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Who Meeee????


October 31st 2013 6:35 am
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Happy HALLOWEEEN!! It’s a BEEEOOTIFUL day in Hevvin!! St Pete is reeding da Sports page wif a BIIG GRIN on his face – hmmm.. did he bet on da game last nite?? When SUDDENLY dat liddle PHAT anjel wif tiny wings - Da wun hoo is supposta RAT on BBBT but DUZ NOT!!- runs up to St Pete and sez “Sir, there are SCILLIONS of CATS lined up waiting to get into da Orinj and Blakk gates!!!”

“…Orinj…. and Blakk…. gates!!!?” skareems St Pete as he smakks his forehead wif his hand…. De liddle Anjul sez “Oh doan worry I will hose off them Purrly Gates!” and takes a hose to Dem Gates while a Liddle Voyss SKAREEMS—“DAT’s POSTER Paint! It’s gonna Leak Into Da SKY!!!!”
Meenwhile on Urth we heer: “Oh! Grab yor Camera!!! LOOKIT DAT ORINJ and BLAKK Sunrise!!” and “Mommy — Y iz da sky Oranj and Blakk???” and others, (with much wringing of hands) yell “Woe iz US!! It’s GLOABULLE WARMING!! Da Sky is MEEELTING!!!” MEENWHILE, Up in Hevvin……

St Pete sez, very sadly – “WHY are SO MANNY KATS Up here tewday? What happind to dem?!!!! “Da liddle Anjul sez “Well, ACK! Shaully St Pete- they live here – they are TRIKK OR TREETING!!!” St Pete smakks hiz forehedd and sez :“Oh, groan.. OK—gib em a POWNNS and tell em to get in heer and STAY IN HEER – Dis iz NOT Ben And Jerry’s FREE KOAN DAY—They CANNOT get bakk in line—we got a WHOLE BUNCHA NOO ARRIVALS out there – WHAT are they gonna think of HEVVIN now dat they have seen DIS!! AND.. HOO PUT THOSE KATS UP TO DIS – Oh no.. doan’t ansur dat…. Groan.. groan….”

St Pete runs up da Hevvinly Stairs to Da Big Purrson’s Office to complain but—there is a noate on da BP’s dore dat sez: “Iyam Oh!Fish!Allee declaring DIS Day as– MY DAY OF REST! DOAN BOTHER ME!! FIND…DA.. KAT!!!.. and speek to HER!!!” Meenwhile Up In Hevvin…..

ALL of Kitty Hevvin is Abuzz wif GLEEE!! Alla dem kitties is dresst up like GHOSTIES!!! Hee hee!! Big and Liddle white ghostie shaips gliding, jumping, FLYYING and PittyPattying abowt – Lissin to them PURRRR! And Eeek! And Skweek!!!

“Who do we thank for theez LUVLY Cotsmewmz?” sez wun purrky liddle kittin.

SUDDENLY we heer Anjuls SKAREEEMING!! “Ower nooly washt bedsheets!! HOO DID DIS!!!??” A LARJ PHAT BBBT ghostie shaip waddles away fureeussly!! “Oh No!! Not There!! “Skareems wun wise kitty – as da BBBT Ghostie shaip almost runnz into Da Guy Wif Da Red Pajamas, hoo is Skareeeming “GET DIS KAT AWAY FRUM ME!!!”

Da Larj Phat Shaip waddles safely under St Petes robez – until sumwun sez “Hey St Pete—sins wenn did YOO grow a grey and blakk striped tail???”

St Pete bonks hs hedd against da Purrly Gates a few times and sez “There is NO way to UNDO DIS!! Yo- STOKK RUME ANJUL – plaiss an emerjensy order for 12,395,897 white bed sheets and PUT A STURDY LOKK ON DAT STOKKROOM DOOR FRUM NOW ON, Okie Dokie????”

MEOW-HAHAHA!! Da Larj Shaip runs owt from under St Pete’s roabz wif glee – White ghostie shaips zip bakk and forth and sidewayz and upside down and a Liddle Voyss sez “Doan Eeet dat Kandy Korn, or yoo will pewk ORANJ! And annuder Liddle Voyss yells “TRIKK OR TREET!! LIKK MY FEEET!! HAHAHAHAHA!!”


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