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June 25th 2009 7:43 am
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Yesterday was Meowy's day off. She and Grammy had the whole day planned, pulling weeds, moving bushes, moving flowers and taking all us babies out for some fresh air. When it was my turn Meowy put my harness on me and was going to walk me in the backyard, but I just stood still. Grammy told her I was waiting to be put in the stroller. I love my stroller rides. So Meowy put me in the stroller and we took a stroll all around the backyard. I looked at all the daylillies, butterflies, and birdies, sniffed the fresh air and just enjoyed myself. Than she took me over to the cat enclosure. I just sat by the gate, I didn't want to go in. Grammy always lets me sit on the outside with her. (Cause I'm very good) Well Meowy put me in the enclosure. I was ok with that, cause I found the planter of CATNIP! Than Grammy came in with Francis. We were so happy. We were eating catnip, rolling in catnip and just having fun. Than a Big crow came down in the yard and was looking for his bread crumbs. Francis and I just stood real still and watched and watched. How exciting! Later 2 chipmunks came around. Grammy said they must be trying out for speed racing. They ran all over the backyard. In and out of bushes, they came very close to us. They ran up the stone pile and chattered. One of them came closer, about 3 feet from us in the tree. How exciting! Than it was time for us to go in a give someone else a turn. I wanted to walk this time. I am very good at walking on a leash until I get to the door, than I throw a fit. I don't want to go in, you can't make me. So I always get picked up and put on the porch. I love to go outside and have alone time with my family. I was hoping to go out again today, but Grammy said it's getting hot already this morning and she has the air on. So I don't think anyone is going outside today.

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June 25th 2009 at 6:30 pm

Isn't it great when our Meowys can stay home with us? We get so much love and attention, walks in the stroller, and walks in the backyard on our leash. We wish Meowy could stay home with us everyday...




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