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I'm Norman's Baby


February 29th 2008 1:29 pm
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Yikes I've been tagged! So has sibs Lewis and Bess, mom is really
gonna get some typing practice today! The rules of the game are
when you get tagged you have to tell 7 things about yourself, it can
be anything really. It can be secrets or special qualities you have,
whatever! List them in your diary along with the rules for the game
and your TAG list of the 7 buddies you tag. Make sure and paw-mail
everyone to tell them they have been tagged and direct them to
your diary-something to keep in mind when writing your 7 secrets,
others will be reading it! Now, just so you all know this is a game,
and no gets mad if you don't have time to play-no big deal! We'll
invite you another time or you are welcome to start a game yourself.

My 7 secrets-
1 I am Norman's adopted baby-he was a good meowmy!
2 I am still a baby, a very large baby.
3 I am pretty lazy.
4 I am a housecat.
5 Meowmy and Daddy found me in a park near a busy highway
intersection when I was just a baby.
6 I am terrified of humans other than my own.
7 I still expect Norman to take care of me.

Now I tag the following pals:
1 Bobbi Boi
2 Mufasa
3 Buddy
4 Gordo
5 Punkin Poo
6 Shadow
7 Mz Murphey


Goodbyes are so hard...

May 7th 2009 2:44 pm
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I can hardly type for the tears, we all miss Harvey so much. He was at the vet Monday for a repiratory illness which he was expected to recover from. He was given medication and I was told to keep him in a room by himself because he was contagious, he rested well the rest of Monday and seemed to be improving. I spent all night with him curled up asleep beside me on my pillow with Norman crying, scratching at the door and finally just sitting by the door with his paws stuck as far under it as he could get them. Norman adopted Harvey as a baby 7 years ago and never quit bathing him, making sure he got his share of treats, protecting him from the others and even bringing him in grasshoppers to play with. He was Norman's baby and Norman is devastated. Tuesday morning Harvey went into shock and there was nothing that could be done for him, we are not sure what happened, perhaps a adverse reaction to the medicine. We are all in shock and as much as I am grieving for myself, I am also grieving for Norman who has never been separated from his baby. He is so sad and still a little upset with me for not letting him in to see Harvey.
All of you have been so kind, the gifts of love that decorate his page touch our hearts so deeply as well as all of the kind messages of support. I don't know what I would do without all of you, your friendship means the world to us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bless you all, we love you very much.


A Beautiful Tribute

May 19th 2009 12:16 pm
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Today meowmy recieved a most special gift in the mail from Beloved Angel Amelia and her meowmy Martha, it was a beautiful necklace in a pretty sequined pouch. It is such a special gift because it was made with loving hands especially for my meowmy in memory of me. Meowmy put the necklace on immediately and clutched it to her heart with tears in her eyes, she still misses me so much and so does Norman, he seems so depressed. I still miss them too, but I am not lonely I have gotten to meet many of our special friends from Catster here and some of our family is here too, including the very beautiful Beloved Angel Amelia, she's very special. It came with a sweet card with a picture of our sweet friend Spencer on it, he is a angel now too, he is very nice.
Thanks so much Martha and Amelia, meowmy will treasure her necklace forever, it was such a thoughtful thing to do for us. We love you, Harvey

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