets for our Yearly Checkup and shots. We don't mind going to the vets, cause the ladies all love us. They even have our pictures in an album. Our entire family is in this album. Zelda is even on their web page. Our Vet is the bestest!
I hope everyfurry has a great day, be safe, be loved.




Family Pets



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